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7 Things You Should Not Be Doing While In Dubai

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Yes, you have heard it right, Dubai is the gentlest place in the United Arab Emirates, but what goes without saying there are still obviously certain ways you need to conduct yourself with, to stay out of trouble.

So, here is a list of 7 activities you must not indulge into while you are in Dubai if you want to keep yourself out of the trouble.

Do NOT Drink In Public

Though drinks are provided in hotels is not a big deal, but try not being drunk while on road or other public places, it may cost you a fine.

No Drugs

Dubai is very strict regarding its rules regarding the use of drugs, its possession, and trade. In fact, the state is so non-tolerant about drugs is that even some medicines are considered illegal.

Do Not Dance On The Streets

It is not a very good idea to dance on the streets of Dubai, it is advisable to save your moves for when you come back home.

Be Careful While Photographing

It is considered beyond rude to take pictures of locals in Dubai, especially, women. So, while clicking the pictures while your holiday, make sure you do not offend anyone, you may get in trouble for the same.

Do Not Use Foul Language

Do not curse or abuse in public, I repeat, do not curse in public. Also, Do not say anything negative about Islam or the ruling family.

Mind your clothing

Avoid showing a lot of skin. like they say, ‘Jaisa Desh, waisa bhesh.’ It is advisable to dress in a way suitable to the place. dressing appropriately is a very important part of the stay in Dubai. Women and men both are advised to dress properly while staying in Dubai.


It is considered rude to shake hand, open doors, or offer someone anything with your left hand. So start practicing it ‘right’ if you are a lefty.

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