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Best EWi-Fionic Gadgets That Every Student Should Possess 

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The extent of convenience that modern gadgets have succeeded in delivering is truly a preposterous feat. Everything we have ever imagined is being simplified and torn down to their most rudimentary form to allow optimum control and convenience. Digital gadgets are slowly eradicating the need for any type of physical constraints, even to perform the most basic operation.

The technological advancement in the gadget market will only result in more absurd and quirky inventions as we go along. However, the present iterations of gadgets have an enormous field of application in the present context, as well. Students, in particular, benefit the most from all these crazy innovations.


Gadgets reduce the workload of the students by a considerable amount. From performing some simple and basic tasks such as keeping your stuff organized to minimizing the need to carry mountains of textbooks to class every day, modern gadgets have you covered. Various websites offer amazing deals on gadgets every day to help you get your hands on the latest techs while enabling you to save some extra bucks as well. 


  • Smartwatch 


Time is of the most critical essence, especially when it involves executing the hectic daily activities of a student’s routine. However, the traditional form of watches just does not cut it for most modern students. The conventional iteration of watches that only displays time is, well, inefficient. Smartphones with their lock screen time display can easily replace the need to have an old fashioned analog watch. 

Smartphones, on the other hand, performs a wide array of additional technical and health functionalities such as keeping track of the calories burnt, the quality of sleep you’re getting, the number of steps you’ve walked, your heart rate, etc. These are all some vital aspects that help students keep track of their health well-being in addition to keeping them on their accurate time schedule. 


  • Tablet/ Kindle 


One of the most painful (literally) aspects of a student’s routine involves dragging piles of physical notebooks to class every day. While conventional notebooks will always have distinct merits, the idea of carrying around a pyramid of thick books is not the most intriguing concept in the 21st century. Modern tablets and kindles are more than capable of providing you with the equivalent experience of reading a conventional notebook. In fact, even better, since they come with various reading options like increasing/decreasing the screen brightness, changing the color scheme of the screen to reduce eye strain in different lighting conditions, etc. 


  • Wi-Fi booster 


Every minute aspect related to a student’s daily studying requirement is predominantly dependent on a reliable internet connection. Wi-Fi connections, however, aren’t always the best, due to their limited effective range. The slow internet connection can slow down the efficiency of a student’s productivity by a drastic number, not to ignore the magnitude of frustration it can cause. Wi-Fi booster gadgets are designed specifically to take care of slow and inconsistent Wi-Fi internet connection problems. 

Wi-Fi booster, as the name suggests, boosts up the wireless internet connection on your Wi-Fi network in case you’re dealing with weak signals on your device. Even if you’re not exactly on the sweet spot of picking up strong signals, the booster gadget amplifies the signal and provides a notable difference in your Wi-Fi connection.


  • Wireless charger 


The wireless charger is the new “IT” factor on the list of endless modern gadgets. Apart from the usually wired phone chargers, which are quickly going out of fashion, wireless chargers give you a tangle-free option to juice up the battery without having to manage long and entangling wires. Wireless charging stands also gives students the option to toggle between different productive functionalities such as browsing or texting. In addition to that, wireless chargers also allow you to transition quickly between different tasks such as picking up the phone quicker in case of any urgent calls or simply placing your smartphone on the pad to initiate charging instead of having to go through the process of plugging and unplugging the physical wires. 


  • External hard drive


The modern standard of education system requires students to always carry a soft copy (computer file) of their specific lesson plans. There is a large number of educational applications and software that plays an integral role, especially for engineering students. In addition to all that, students also have to store some entertainment files for leisure hours as well. With all these memory requirements, tablets and laptops often become ineffective; hence, a portable and lightweight hard drive with up to 1TB of storage memory (or more) is the ideal companion of any student.       

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