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14 Reasons Why Prostitution Should Be Legal.

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Prostitution, to be legal or banned or termed as illegal has always been in debate, but still we do not see a clear picture drawn out of anything. It still remains a taboo, and considered to be something immoral. With the apex court letting off the ban on dance bars, prostitution is something that will surely come along. Thus, we require to look and discuss the picture of prostitutes and prostitution in our country, and try to understand where we are going wrong, and what should be done.

Prostitution is a business prevalent all around the globe, in every single country. It’s something known to every one and understandable at the same time. It’s something that is discussed behind the doors, but no one accepts it in the open. It’s one of those topics, which are kept in the shadows, instead of keeping them transparent, because there are no more shadows in the real world. It’s something for which each presiding political party fluctuate their laws during their term of the government.

  • Why can’t we draw a conclusion as to whether it should be a part of our society or should it be alienated from our society? Why don’t we discuss topics like religion, euthanasia, prostitution and transgenders flexibly? Why can’t we open a voting campaign and answer these questions once and for all?
  • Laws:

Law and order
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There are different laws passed for prostitution all over the globe. The majority of these countries ban prostitution, but it is still regulated. Legal barriers are not harsh on prostitutes in India but social barriers are, which is why prostitutes have an unkind, ill and unfriendly position. In the middle East Asia and in South Africa, bad treatment of prostitutes and brutal crimes against them is witnessed.

  • What Should Be Done?

    A law to be regulated has a deep and meaning to itself. In India, prostitution has limited legality. Whereas, in a country like the USA, the prostitutes are taken due care of, criminal and rape laws lie in their favour and that too all after when prostitution is illegal in USA! A strong effort is made to stop human trafficking and other related activities. Thus, forced activities there are low and crime there against prostitutes are low. To regulate is- to control, to look after and to take proper care.

  • Advantages of Legalising:
Legalise prostitution
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Once you legalise some industry and start regulating that particular industry, you start to work towards the betterment of it. Once you have started regulating it, you know everything about the industry, and you can basically control anything regarding that. 

  1. The government can tax more than $30 billion a year. Worldwide range of taxation would go beyond $100 billion.
  2. Rapes and crimes against women would come to an end, or reduce by a huge margin.
  3. STD, AIDS, HIVs would come under control. The government can pass a law that states some common protections to be made compulsory.
  4. It would make prostitution itself a respectful or considerable job.
  5. It can be a new career option.
  6. Can regulate the age to work as a sex worker at 22.
  7. Once regulated, the age barrier can be made as an open-career option, human trafficking would come to an end.
  8. Protection of prostitutes against the formation of brothels, and forced prostitution.
  9. Prostitutes can live openly and freely.
  10. Will have the veto (refusal) power to choose their clients.
  11. Drugs and other related off-beam acts will come under scrutiny automatically and all black markets can be controlled.
  12. Regulating prostitution will lead to further the growth and development.
  13. Will help in controlling population.
  14. Will help in the growth of tourism sector.
  • Personal View

    Prostitution is not something which is immoral, and should not be considered as something against the society. There is a void for sex and physical satisfaction which will remain till the end of mankind. Instead, sex industry should be regulated and made a respectful occupation. The industry was born because there was and is, a demand. Not regulating it will only lead to black marketing and further crimes against women.

People should really get over the sentimental part and think logically. Many government parties use such sensitive topics for vote-bank politics because we give them the opportunity to make it a sensitive issue, it should be something which is discussed openly and with everyone’s consideration. Sex, religion, inter-caste marriage and third genders are not apart from our society, instead it all combines to make a society. Nothing should be neglected because of its feature or nature, if all the things are put in together in the right mix, our society will surely progress.

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