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Top 10 Famous Children’s Book Publishers

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Nowadays, there is a dire need for parents to help induce book reading at an early age. 

In the contemporary world, there are many children’s book publishers that offer a wide variety of books in different genres and features.

Children’s fiction has been popularized in the first half of the 18th century, and since then, it has created a huge market for novels, short storybooks, picture books, and many more.

We all have heard some of the greatest children’s literature that is popular among children and adults. 

Books like Harry Potter, The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, and many others are known by almost everyone on this planet.

However, those books would never be introduced to the world if publishing houses have not given them a chance. Children’s book publishers played a major role in giving this fictional character an audience that falls in love with them.

Many children’s book publishers provide some of the best children and young adult fiction to us in India.

Let’s look at some of the best children’s book publishers.

Children’s Book Publishers

1. Penguin Random House

Penguin Publication is one of the major publishing houses of the world that publish all kinds of books in all types of genres. It is established around 1934 and has been one of the most dominant publishing houses worldwide. They have a separate department of children’s book publishing.

Children's book publisher


Penguin Random House has many franchises all over the world, which also includes India. Many Indian authors have penned for Penguin Random House. They publish works of middle-grade fiction, children’s books, and young adult fiction in the form of e-books, hard copies, soft copies, and audiobooks.

Some of the famous books published by Penguin Random House, including The little library, someone builds the dream, I am not a dog toy, and Wingfeather tales.

Some of the authors that published their work with Penguin Random House are – Hilary Duff, Irving Sinclair, Gina Loveless, and Joann Early Macken.


 2. Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha was established in 1967 in India. It is an Indian publication that publishes Hindu mythology in a pictorial way for kids. They also publish legends, folktales, mythology, historical and religious legends, and epic.

Children's Book Publisher

It was founded by Anant Pai and became one of the children’s book publishers all over India due to its interesting foundation.

Some of the famous books published by Amar Chitra Katha include Ranchen and the stone lion, Aruna Asaf Ali, The Navel journey of India, and A couple of misers.

Some of the authors that published their work with Amar Chitra Katha are – Ram Waeerkar, Nana Wagh, G. R. Naik, V. B. Khalap, and Ashok Dongre.


3. Pratham Books

Pratham Books are the biggest non-profit Indian publishers, which publishes books in 21 different languages. They have a very diverse children’s book collection and are a very well-known children’s book publisher.

Children's book publisher

This children’s book publisher was founded in 1994 by Madhav Chavan and Farida Lambay. Their main aim is to give access to books to underprivileged children.

Some of the famous books published by Pratham Books, including The Grass Seeker, I am a Puppet, The Mystery of the Cyber Friend, and Mangalyaan: A journey to Mars.

Some of the authors that published their work with Pratham Books are – Anurupa Roy, Zac O’Yeah, Sonal Sher, and Uddalak Gupta.


4. Tulika Books

Tulika Books is a Chennai-based publication house that is founded by Indira Chandrasekhar in the year of 1995. This children’s book publisher publishes a wide variety of scholastic and academic books. It has a sister company Tulika Publication that is situated in Chennai.

It is an independent publishing house that mainly likes publishing works in humanities and social science-related genres.

Children's Book Publishers

Some of the famous books that Tulika Books publish include Henna on my Hands, A Saree for Ammi, Anya, Her Baby Brother, and Cloud Eater.

Some of the authors that published their work with Tulika Books are – Akeel Bilgrami, Jomo Kwame, Sundaram Ben Fine, and Irfan Habib.


 5. Harper Collins

Harper Collins is a world-based publishing house. It is one of the largest publishing companies that publish work in all genres and is also a children’s book publisher.

Children's Book Publishers

Brian Murrey established Harper Collins in the year of 2008. Since then, it has been extended to the whole world’s reach. You can also find a wide variety of information on their social media account.

Some of the famous books that Harper Collins publishes are – The Subtle Art of Not Giving F**k, All the Light we cannot see, Think like a Monk, and Murder on the Orient Express.

Some of the authors that published their work with Harper Collins are – Leroy Aaron, Michelle Abadie, Hank Aaron, and Meghan Abbott.


6. Duckbill

Duckbill is a children’s book publisher established in 2012 and has become one of the major children’s book publishers. Duckbill preferences are mostly children and young adult fiction and publish work for children from an early age to late teens. 

Duckbill likes to publish books representing strong values and lessons like tolerance, diversity, race, religion, and many more common subjects like this. 

Children's book publishers

Some of the famous books published by Duckbill include Sing to the Moon, Chicken, and Kitchen, Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market, and A Story about Afiya.

Some of the authors that published their work with Duckbill are – James Berry, Poonam Mistry, Chitra Sounder, and Anna Cunha.


7. Katha

Katha started in 1988 as a magazine that publishes stories and content for kids. As an Indian children’s book publisher, Katha creates a platform to help children that are not getting the well to deserve a chance. Their motto is to provide books in every child’s life.

Children's book publishers

Katha is an internationally recognized magazine due to its efforts of creating a wholesome environment for children. It is also the recipient of various accolades and has a wide approach to its readers. They have published their books in various Indian languages. 

Geeta Dharmarajan is the founder of Katha.

 Some of the famous books published by Katha include – Dotted lines, The song of a scarecrow, One’s own, yet different, and Supergirls Making a difference.

Some of the authors that published their work with Duckbill are – Gopini Karunakar, Durga Bai, Debjani Mukherjee, and Suddhasattwa Basu.


8. Tara Books

This children’s book publisher started their magazine in the year of 1994. Gita Wolf is the founder of this independent book publishing company. As publishers, they try to evoke to their audience the social problems that we are facing.

They have a wide variety of children’s books in the form of short stories and picture books. They have specialized their artisans in making handmade books, which is a unique concept brought by them.

Children's book publishers

They are recipients of awards like the International Publishing Industry Excellence Award, 2014 and the Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher (Asia Region), 2013.

Some of the famous books that Tara Books publish including– Little girls are wiser than Men. Hope is a girl selling fruit, The Deep, and who’s Hungry?

Some of the authors that published their work with Tara Books are – Kaori Takahashi, Amrita Das, Daisy Hasan, and Abanandrinath Tagore.


9. Pickle Yolk

Another independent publisher on our list is Pickle Yolk, which headquarter is situated in New Delhi. This children’s book publisher helps children to create happy memories in their childhood. Their main aim is to fill the world with children’s laughter and smile.

Pickle yolk embraces the small things that matter in our lives and creates a wholesome and humorous story out of it. Many organizations have well-received their efforts. It is the recipient of many accolades and honored by many organizations for publishing some of the best children’s fiction.

Children's book publishers

Some of the famous books that Pickle Yolk Books, including – Boo, publish! When my Sister Died, Dance of the Wild, The Manic Panic, Love Like That.

Some of the authors and illustrators that published their work with Pickle Yolk are – Richa Jha, Alicia Souza, Gautam Benegal, and Ruchi Mhasane. 


10. Little Latitude

This children’s book publisher spent only a decade in the business yet become one of the frontrunners in children’s publishing. Little latitude started in 2011 with the mindset of motivating young minds to face struggle and dream big.

They have collaborated with renowned editors and authors, and emerging ones to create books that do not aesthetically attract the audience and help young minds build a strong mind. 

Children's book publishers

Some of the famous books published by Little Latitude include Ciacio in the Woods, If there is one thing I could be, What can you do with red, yellow and blue?, and Where shall we go, Big Black Crow?

Some of the authors that published their work with Little Latitude are – Arielle North Olson, Christy Olson Kennedy, Kalpana Subramanian, and Prashant Miranda.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this article. As we know, today’s children are our tomorrow’s future. We need to nurture in the right way, and these children’s book publishers are doing the best they can to do so.

Children’s books can affect your child’s mind shaping in many ways and help him cultivate the best possible characteristics for himself. 

A huge round of applause for children’s book publishers who have taken the initiative to influence the mindset of children in the best way possible.

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