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13 Awesome Sustainable Clothing Brands Ireland

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This article deals with sustainable clothing brands Ireland and hopefully, you will find it of great use in your next shopping trip. Sustainable clothing is a modern concept which involves wearing clothes and using environmentally friendly accessories. Sustainable clothing is good because it is based on the ethical concepts of social justice and equity.

In the 21st century, many reputed brands are moving towards sustainable clothing. Sustainable clothing is also known as “fast clothing”. “Fast clothing” means clothing that is made affordable and can be recycled for further use.

13 Sustainable Clothing Brands Ireland.

13 Awesome Sustainable Clothing Brands Ireland 1
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Síológ – Síológ is a wonderful collection of sustainable clothing brands Ireland gathered from various Irish brands. Síológ is targeted towards sustainable children’s wear. Síológ has a good collection of Cardis, Bodysuits, Blankets, Dresses, Sleeping bags, Muslins among others to choose from. Síológ provides free shipping across Ireland and UK for orders over €60.

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Theo + George – This sustainable clothing brand was founded in 2013 by Katie O’Riordan. Theo + George have a sustainable fashion collection for the ladies. The sustainable fashion collection ranges from Tees, Casuals, Denim, Loungewear, and Cashmere. Theo + George do not believe in the disposable economy but focus more on the recyclable part of fashion.

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– Aoife is a sustainable luxury clothing brands Ireland. Along with luxury, the brand also promotes sustainable fashion. Aoife uses special eco-fabric technologies to design bags, backpacks, and accessories. Aoife has sustainable fashion accessories for both men and women. The collection ranges from Designer Tote bags, Designer backpacks, and Designer purses to vegan clutch bags. Aoife also provides complimentary free express shipping worldwide.

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Sun Drift – Sun Drift is the epitome of the sustainable clothing brands Ireland. Sun Drift specializes in making products from regenerated materials such as water bottles, soda bottles, food jars. Sun Drift’s products are Control Union certified and they claim to generate “wealth from waste”. The sustainable fashion catalog ranges from backpacks, quick-dry towels, water bottles, hiking bags, swim towels among others.

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Grown – Grown is a group of individuals who believe in the philosophy of sustainable clothing. Started in 2014, Grown has evolved itself as a sustainable clothing brands Ireland which respects natural resources. The sustainable clothing’s are made of organic cotton, hemp, recycled man-made fibers and linen. Grown caters to the sustainable clothing demand of men, women, and kids. The sustainable clothing catalog of Grown consists of T-shirts, Sweaters, and Hoodies, Grown.

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Due South Clothing – Due South Clothing was established in 2016. Due South Clothing believes in sustainable clothing and is proactive in ensuring that materials are recycled to make new products to save our planet Earth. The materials used by Due South Clothing consist of Organic cotton to recycled polyester. The sustainable clothing of Due South Clothing is not only eco-friendly but also skin-friendly as the clothes are made of soft materials and the seams are also innovatively produced to reduce skin abrasion. The catalog of Due South Clothing includes both men and women. The various sustainable clothing products are T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, and Shopping Bags.

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Jill & Gill – Jill & Gill focuses on illustration and printed fashion. Jill & Gill believe that sustainable clothing can be impactful as well as eco-friendly. Jill & Gill believe that sustainable clothing must also reflect their Irish culture and thereby you will find bright and attractive colored sustainable clothing in their catalog. Jill & Gill focuses on Unisex and Kids’ clothing. The catalog of Jill & Gill consists of Sweaters, Hoodies, Track Bottoms, and T-Shirts.

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Fresh Cut Clothing – Fresh cut clothing is a native Irish clothing startup. The collection of sustainable clothing consists of bright, attractive, and unisex clothing. Fresh Cut Clothing is proud of endorsing sustainable clothing. In the catalog of Fresh Cut Clothing, you can find Tops, Tees, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Jeans, Trousers, Jackets, Shirts, Suits, Trainers, and socks all made from eco-friendly and sustainable material. Do shop in Fresh Cut Clothing if you believe in a sustainable economy.

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Against the Tide – Against the Tide believes in creating awareness of ocean and marine pollution through their fashion designs. Against the Tide is a sustainable clothing brands Ireland that is based on the folklore of the Irish Sea. The sustainable clothing brand catalog of Against the Tide consist of unisex clothing. You will find Hoodies of different colors and sizes with the Against the Tide logo printed on them. These Hoodies not only make you stand apart in the crowd but also helps in creating awareness of the marine environment.

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Four Threads – Four Threads created by Alanaugh Clegg is a sustainable clothing brand in Ireland. Four Threads uses ethically sourced fabric from local Irish linen to Indian ‘Khadi’. In the catalog of Four Threads, you will find sustainable clothing including block printed clothing, trousers, shawls, pullover shirts, Linen coats, Kimono, Kaftans, and Khadi shorts. The designs are pleasing to the eyes and are catered to women’s audiences.

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Imara Earth – Founded by a young entrepreneur, Imara Earth has come a long way in its journey towards becoming a sustainable clothing brands Ireland. Imara Earth sources its fabrics from local linen mills. Imara Earth not only supports the local economy but also reduces the carbon footprint of producing sustainable clothing. Imara Earth produces sustainable clothing such as Dress, Blouse, Hats, and Bags. Do visit Imara Earth to shop responsibly and sustainably. 

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Bogman Beanie – Looking for a sustainable beanie which you can wear and show off to your friends then Bogman Beanie is for you. Made from 100% Donegal tweed yarn, the Bogman Beanie upholds the principle of sustainable clothing brands Ireland. There are various woolen clothes such as cardigans and sweaters available for both men and women across various sizes and in different price ranges. Bogman Beanie is the go-to destination in Ireland to get some trendy woolen clothing. 

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Organic Movement – Organic movement is your go-to destination for some sustainable clothing brands Ireland. Founded in 2018 by young entrepreneur, Emylou Hurley, the Organic movement has become a trend in yoga wear. In the brand of Organic movement, you will find various clothing such as leggings, shorts, tops, and tees along with innerwear. All the clothing is made from organic cotton and the Organic movement ensures that the supply chain is ethical for the environment.

Sothese were the 13 sustainable clothing brands Ireland that cater to various demands of environmentally aware consumers. Let us all contribute towards a more sustainable clothing trend.


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