The world is fascinating in every aspect. And the limited number of days humans get on this planet isn’t enough to learn about it all. With machines, technology, the internet, and people evolving every day, new information is also born every day. Books, movies, and documents are an informative source that appeals to our senses, enough to make us interested and educated. But let us be honest, who has the time anymore?

Between work, leisure, and sleep, time is cut short. And we forget to absorb new information and learn new things.

But don’t worry! With this quick read, you’ll be enlightened with random facts about random things. Here are the top 50 most interesting facts about anything and everything:

1. Trailers Were Shown After The Movie

According to Paramount, trailers were initially shown after the movies, keeping true to their namesake! They tried to change the word to previews, but trailers sounded more appealing and managed to stick around.

2. Athletics Were Played Nude in Ancient Greek

In Ancient Greece, athletics and public sports allowed their players to play nude! It was a way to instill discipline into the game and enable the participants to feel free.

3. Pluto Was Named By an 11-Year-Old Girl

The ex-planet Pluto owes its name to an 11-year-old girl. She decided upon the title after being inspired by Pluto, the Roman God of death and underworld.

4. Antarctica Is The Biggest Desert In The World

In terms of size, Antarctica is the biggest desert in the world! It’s not the Sahara desert, contrary to popular belief.

Giorgio Parravicini

5. Mahatma Gandhi Never Won the Nobel Peace Prize

You must have heard of Mahatma Gandhi, a freedom fighter for India who was the flagbearer of peace and non-violence. One of the most exciting facts about Gandhi is that he never actually won the Nobel Peace Prize, even though he was nominated multiple times.

6. The Simpsons Might Continue Till 2082

Do you love watching The Simpsons, while also wondering how long the show will go on? One of the essential facts is that you may be watching The Simpsons until 2082 because Fox has a contract with them until then!

7. You Have A Higher Chance Of Dying Because Of A Falling Coconut Than A Shark

Shark movies have instilled a fear of sharks in us. But, this fear is baseless because more people have died from being hit in the head by a falling coconut than a shark!

8. White Chocolate Is Not Real Chocolate

Chocolate in all its forms and colors tastes fantastic, but they are different. White chocolate is not chocolate because it does not contain cocoa beans!

9. Dogs Are Not Allowed in Antarctica 

Antarctica is the only continent that has wholly banned dogs, since 1992! This is because it was feared they could spread a disease to the native seals. Imagine the plight of dog-lovers!

10. It Is Illegal to Build A Sandcastle In Some Places

We all love beaches, but if building sandcastles are your favorite things to do on a beach, don’t go to Eraclea, Italy. It is considered illegal to build a sandcastle on their beaches.

Sandcastle on a Beach

11. The Creases Of A Chef’s Hat Have A Meaning

Have you ever noticed the multiple folds and creases in a chef’s hat? They are a hundred in number, meant to represent a hundred ways to cook an egg.

12. An Earthquake of 1868 Is Still Triggering Aftershocks in Hawaii

In 1868, there was a massive earthquake in Hawaii, which triggered tsunamis, floods, and landslides and killed multiple people. One of the most crucial facts is that the earthquake was reported to be so strong that its aftershocks and tremors are felt to this date in Hawaii.

13. The Great Wall Of China Is Not Visible From Space

Remember how we were told that the Great Wall of China is so gigantic, it is visible from space? That’s not true. However, China’s air pollution can be seen from space as a grey haze.

14. Your Bathroom Is Responsible For Two-Thirds Of Your House’s Water Consumption

An ordinary toilet uses up to 6 litres in one single flush! That is the reason around 60% of the water consumption in your house is done in the bathroom.

15. Water Doesn’t Have An Experiation Date- The Water Bottle Does

Have you ever noticed an expiration date on your plastic water bottle? You might find it strange, considering water never goes bad. The expiration date is meant for the plastic bottle because it will start leaking chemicals into the water after a point of time.

16. Tartle Is A Feeling You Experience Often

Have you ever experienced that panicky feeling when you are about to introduce someone, and you don’t know their name? It’s more common than you think, so much so that it has a name- Tartle.

17. An Article On Writer’s Block Has No Words

In 1974, author Dennis Upper wrote an academic article titled, “The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of Writer’s block.” The piece consisted of zero words.

18. You Can’t Die Or Give Birth in A Town in Norway

In a town called Svalbard Archipelago in Norway, you are not allowed to die! If someone is ill or near the time of death, they are flown to the mainland. This is because a dead body does not decompose in this town due to the extreme climate, and are known to cause viruses in the past. Women are not allowed to give birth, too, and are required to leave the town when the due date is near.

19. The Mimic Octopus Can Mimic Sea Creatures

Humans are not the only creatures good at mimicking. The Mimic Octopus can take on characteristics of sea-creatures such as snakes, stingrays, lion-fishes, and around 15 others, to survive. It can also change color to camouflage with the sea bed.

20. A Day Is Dedicated To Putting A Pillow On Your Fridge

Do you ever feel like putting a pillow on your fridge? Probably not. But this is meant to bring prosperity and good luck to your home. May 29th is celebrated as Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day!

21. Levi’s Jeans Once Cost 6$ in Gold Dust

Do you find a pair of Levi’s jeans to be too expensive? Your ancestors probably didn’t! The first pair ever was sold in 1853 and was worth $6 in terms of gold dust!

Levi's jeans

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22. There Were Only 1500 People In Central Europe Once

The population of the world is increasing by large numbers every day. But have you ever wondered how many people were there in older times? During the stone age, there were 1500 people in Central Europe. Today, there are 1500 people on an average cruise ship!

23. Barbie’s Real Name Is Not Barbie

Did you love playing with Barbie when you were a kid? One of the exciting facts is that Barbie’s name is just a shortened version of her real name! In 1959, when she was first brought into the market, her full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts!

24. Cats Can Hear Better Than Dogs

You probably know that dogs have very sharp ears. They can hear something from far away. But do you know who can listen to even better? Cats! Felines usually understand better than dogs because of the unique shape of their ears.

25. The Hottest Chili Pepper Can Kill You

A lot of people love having chili peppers because they enjoy the spice and hotness. That’s okay, as long as they don’t have the hottest chili pepper in the world. It is called Dragon’s Breath, and it can kill you with as little as a bite! Its purpose is to numb the skin and not be eaten.

26. The Word Gymnasium’s Derived Word Means Naked

Did you know that people used to exercise naked in Ancient Greece? This is one of the most interesting facts because that is also where the name gymnasium comes from. ‘Gymno’ actually means naked in Ancient Greek!

27. The Ashes Of Frisbee’s Creator Are Now A Frisbee

Would you play with a frisbee made of someone’s ashes? When the creator of the frisbee, Walter Frederick Morrison, died in 2010, his family turned his ashes into a frisbee!

28. Elephants Can’t Jump

Have you ever seen an elephant jump? Chances are you haven’t. And that is because they physically can’t! On average, elephants weigh 8000 pounds and can go up to 12,000 pounds. Their skeletal design does not allow them to jump.

Iswanto Arif

29. You Can Get Married at McDonald’s

You can get married at McDonald’s! In Hong Kong, McDonald’s allows people to have a wedding and even offers wedding packages with catering and decoration! Click here for the most interesting facts about McDonald’s.

30. The Loudest Sound in History Was Heard in 1883

In 1883, a large explosion was heard in a radius of 4800 kilometers. It was the explosion of Krakatau, a caldera in an Indonesian province. To this day, it is the loudest sound in history.

31. The Dots You See In The Air Are Your Own White-Blood Cells

Have you ever seen dots floating in the air, that you know aren’t real and only visible to your eyes? You aren’t alone! This is common, and the dots are your white blood cells. This is called Scheerer’s phenomenon, and it was first noticed in 1924.

32. Elephants Do Not Develop Cancer

Humans, plants, and dogs all get cancer. But did you know elephants rarely ever develop cancer? That is because they have a strong resistance to cancer.

33. Tomato Is The World’s Most Popular Fruit

You must have been engaged in a debate about whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable at least once in your lifetime. Well, it’s a fruit and not only that, it is the world’s most popular fruit!

34. 300 Weddings Take Place Every Day in Las Vegas

Every day, 300 weddings happen in Las Vegas’ chapels. Ross and Rachel’s drunk wedding in Las Vegas (from the sitcom, Friends) should have been a lesson to everyone who parties in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Will Greer

35. Starbucks Baristas in CIA Headquarters Don’t Write Names On The Cup

Ever had your name misspelled by a barista at Starbucks? It happens to the best of us. But do you know who’s lucky enough to escape this misfortune? The workers are having coffee at Starbucks in the CIA Headquarters! Baristas don’t write their name on the cup because of security regulations.

36. Nick Offerman Can Actually Play The Saxophone

One of the most interesting facts for the fans of Parks and Recreation is that, when the sitcom writers incorporated the Duke Silver plotline for Nick Offerman, who played Ron Swanson, they had no idea Offerman was an actual saxophone player! So when you see Duke Silver playing the saxophone on Parks and Recreation, it’s Offerman playing!

37. All Pandas Are On Loan From China

You must have seen pandas in zoos. They may appear to be at home, but they are just guests. In reality, all pandas are given on loan by China to other countries. China owns all the pandas in zoos.

38. Blue-Eyes People Can Drink More Alcohol

People who have blue-eyes have a higher capacity for alcohol! They also have increased sensitivity towards light.

39. Rhythm Is The Longest Word Without Vowels

Think of an English word that doesn’t contain any vowels. Chances are you’re struggling to find one. One of the interesting facts is that rhythm is the longest common word in the English language without any vowels.

40. The Moon is Egg-Shaped

Most people tend to think that the moon is round. That’s a myth! The moon is actually in the shape of an egg!

41. The Life Expectancy Of Musicians Is Shorter

Many talented musicians have been lost the past few decades to unnatural causes. According to a study, the life expectancy of a musician is less by 25 years than the life expectancy of an average person.

42. Cotton Candy Used To Be Floss

Cotton candy is not suitable for our teeth, but interestingly enough, they were invented by a dentist as floss! Tell that to your dentist the next time she asks you not to eat candy.

43. The Longest Pancake Flips Record is 140 in 1 Minute

You may have seen chefs tossing pancakes a few times. The longest record of a pancake being flipped is 140 in one minute! The record was set by Brad Jolly in 2012.

Rodrigo Pereira

44. Hawaiian Pizza Was Made In Canada First

Hawaiian pizza contradicts its name. It was made first in Canada, not Hawaii, and that too, by a Greek man.

45. Don’t Shake It Like A Polaroid

You’ve probably heard of the phrase- shake it like a polaroid. It’s a common habit, and a common phrase, to shake a polaroid to let it dry. But it’s been found that shaking doesn’t speed up the drying process. Instead, it damages the polaroid by making the photo blurry.

46. Rats Can Survive Longer Without Water Than Camels

Camels are known for storing water in their humps, because of which they can last for days without water. Rats can stay longer without water than camels!

47. Queen Elizabeth Can’t Sit On The Iron Throne

Once, Queen Elizabeth visited the set of TV series, Game of Thrones. When about to sit on the iron throne, she was stopped because of a law that states that no leaders of a monarch can sit on a throne that does not belong to their country. Apparently, this applied to fictional thrones too!

48. Goldfishes Have Sharp Memory

One of the most interesting facts about goldfishes is that they do not have a memory that lasts for only two seconds. Their memory happens to be very sharp. They have conditional memory that can last for months!

Cici Hung

49. The Sun Is Million Times Bigger Than Earth

You ever wondered how big the sun is? A million earths can be placed inside it. That’s how big it is!

50. A Scientist Cracked His Knuckles Every Day For More Than 50 Years 

You ever heard of the myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis? It’s untrue. A scientist was so determined to bust this myth, he cracked his knuckles for more than 50 years, every day to prove that it does not result in arthritis.

Did these top 50 most exciting facts increase your knowledge? Maybe they did, perhaps they didn’t. But you sure know more random things today than you did yesterday! If you are fascinated by such factoids of knowledge, click here for more top 50 most interesting facts!



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