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Top 10 Mesmerizing Portugal Beaches

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Which are some of the beautiful, mesmerizing Portugal beaches?

When we talk about Portugal, a vivid image of wine, football, and Cristiano Ronaldo captures our minds. But geographically, the exotic country has a lot more to offer. It has a stunning array of some of the best beaches.

The country boasts of a 1794 km long coastline. Yes, this means that Portugal has a lot of beaches. And the country is famous for its clean, beautiful beaches. So, for those of you who are beach lovers, Portugal is all about Sun, sand, and sunsets. It has a treat for you with its massive waves and scenic cliffs.

Some of the exquisite features of the Portugal beaches are the boardwalks that take us over the cliffs and unique rock formations.

The beaches in Algarve are some of the best Portugal beaches. Many of these beaches have received awards for being beautiful and clean. You can access most of these beaches by car. So it is advisable that you take your car or rent one.

Let us dive into the list of some awesome beaches. Get your SPF and surfboards ready. It is going to be a long trip!

Top 10 Mesmerizing Portugal Beaches

1. Praia de Marinha

portugal beaches

We will start the list off with one of the most popular Portugal beaches, Praia de Marinha. The name translates as ‘beach of the navy.’ Photogenic cliffs enclose the splendid coast. It is so picturesque that you will often see a photo of the location on tourist brochures and flyers.

Praia de Marinha is located in Algarve in the Lagoa area. The beach is a must-visit tourist spot in Algarve. The breathtaking view from the steep cliffs will have you clicking pictures. From the top of those cliffs, there is a long stairway that leads to the beach.

Praia de Marinha is also known for the unique ‘M’ rock formation. From a specific spot on the cliff, you can see the’M’ rock (or the Cathedral) take the shape of the heart.

The beach is well maintained, and water is clear, almost transparent. So, this place is perfect for snorkeling. But do remember to carry your snorkeling gear, there are no stores in the vicinity. Other than that, you can enjoy long, romantic walks on the beach and also on the cliffs. There are walking trails that provide pleasant views of the beach and surroundings.

The beach is a favorite tourist spot for natives as well as tourists. You will find many families on the shore, but it is seldom crowded. The tides don’t get too high, but the sun is very strong. So, you are advised to carry SPF.

2. Praia de Arrifana

portugal beaches

This beach is long and narrow, unlike the other beaches on this list. Praia de Arrifana is located in the small village of Aljezur. The cliffs enclosing this beach are black and topped with adorable white houses.

Many beautiful rocks are scattered around this long beach, which is one of its unique attributes. The sand is soft to walk on. Praia de Arrifana has terrific waves. This is why the beach is popular with surfers.

You get the surfing equipment on rent near the beach. The beach is perfect for beginners as well as expert surfers. The sea here has some low as well high tides to suit yourself. If you want to learn to surf, then there are surfing schools and classes here to help you out.

The walking trail on the cliffs is really charming and winds for quite a distance. If you have an affinity for natural beauty, then you should definitely take this walk.

3. Praia de Benagil

portugal beaches

Now, this beach is an incredible tourist spot. If you are traveling and exploring Portugal, then Praia de Benagil should be on your list. Clearly, this is one of the best Portugal beaches.

There are beautiful caves on this beach called ‘Algar de Benagil.’ These caves have holes on the top and the sides. The hole at the top frames the blue sky. And those on the sides create a picturesque scene of the blue sea.

You can visit the cave by boats that ferry you there. You can also take your kayaks or paddle boats. Do not forget to take a walk inside the cave. It is a magical experience. You can take a walk along the cliffs and view Algar de Benagil from the top.

4. Praia do Carvoeiro

portugal beaches

This beach derives its name from the town to which it is attached. Praia do Carvoeiro is a unique treat for beach lovers because it’s very scenic. The surroundings are adorable houses that will have you take out your camera again and again.

There are many things to do here. If you like water sports, then there is kayaking and jet skiing. Some boats ferry you along the wonderful coast. The Carvoeiro Broadwalk spreads along the cliffs, and it has many spots that provide a stunning view of the beach and sunset.

The sand here is full of shells along with coarse sand. So, don’t forget to take your flip flops along. The sunbeds here are costly. So, you should set your budget before coming here.

5. Praia da Dona Ana

dona ana

This beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the Algarve region. You can easily spot in on postcards or tour posters.

If you like collecting seashells, then Praia de Dona Ana is the perfect beach for you. You will find a huge variety of shells here. This is also a popular place for snorkeling as there is a huge variety of marine life under the sea.

A long stairway can access the beach. The view from the cliffs above is easily one of the reasons why you should visit this beach.

There are some water sports available here. You can also take a boat tour around to see the magnificent rock formations and caves.

Did you know? Praia da Dona Ana was reconstructed in 2015. This was done to increase the sandy area on the beach.

6. Praia Da Carvalho


This is one of the least crowded beaches in Algarve. Praia da Carvalho is a perfect destination for cliff jumping, and hence it is popular with teenagers and young adventurers.

You can identify this beach by the beautiful rock right in the midst of clear water. This is a good place for some photography. The water here is exceptionally clear, and you can even spot fishes swimming.

The sea look remarkably inviting for swimming and snorkeling. The sea here is calm most of the time.

You can access the stunning beach through a human-made tunnel. There is also a cave-like rock formation known as ‘the window.’ You can capture an awesome view of the beach from this window. Probably one of the most stunning Portugal beaches.

7. Praia Do Camilo


This beach is popular with travelers. It is one of the spots in Lagos that you cannot miss. It is gorgeous with scenic cliffs surrounding blue, blue waters. Praia do Camilo is another suitable location for snorkeling.

The water here has an amazing green color and is perfect for witnessing the miracles of the underwater world. The sea is very clean and is a treat for swimmers. You can even go kayaking here. The sunset from the cliff is a view that you will never forget.

The beautiful, long wooden steps leading to the beach create some fantastic photos. The stairs can be a little exhausting for some people, but the beach at the bottom is worth the effort.

The beach is relatively small, and due to its popularity, it can get crowded in summers. In winter, the beach is a paradise to visit. You can visit this beach in the early hours to beat the crowd.

8. Praia Da Miramar


When you set your feet in Praia Da Miramar, you will eventually feel a sense of calmness sweeping over you. This is because the beach is very calm and secluded. It is more popular with the locals than the tourist because it is not an international destination.

The beach itself is quite exposed, but the sea is calm and suitable for baths. In winter, the surfers take over the beach as it experiences quite some swell. The chapel that stands on the beautiful weather-beaten rocks is quite photogenic. ‘Capela do Senhora Pedra’ is the name that suits very well with the elegant chapel.

Many cafes and restaurants are surrounding the beach. This beach is perfect for long romantic walks and some relaxation. This is one of the calmest and secluded Portugal beaches.

9. Praia da Ursa


The beach gets its name from the rocks that resemble a bear and a cub. This shape of the rocks is very difficult to spot. But its namesake won’t matter much once you get to the beach. Praia de Ursa is one of the most beautiful of the Portugal beaches.

This one of those ‘unofficial’ tourist spots. The beach is a little difficult to reach because of steep slopes and loose rocks.

But this wildness is precisely what makes this beach incredible. Because some of us like to explore untamed places, this is exactly one of those places that are difficult to reach but totally worth the effort.

10. Praia da Rocha Baixinha


Now for some wild beach partying! Praia da Rocha Baixinha is a long, long stretch of golden sand that makes it perfect for an excellent walk. The beach is ideal for water sports too. Then several cool bars won’t let you stay hungry. All this makes Praia da Rocha Baixinha a party paradise.

If you are that restless, adventurous spirit, then this beach ensures that you will never be bored. There is a variety of sports like kayaking, paddling, windsurfing, and jet skiing that you can do here.

The western side of the beach has red-colored cliffs that are amazing to gaze at. There is a pie to the eastern side that is actually an entrance to the Praia da Vilamoura.

The beach is so vast that it makes it quite easy to get a spot for yourself. Since it is a party beach, you will mostly find teenagers and youngsters at one of the trendy beach bars. The summers here are especially wild.

The restaurants and bars here certainly won’t disappoint you. After all, the region of Vilamoura is famous for its parties and nightlife.

And here is a bonus for those of you looking for some fun.

11. Praia da Falesia

Top 10 Mesmerizing Portugal Beaches 1

Because we cannot miss out on Praia da Falesia after we discussed Praia da Rocha Baixinha, this beach is very close to the Praia da Rocha Baixinha. It is one of those ‘urban’ beaches. This is one of the best Portugal beaches.

The beach is surrounded by astounding red cliffs that are beautiful. You will feel wee while gazing at the massive cliffs from the beach. These cliffs stand in stark contrast to the dark green pines and blue, blue skies. It is really a treat for the eyes.

The east-west walk at this beach can last for around two hours, which makes it one of the best beaches to walk on. The sand is soft, and the waters are crystal clear.

The sunrises and the sunsets can be very pleasant here. You can also enjoy the nightlife here. There are many parties and beach bars. The beach is trendy during the summer. You can visit this beach at any time of the year.

Vilamoura is best known for its mesmerizing nightlife in Algarve. You can enjoy pubs, drinks, and dance the night away on beautiful beaches. Here is all you need to know about the nightlife in Vilamoura.

So, this was a list of beautiful Portugal beaches. Of course, Portugal has even more fabulous beaches that are not mentioned in the list. By now, you must have added a few of these beaches into your travel plans.

Also, do not forget to carry hats, sun creams, and flip flops. You might want to take a little bucket with you if you plan to collect seashells.

Have you been to any of these beaches in Portugal? If yes, then comment on your experience below in the comment section. If you want to add more beaches, let us know in the comment section.

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