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The Top Reasons You End up Falling in Love with the Wrong Guy

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Have you ever wondered why your fairy-tale love story never got a happy ending? Why did it all go downhill? He seemed to be the perfect guy, then what went wrong? Well, don’t beat yourself up honey, because the golden days are just around the corner! And while I cannot promise you a knight in shining armor, I sure can tell you how to avoid any more Mr. Not Rights in your life. Here are some of the reasons that might have been holding you back from finding your Mr. Perfect, and why you end up falling in love with the wrong guy.


1. You are Tired of Being Lonely

Everyone needs someone in their life, I get it. Being alone is not that high on many people’s lists. Maybe you thought being with him was better than being alone. Well, guess what? It’s not! Entering in a compromising relationship is not something you should even consider. Dating someone just to avoid being lonely may leave scars, mental and in some unfortunate cases even physical. Also, it might make you unavailable and can make you miss the opportunity to be with the right guy. Besides, it is sometimes better to wait for the right time rather than trying to rush.

2. Being Afraid of Commitment.

Afraid of the responsibility and afraid of something serious. Am I right? And that is what makes you choose a guy who is not looking for something serious. That’s where you go wrong! Because choosing a non – serious relationship is changing the meaning of dating for you. I get it, you are not ready. However, that does not mean you have to be in a relationship even after that. Just sit down and have a chat with yourself. Sort things out. Life is all about taking risks, so why not this one? Give it a shot and you will yourself find the right guy!

3. Thinking you can change him.

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He is not exactly the guy you dream about, but, you assign yourself the task of “fixing him”. Well, sweetie, that is doing you no good. Many people think that they can change someone to be a better version of themselves. Some succeed, but, many don’t. And you might be one of the many if you are not with the right guy yet. I am not saying you shouldn’t give it a shot. But, if you have already tried without any results, maybe it is time to move on and find a guy who doesn’t need to be fixed. You don’t need the wrong guy in your life.

4. Childhood Influence.

Many times, I have heard girls seek a partner who has an image of their father. That’s not entirely wrong but, if you had a father who was ill-tempered you might wanna change that. And that is one other reason where you have been going wrong. You are trying to right the wrong. But, maybe you need to understand that might not do you any good. But, as I said earlier, you don’t need a man who you’ll have to change. You already had a lot of those. What you need now, is the right guy. And going for a man with your father’s image is not always a good choice.

6. Get your Priorities in Order.

Make a list. Try to see past the superficial things. How he treats you matters more than what kind of car he drives. The little things matter more than you realise. Beliefs, virtues, and mannerisms (I know it sounds boring) matter. If you want to get the right guy, you need to sort out your priorities. Do a little soul searching and try to figure out what matters the most in a relationship. It may take some time but, hey it will lead to a happy ending! Now, that you have sorted it all out get out there and look for a guy who matches your list.

7. You Ignore the Warning Signs.

You might be getting stuck with the wrong guys because you don’t pay close attention to the warning signs. If you think his jealousy and over possessiveness is his way of caring, stop right there! You need to understand the difference. These kinds of things may lead to an abusive relationship and you won’t want that. So, start paying attention. Learn to differentiate between caring and obsession. Run at the first sign of discomfort and never turn back.


8. You are Trapped in a Toxic Relationship Pattern.

If you look back on your previous relationship you might notice some similarities. And to sum them all up, they might have constituted to some toxic relationships. You seem to be stuck in this endless cycle that is leading you to find one wrong guy after the other. The problem again comes back to you falling for the same (wrong) kind of guys. So, what you have to do is prevent yourself from going for the guys who possess the same qualities as your ex – ones. Figure out those qualities and you should be good to go.

9. You Haven’t yet Met “The One”.

And the final and most important reason might be that you haven’t yet crossed path with the one who is destined to be with you. All those ‘wrong guys’ you have been with were just stepping stones who prepared you for the real thing. Don’t let that make you feel bad. Just keep your eyes open for the right guy. Don’t hang on to the flings, get out there and find your zing!

So, why do you think you end up falling in love with the wrong guy? Let us know below!

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