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What Are Prophetic Dreams ?

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Have you ever had your dream come true? Like, one day you see something happen in a dream. A few days later, you see the same thing happen in real life. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? These are known as Prophetic dreams. Skeptics say it’s a mere co incidence. But is it a co incidence? There’s no way for us to find out. 


We see dreams for some reasons. Sometimes, dreams are what we wish would happen in real life. Sometimes, our subconscious mind helps us see the reality through dreams. Some claim that our subconscious is responsible for these prophetic dreams. What the conscious mind cannot realize, subconscious mind does. It figures things out before it hits our conscious mind and shows it to us through dreams. Later, it comes true. 

We usually forget our dreams. This has led to another theory which claims that we choose to alter our dreams according to the reality and then claim to have seen a prophetic dream. Again, people do not do this on purpose. The subconscious mind is responsible. The religious ones believe that God speaks to them through their dreams. 

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We cannot tell if a dream is prophetic or not till it comes true. It is almost impossible to figure out the mechanism behind this. We cannot deny the existence of  Prophetic dreams. Abraham Lincoln predicted his death, John Dunne dreamed about a volcano eruption, Mark Twain dreamed about his own brother’s death. Most discoveries are made with the help of these Prophetic dreams. People dream about songs and books they are gonna write, buildings they are gonna construct, lotteries they are going to win. 

Prophetic dreams can be of the following types: 

  • Apparitions- In these dreams, the dead appears to deliver a message.
  • Clairvoyant dreams- These are dreams where one sees something that is already happening somewhere in reality.
  • Shared dreams- A dream that two or more people see at the same time.
  • Emphatic dreams- Events occur which move you in a dream, gives rise to sympathetic feelings.
  • Warning dreams- These dreams let you know of things that are going to happen in the future which would affect you negatively.
  • Telepathic dreams- One can connect to someone else’s thoughts through the dream.

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