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Top 8 Classic English Songs Of All Time

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Nothing compares to the joy when you relax to your favorite playlist after an exhausting day. Every song has its own style and is sassy in their own way. Trust me when I say this – Bringing it all down to the top eight wasn’t an easy task. Here I present to you the top eight evergreen songs that no time can elude.


The Beatles – Yesterday

Should I even comment on this? I mean, this one is a great hit from one of the top boy bands of all time. This song is a melancholy ballad that deals with relationships and breakups. Truly a masterpiece! One can never get tired of this song.

Artist: The Beatles
Album: Help!


John Lennon – Imagine

I cannot come to the conclusion why it is so tough to choose THE BEST from John Lennon’s songs. His songs are always special and truly gives you the chills. This comes to this, “Imagine” should be on the list. This song was also performed as a part of the closing ceremony for the Olympics during the year 2012. What tribute!

Artists: John Lennon, The Plastic Ono Band
Featured artist: New York Philharmonic
Album: Imagine


The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice

This one has got the vibes to make it to the list! A sassy song from yet another boy band. Though this is a pop song, it has got a touch of a classical hint, unusual for pop songs of their time. Truly amazing though 🙂

Artist: The Beach Boys
Album: Pet Sounds
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Vogue – Madonna

A great masterpiece from the Queen of Pop, Vogue, the lead single from the album I’m Breathless, released in 1990 slain the top charts. The song received many awards and nominations and is one of the greatest songs of the century.

Artist: Madonna
Album: I’m Breathless
Released: 1990

Watch Vogue – Madonna


Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

The 1983 hit single from bonnie Tyler, this song is a must-hear for all the music lovers out there. This song never gets old and is just perfect ALL THE TIME

Top 8 Classic English Songs Of All Time 1

Artist: Bonnie Tyler
Album: Faster Than the Speed of Night
Released: 1983

Watch Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler


Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Let’s just admit that the name says it all! Billie Jean was a smashing hit single from  MJ and one just cannot stop getting tired of it.

Top 8 Classic English Songs Of All Time 2

Artist: Michael Jackson
Movie: Michael Jackson’s This Is It


Lose yourself – Eminem

An inspiring and upbeat song by the Rap God that made heads turn around, Lose yourself is a must-have song on the list.

Artist: Eminem
Movie: 8 Mile


I will always love you – Whitney Houston

I just love the fact that this song never gets old. It always gets through time. Something old, Something blue? You have this one on the top!

Top 8 Classic English Songs Of All Time 3

Artist: Whitney Houston
Movie: The Bodyguard
Released: 2000

watch I will always love you – Whitney Houston

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