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10 Stupid Questions a Vegetarian Gets Asked Everyday

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Being a vegetarian isn’t easy. Not only you face problems finding vegetarian food at certain places you also have to deal with people who find it difficult to believe that being a vegetarian is easy. You need to answer their stupid questions and not to forget the veg, non-veg debate that follows. Why do non-vegetarians don’t understand that it is possible to survive without meat, chicken and fish? Here are a few stupid questions a vegetarian has to face every day:

  1. Don’t you think you are missing out something delicious?i dont think soNo, I don’t think so, cause I haven’t tried meat, so I hardly know how it tastes.!! It sometimes looks delicious but the moment I’m reminded that it is an animal I am supposed to consume, I can’t even go near it. Moreover, there are loads of delicious vegetarian delicacies. So I am not really missing out on something.
  1. What do you eat at weddings and restaurants?water

No, I don’t eat food, I roam around looking for fodder and drink water when I don’t find any. Of course, I eat vegetarian food at weddings and order vegetarian food at restaurants! Why does it seem impossible to go to a restaurant to eat vegetarian?

  1. Why are you going to KFC?kfc

Cause KFC is not only for chicken lovers. I can have a veg burger and drink Krushers. Why can’t vegetarians go to KFC?

  1. Aren’t you tempted by the smell?smell

No, not at all. In fact, I’m nauseated. Chicken is still bearable, but the smell of fish makes me think it the last day of my life. Who the hell calls it aroma??

  1. Is it because no one in your family eats non-veg?sss

How does it affect whether my family eats meat or veggies? It is my personal choice to be a vegetarian. My religion and family don’t stop me.

  1. You like soya, and then why not chicken?rel

Because soya isn’t an animal and soya smells better and just because it tastes like meat or chicken, doesn’t mean I will have chicken.

  1. Don’t tell me you are trying to protect animals, cause you wear leather jackets!ssssssssssssssssss

No, I am not protecting them. I am a vegetarian because I don’t feel like having beef, mutton or chicken. And yes, how does my being vegetarian related to me wearing a leather jacket??!!

  1. So you think you aren’t harming plants?plant

No, I don’t believe. I think plants are meant to be eaten and yes, animals are not.

  1. Can you, at least, have the gravy?but why

Nooooo.. I don’t like the smell, I can not even look at the chicken leg on your plate, and you think I’ll have the gravy? Seriously..? Don’t you think I’d better turn into a non-vegetarian instead?

  1. What if you unknowingly eat non-veg food?vegetarian

Firstly, its never going to happen and even if it does, I’ll vomit the moment I taste it. And when I come to know, I’ll brush and then kill the person who gave me non-vegetarian food to eat.

Being a vegetarian is undoubtedly difficult. Not because you have fewer options to choose from but because you have more morons to tolerate. The stupid questions become so irritating at times that one feels it is better to turn into a non-vegetarian to avoid the never-ending debates.

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