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Awesome Relationship: The Pros and Cons of Being In One

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Relationship cannot be easy. But here ,we weigh in some pros and cons for you to know if it is worth it or not!

Pros of being in a Relationship

You are never alone: Being in a relationship keeps you close enough to your partner and you have never left alone at most of the times. You always have someone to share your happiness and sorrows and someone with whom you can share your deepest secret.You allay have a companion to go around with you and to take up your silliest acts


Always have a helping hand: Your partner is always there to help you in at all times may it relate to your life or your work, your partner is always your perfect adviser.

You have a higher self-esteem: At times, no one can understand you better than your partner. They boost you up when you are low and makes you realize your worth which always keep your self-esteem very high. So having such a partner keeps your morale high and makes you happy.

You develop a different outlook: When you are with your partner you don’t just look around at things from your perspective, but you also get to understand them by you partner’s point. This helps you see the whole world differently and can also serve as a world change for you.

Intimacy: Sex helps you relieve and stress and come closer to your partner. Being in a relationship allows you to talk openly about sex with your partner and can also share any sexual problems. It makes you comfortable and easy and gives pleasure to your mind and soul.

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Cons of being in relationship

You tend to become dependent: When you are in a relationship you become dependent on your partner for many of your basic things, this is a big disadvantage as you lose your self-reliance. Helping each other is good and healthy but at some point is makes you incomplete when you are alone.


Lack of personal space: With the passage of time you start thinking you too as one but actually everyone needs their space, so this makes the relationship as a burden. You tend to be so busy fulfilling your relationship commitments that your personal commitments get affected.

Little time to socialize: You become so much involved among yourselves that you find a little time for the outside world, your friends, family and close ones. Sometimes you or your partner starts feeling insecure about the relation while being around friends; this also creates tension in your love life and social life.

Get Bored: When you are newly into a relationship things seem to be like a beautiful romantic story but eventually you start loosing interest. There may be frustration in your relationship, the need for space, independence and all in all. So things don’t remain so beautiful forever.

consSo guys being in a relationship is good and beautiful as long as its a healthy one and there are efforts from both sides or else life can turn out to be as dangerous as hell.

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