Why You Should Watch Deadpool

Why You Should Watch Deadpool 1

On this Valentine’s Day, no one is going to be sad.

On one hand where couples will go on dates, on the other, all the single people have another treat waiting for them. The mighty “Deadpool”, another superhero addition from Marvel world. This wisecracking, fourth-wall-breaking, tight spandex wearing, “merc with a mouth” is set to make your day this February 12th. This movie from 20th Century Fox, has a stellar 95 percent fresh rating on the Rotten Tomatoes, at the moment.


The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, (also played the Green Lantern) as Deadpool himself, directed by Tim Miller with the combinational writer of “Zombieland,” the Rhett Reese.

The movie has received R rating, as it has plenty of expletives and a hell lot of violence. Reynolds has been given full freedom to do as he sees fit. Ultimately, the movie is filled with fourth-wall breaking humor and very rude jokes.

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Those who don’t know who Deadpool is, let me give them a small hint.

If you missed his cameo in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” which was also played by Reynolds, don’t be disappointed. It wasn’t that cheeky of a performance and was highly depreciated due to “heroic image of Deadpool”.

First Deadpool isn’t a hero, regularly termed as “Anti-Hero” with an exceptional healing ability and fighting skills. But that’s not the best part, the best part is “the hilariously exceptional sense of humor”. The character breaks the fourth wall means that he know he’s a comic character. I won’t spill more beans, just one more point. It’s a love story, rather twisted one. You can see from this poster of the movie.

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Another good thing about the movie is its marvelous marketing.

From 12 days of Deadpool to this Valentine Day poster which has almost convinced women around the world to watch the movie. Reynolds own Twitter account is setting things on fire.

Every poster is creatively designed to depict a sarcastic image of the character.

Let it be, poster pose from Titanic, or Ryan’s own resemblance from Green Lantern, Deadpool is already creating a comedian vibe.

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This movie doesn’t represent a single genre.

One of the common misconceptions about superhero movies is that they have their own genre. Action flicks, high use of CGI, and frail story plots are some of the main property. But here, Deadpool is breaking the “superhero fatigue.

Lower budget than the other superhero movies

Movies are considered to be high budget, with a change in adaption from the comic series. Two good pros of the movies are that in comparison, Deadpool is a low budget program, and this thing actually drove Fox Studios to work on the project considering their unsuccessful attempts for solo superhero movies. Also, accurate adaption can please the Deadpool fans as there have been complaints about changed plots.

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Other add-ons are the awesome soundtrack and the realism of the suit. Believe me, there is no special effect in the design of the suit. It’s totally original. Maybe you can buy it online someday!

With a regular pace retained in 107 minutes in the movie, the song ‘Fury’s Road’ by Junkie XL gives a rocking punch. Also, you can roll on the beats of Chicago and Neil Sedaka. All in all, Deadpool is a must watch if you want a twisted superhero flick!

Movie review soon!


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