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Top 12 Incredible Graduation Cake Ideas

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Graduation is such an essential part of our lives. The day we get graduated, there is a sudden feeling that we have grown up, and now it is time to leave our childhood behind and embrace adult life. Graduation day is full of celebration, and so should be the graduation cake.

Time flies, and we grow up. There are a few days that we can never go back to because time never stops for anyone. Graduation day is probably the last day you see a few people in your life. Hence, this day should be made as beautiful and as enjoyable as possible.

Cakes are actually a very important part of a celebration. May it is someone’s birthday or somebody’s anniversary, cakes have become the highlight of the celebration. In fact, people even start judging the party on the basis of the cake.

Top 12 Incredible Graduation Cake Ideas 1

“The cake was tasty!” “The cake was unique”- these are the things that a host would love to hear. But, “The cake was not that good, it was very common” are not very pleasant things to listen to as a host. So, if you are hosting your graduation party, you must have a few fantastic and unique ideas for your graduation cake.

This article will highlight a few ways in which you can make your graduation day even more special by making your graduation cake extra special because we all want this day to be one of the unforgettable days of our lives. The following are a few graduation cake ideas.

1. The College Logo

Your college is probably the most crucial part of your lives. In fact, college is something that you are going to miss all your life; the friends, your favorite teachers, and the campus where you have enjoyed the few best years of your lives. So, why not put the college logo on the cake?

Putting the college logo on the cake is one of the best ideas for a graduation cake. You can further make your cake look fancy by changing the colors or flavors of the cake according to what you and your friends like. After all, college is something that has been common to you and your friends and has given all of you a single identity. It deserves to be on your graduation cake!

2. Stars on the Graduation Cake

Using patterns of stars would make the cake look aesthetic and beautiful. Using golden and silver colors with the stars on your graduation cake would make it look fancy. We can say that the best people pass out of college and get to do what they actually want to do in their lives; these kids are the stars of the college who have now grown up to be mature adults and have a chance to shine in front of others now.

The deeper meaning behind the cake would surely be appreciated by your friends. You can make your cake look amazing by adding stars of different colors. This will also give a multi-flavored cake for your party.

3. Sheet Cake with Flowers on it

Adding flowers to a sheet cake would make your cake look colorful and eye-catchy. Just like the star graduation cake, a cake with flowers of different colors on it can add a variety of favors to the cake. After all, who doesn’t like flowers?

You can choose if your flowers will be edible or not. Edible flowers are the best, but sometimes it might seem to be inconvenient to make flowers out of items that are edible. This is the reason some people prefer adding inedible flowers on their cakes.

Top 12 Incredible Graduation Cake Ideas 2

In case you do not know what a sheet cake is- it is made on a sheet cake pan. This pan is shallow and broad. On the other hand, regular cakes are made on deep pans.

4. Graduation Hat on the Graduation Cake

The graduation hat is like the highlight for the whole graduation ceremony. It is a mark that you are now going to embrace real life with a mature mind. So, why not put the graduation hat on the cake?

The graduation hat will make the graduation cake look even more impressive. It will actually feel like a graduation party. When we celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, we add something to the cake that can relate to the event that is being celebrated. Similarly, when we put the graduation hat on the cake, it would connect the cake to the celebration.

You can use this idea of placing a graduation hat on the cake with other ideas. You can put the graduation hat with fancy gold and silver stars, with the college logo and with the colorful flowers as well. Intermixing two-three ideas will make your cake even more unique.

5. The Batch’s Name

The batch that has graduated has gone through a long journey. The students have uncountable memories together. Hence, writing the name of the batch would be a good idea for a graduation cake. The batch’s name can be the year they graduated, or you can choose a title for the batch. Giving a title to the batch will make the kids remember their college days in a different way.

Graduation Cake

6. Congrats Grad

We all have our own ways of celebrating; some people enjoy celebrating the precious moments of their life with their friends, some with their parents and close ones, and others merely want to celebrate it alone. Thus, if you’re going to celebrate a simple graduation ceremony without too much noise, get a cake with congrats grad written on it.

“Congrats grad” will fulfill the purpose of the cake and, at the same time, does not need too much planning. It is the simplest way of celebrating your graduation party, that too, in the way that you want it to be!

7. A Creature with a Graduation Hat

As kids, we all like animals and other creature which have been created through the means of animation. Thus, there is a new way of making a special cake for the graduate student- his or her favorite creature with a graduation hat on the graduation cake.

You can add an owl with a graduation hat or any other animal- most preferably, your grad’s favorite animal. Using cartoon characters like Ben Ten, Oggy from oggy and the cockroaches, and Courage- the cowardly little dog is also a fantastic way to surprise your grad.

Other than animals and cartoon characters, students watch TV series and may have some favorite characters from those. Some of the most famous characters include Sheldon from young Sheldon, all the six friends in the comedy sitcom called friends, and characters from thrillers like 13 reasons why.

8. Usage of Contrasting Colors

A graduation cake would look very pretty if you use contrasting colors to decorate it. This can be done with any design. Some of the colors that contrast includes black and white, yellow and purple, and red and green. However, the colors should be used with suitable designs.

9. Oh, the Places You Will Go!

A round cake with the message “Oh, the places you will go” will motivate your grad to move ahead in life. This message will make your event unforgettable. You can personalize the cake by using your favorite color combinations.

Chocolate cakes with messages written in blue color would look catchy and impressive. However, the colors used in the cake is the host’s choice.

10. Your Grad’s Name on the Graduation Cake

Your grad is the main person of the event. Thus, make him or her feel special by adding his or her name to the cake that you have got. This is most preferable when you are celebrating your graduation with your parents or your family members.

However, you college graduation celebration cake can be made with the names of all the students on it. This might cause some inconvenience in deciding the exact size of the graduation cake according to the number of names. Also, in such cases, you should make sure that the cake does not look messed up.

When there are too many names that have to be accommodated in a short space, there are great chances that you might mess up the whole cake up. Moreover, writing so many names on the cake might steal the beauty of the other designs that you might have put on the cake. Sometimes it so happens that there is no scope for a new design because the cake is just full of names.

11. A Round and Layered Coffee Cake

Top 12 Incredible Graduation Cake Ideas 3

As mentioned earlier, this day holds a lot of significance in our lives, and so the size of the cake should be as big as the day’s importance in our lives! A round cake would look fabulous but with 3-4 layers. These layers would make the cake look huge, and you would also have enough cake to share and enjoy with your friends.

Most of the people today love coffee. Coffee has become a part of our daily lives. Then why not have a coffee-flavored layered graduation cake for one of the biggest days of our lives?

12. Ocean Themed Cake

A blue-colored cake would look beautiful. You can also choose a blueberry flavor for a blue colored cake. You can further add details related to oceans and seas to make it look even better.

You can mix all these ideas and create your own fantastic cake. After all, cooking and baking are all about your creativity. If people had not used creativity in everything, we would not have so much variety in dishes and sweets!

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