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Role of Attitude in Life: 8 Awesome Advantages

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What is the role of attitude in life? Why is it considered to be essential for us personally as well as professionally?

Our attitude is the way we evaluate and perceive things. Attitude will have either a positive or a negative impact on our lives, depending on the way we shape it.

The role of attitude in life is something we neglect very often. Our attitude towards anything can be seen in our behavior and our actions. So, having the right approach in any situation is very important, whether it be at home, at the workplace or any public place.

Our attitude is composed of three components. Let us see what they are and how they influence our actions.

Why Attitude is Everything?

An individual’s attitude is not just noticed by the verbal language used, but also the body language and expressions. It is said ‘Attitude is Everything’ because the ones who have the right attitude are the ones who succeed in life.

A positive attitude brings about several positive changes in life that one cannot keep count of. All of us have dreams, and we make a lot of strategies to achieve them, but all of it can go in vain if one is not backed up with a positive attitude. It is a positive attitude that gives us the spirit of never being defeated in any situation.

The way we treat the person in front of us displays our opinion of them and how we have been bought up. We should always keep in mind that to be treated well by others, we should learn to treat others well. We can create a beautiful atmosphere around us just by adopting the right attitude. This attracts people towards us and helps build healthy relations with others. Click here to know what are the best traits in people that you will love.

On the contrary, rude and unruly people are liked by no one but themselves. It is the thought process that can transform the attitude of such people. The role of attitude in life is something we never pay heed to, and we end up regretting later on.

The 3 Components of Attitude

role of attitude in life

Attitude comprises a cognitive component, behavioral component, an emotional component.

A. Cognitive Component

The cognitive component of the attitude refers to the beliefs an individual has towards an object or a situation. In other words, it is the information you have regarding an objective that, according to you, is correct.

For example, a person may believe that spiders are dangerous. So the perception of the individual that a spider is dangerous and can harm him is the cognitive component of his attitude.

The cognitive component is an essential aspect of the attitude as it also affects the affective component. It is also reflected in our actions apart from our thoughts.

B. Affective Component

The affective component of the attitude includes the feelings of a person that have developed over time and risen from his beliefs for another person or an object. It is commonly referred to as the emotional component of attitude.

Continuing with the example mentioned above of a spider, a person who believes that spiders are dangerous will undoubtedly also fear them. Here, the fear is the affective component of the attitude which has risen from the emotional part.

The affective component of attitude us generally measured by physiological indicators such as blood pressure and galvanic skin response. If a person is trying to hide his feelings, such signs help to know them by measuring the physiological arousal.

C. Behavioral Component

The behavioral component, as suggested by the name, refers to the behavior of an individual towards another individual or an object that occurs due to the feelings of the person, also known as the affective component.

It is easy to understand with the help of the other two components that why does an individual behaves in a particular way towards a specific object.

In the above example, we have seen an individual’s belief about a spider and how it affects him. When it comes to behavior, it is easy to guess what such a person’s reaction would be when he sees a spider. He may move away or even jump.

These three components are interestingly related to each other and reveal a great deal about an individual’s personality. This is why it is imperative to be aware of the role of attitude in life.

However, the components of attitude do not account alone in our success and growth. The most crucial factor is the kind of position you have, either positive or negative, which decides your present and your future.

The Crucial Role of Attitude in Life

positive attitude

A positive attitude is cherished and needed everywhere. It is essential for any individual as it helps overcome and get over negativity and failures. Also, an optimistic person always looks for opportunities rather than hindrances and so never fails to accomplish his goals.

People with a positive attitude know precisely how to live life to the fullest and spread hope, enthusiasm, and happiness around them. That is because a positive attitude is contagious.

8 Advantages of Having a Positive Attitude

role of attitude in life

1. Spotting the Positive in Any Situation is Like a Cakewalk

People with a positive attitude always look for the good even in the worst of situations. They carry the spirit of not being defeated come what may. This takes them forward and only forward on the road of success.

On the other hand, if one has a negative attitude, then he pays attention only to the faults of people or the bad in the best situations.

2. You Look Forward to Things

A person who is optimistic towards life looks forward to new opportunities without the fear of failure.

A person with a positive attitude is always ready to face challenges and can remove the negative thoughts from the mind with the power of optimism.

3. Productivity at Work Increases

Many studies have proven that those with a positive outlook towards things are more productive than their colleagues. When they take up a new task or solve a previously failed task, they are positive about completing it, which in turn increases their confidence and also the probability of success.

Also, a positive atmosphere in the workplace is necessary to keep the staff motivated and increase performance.

In contrast, people who keep focusing on their mistakes while carrying out a task increase their chances of failing again.

4. You Can Overcome Any Obstacle

All famous people have been successful because they pursued their dreams and were able to battle the most negative situations with a positive attitude.

Although a positive attitude is not alone sufficient to make you successful, along with hardwork and determination, the combination of a positive attitude works very well to increase the chances of getting nearer to your goal.

5. A Way to Healthy Relationships and Social Life

Whether it be with family or friends, all of us want healthy and growing relationships. A relationship can be truly healthy only when you can cultivate a positive attitude.

If people disagree with each other, often, the relationship will not be on good terms, and people can take instant actions taken by negative thoughts, which are not possible to undo.

Whereas, people with positive attitudes know how to tackle negative situations and respond at such times. Such people use not only their optimism but also their humor and creativity to lighten the mood of intense situations. The role of attitude in life is essential, especially when we consider our social lives.

6. Boosts Recovery Process

In the process of recovering from a mental or physical ailment, what matters the most is whether the patient’s attitude is favorable or not.

The therapy for the recovery of the patient will not be effective unless the patient is determined to recover and is positively trying his best and supporting the therapist. Only when the patient is genuinely willing to improve and maintains a positive attitude, the therapy progresses and gives more benefit to the patient.

7. Reduced Stress

In today’s world, people tend to get stressed out and nervous at little things. It is effortless to get stressed instantly but very hard to maintain a positive attitude in the harshest times.

However, it is easy for one who adopts a positive attitude to be relaxed and happy at all times. There are stressful situations in everyone’s lives, but the right approach prevents stress and also health-related problems caused due to stress and anxiety.

8. Be an Inspiration to Others

Your attitude does not only affect you but also others in your environment and around you. If you are positive, it only contributes to your growth but that of others too.

Positivity is contagious, and who doesn’t prefer optimists over pessimists? A positive attitude helps you and others to be relaxed under tense situations, which in turn improves your decision-making.

These were some beneficial advantages of a positive attitude, and we know how beautifully they work. But how do we cultivate a positive attitude? Let us see some ways we can practice to become a little more optimistic.

Ways to Adopt a Positive Attitude


Now, as we are aware of the vital role of attitude in life, let us look at some ways in which we can inculcate the right approach in life.

  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset

One never wants to accept his mistakes, especially those pointed out by others. But what is essential that one must understand that growth requires acceptance and a growth mindset.

Firstly one should understand the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Having a fixed mindset refers to the fact that you do not want to change and believe you are doing fine the way you are, maybe because you feel there is no scope of improvement.

However, you can only lead a fulfilling life when you have a growth mindset, which means being open to change and accepting constructive criticism. One can never be perfect but can be contented in life if it has a growth mindset.

  • Practice Mindfulness

Mindful refers to knowing your external and internal environment better. It has been found in researches that a majority of our actions and responses to situations are fixed or instant.

Mindfulness helps you analyze your responses and actions to those situations which you otherwise do not pay attention to. You will start realizing what makes you anxious or nervous about a situation, why you get irritated at little things, what makes you think you will fail at a particular task, and why you fear some specific things.

Following these methods aids in our success and helps us realize the role of attitude in life.

  • Be Around Optimistic People

Spark of positivity is not just fuelled by yourself but also by those that surround you at home, at the workplace, and in other places. If you are in the company of those who crib about other people and things all the time, it is high time you change your company.

Being around negative people ultimately fills you with negative thoughts, and that hinders your growth to a great extent. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by people who have a positive outlook towards things, you start finding the best in people and situations and move towards success and only success. Ordinary things like unity, encouragement, and support can make a big difference in your life.

Understand the role of attitude in life because a positive attitude is not about just feeling good and happy. There is much more to it. Your position decides how you will make the use of your experiences and use them as stepping stones to achieve something.

When you approach challenges with the intent to solve them no matter what, focusing only on the opportunities, then you will surely get through it. Also, if you treat people positively, solely concentrate on your good, then you will be able to build healthy and happy relationships. A positive attitude will help you keep your negativity and fears aside and will lead to improved health too.

As long as you stick to a positive attitude, you can face any situation and any new challenge, emerging out victorious. Click here to know what’s your attitude towards life.

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