Do you want a Big Bang Theory movie? The Big Bang Theory aired its last episode as a combination of two episodes that were named “The Change Constant” and “The Stockholm Syndrome”.

These two were the episodes that were a fitting tribute and a farewell to the show that had brought to the fore a team of nerdy misfits who were all science freaks with no real lives in the beginning. This is a chance to look both back and forward and to speculate and demand. For a Big Bang theory movie, that is! And maybe… let’s keep that a surprise for the very end, shall we?

The Big Bang Theory Movie
That poster though!

Before we move on to the question of whether we can have a Big Bang Theory movie, let us take a look at what happened in the series end. It will help give us more clarity on the road ahead in the character’s lives.

The Big Bang Theory Movie May Expand the Final Episode: So What Happened There?

For those of you who haven’t yet been able to watch the ending, what are you people even doing? There are about a thousand spoilers, so I would suggest you ‘shoo off’, watch the ending and then take your seats on this bandwagon that will leave you wanting more of the show that stole our hearts. This is very metaphorical and not at all scientific, as Sheldon would most definitely say!

The Big Bang Theory
The Nobel Call

Sheldon, being the narcissistic genius he was had just received the news that along with his wife Amy he had been shortlisted for the Nobel Prize for their intriguing work on the Super Asymmetry project. After being almost dejected, conned, and nearly giving up, the Russian scientists who proved the theory finally made them believe that the theory had enough merit to last in the cut-throat world of scientific academia.

After Kripke prank calls them out of both jealousy and to have a bit of fun by getting Sheldon all riled up, the couple who had been awake for most of the night finally see their dream come true right in front of their eyes. They get the call that they have been selected as the Nobel awardees for Physics for that particular year. Sheldon’s joy knows no bounds though he is incapable of showing it which makes Amy feel dejected.

The Big Bang Theory Movie may Carry Forward the Story

Let’s take a look at the final episode. From the next morning, however, things get worse with Sheldon refusing to give interviews because he doesn’t want all the media attention. Amy tells him that he cannot go on behaving in this manner as the Nobel was a significantly huge thing in the eyes of the community around them. Sheldon doesn’t much care about the community which saddens Amy.

When Sheldon walks into the university to give the news to everyone including his superiors, he is annoyed with the amount of attention he gets as soon as he walks through the gate. On the other hand, Amy looks at a picture of herself in the newspaper and thinks she looks too ugly. She consults with Raj and goes to get herself a makeover which upsets Sheldon who demands she change herself back to how she was before. This angers Amy who refuses to do so.

Later that day, Leonard gets angry at Sheldon for being too rude and asks him to apologize to Amy. Sheldon rushes away when he sees Penny come out of the elevator. Penny coaxes him to go to the Cheesecake Factory with her as she feels he needs to spill the beans.

The fans now get to see the side of Sheldon rarely ever seen before. The cold Sheldon who only cares about his work and himself is insecure human beings with the biggest insecurity of all being ‘change’. Sheldon dislikes and as such cannot deal with change in his life. This clearly shows his outrage and rudeness when Amy ‘changed’ her looks and personality to look more desirable.

It stems from his childhood and his extreme OCD. Penny however comforts and asks him to understand that ‘change is the only constant in life’. As life goes on, people leave, change and things become different.

This lesson has to be learned from the show as we see the characters growing past their mental blockages and becoming more mature and better human beings in the process. It shows that even the life a Nobel Prize awardee has its set of misunderstandings and trouble and that it’s our friends who always bail us out of situations we both orchestrate and then can’t get out of.

Sheldon, at the very beginning of the series, hated penny and made her life miserable when she tried to date Leonard and sat in his spot in their shared apartment. It is this same Penny whom he pours his heart out to at the end and whom we see him trusting with his faults. We see that nobody is perfect, not even a genius like Sheldon.

On the television, they see Bernadette and Howard take credit as Sheldon and Amy’s best friends and give their interviews. The typical Howard can be seen tracing back from Season 1 as he boasts and makes an absolute fool of himself in front of the media. Raj and Leonard take Amy’s side when Sheldon decides to boycott her and speak to her rudely for getting a makeover without consulting him before.

The Sheldon and Amy’s marriage seems to be on the rocks because of Sheldon’s inability to change and show his human emotions instead of being passive-aggressive and behave like a sulking child in front of his wife as well as his friends. Leonard, in the heat of the moment accidentally breaks Sheldon’s prized possession- his DNA model.

The only person who gets through to Sheldon is Penny. The Sheldon of Season 1 is pretty much the same as the Sheldon of season 12. He is unwilling to change, but he doesn’t seem to understand that life is all about changes and that nobody gets lemons from life. Humans make lemons as a hybrid of the citrus and bitter lime.

Penny tells him that the elevator in the apartment which had not been working for so long is now working and that in all these years, the slow gradual changes created the butterfly effect of today. She coaxes Sheldon onto the elevator and in this significant step, makes him and the audience understand that humans cannot, but change.

The Nobel Prize Moment in the Big Bang Theory

After 2 months on the flight To Stockholm to get the Nobel Prize, Sheldon is extremely annoyed with Penny for going to the bathroom too many times. When Leonard tells him that that is only because she is pregnant, Sheldon, like the insensitive prick he just cannot change himself from, tells everyone about the surprise, thereby upsetting Penny. Amy tells Sheldon that everyone just tolerates him because they have to. Otherwise, they really wouldn’t. Amy encourages girls to ditch the naysayers and take up science in her Nobel speech. The show ends with everyone enjoying dinner at apartment 4A where it all started.

The Big Bang Theory Movie: What Should We Expect?

The fans must have cried, laughed, and been hysterically sad that the show’s ended. But we can’t let that happen now, can we? So, all of us nerd heads now demand a smashing movie that tells us what happens next. The show just can’t end here without telling us what happens to Raj and Anu and they’re supposedly over marriage but the first date.

We also need to know in the Big Bang Theory movie as to whether Sheldon finally understands that he needs to save his marriage which seems to be on the rocks with Amy getting gradually more and more disappointed with him. We need to know what happens to Penny who didn’t want to be a mother but is now excited as she is pregnant. We need to gush over Leonard as a new father. And how can we forget Denise and Stuart?

The next portion is entirely crazy speculation that is going to be my twist on the Big Bang Movie that will disprove T.S Eliot when he wrote that the world would end not with a bang but with a whimper. This a fan’s interpretation of the show’s last two episodes and what they would entail when that movie finally gets made, because I will not accept that this is the end!

Sheldon and Amy in the Big Bang Theory Movie

The movie can be a further exploration of Sheldon’s psyche and what makes the seeming perfection obsessed genius suck at relationships, both with his wife and his friends. The angle of this exploration could be from Amy’s point of view as she gets further dejected with Sheldon’s annoying shenanigans and his insensitive behavior. The movie can combine aspects from Young Sheldon that can show how Sheldon became this insensitive fellow from the young kid who wasn’t necessarily so hurtful towards others.

The Nobel can be the way forward for Amy as she becomes a celebrated woman scientist working for the upliftment of women in science and young girls who want to take up science later. It will not come as a surprise if the Sheldon jealousy arc is introduced right here.

All the media attention and the absence of security measures in the apartment might lead to Sheldon and Amy having to think about leaving Apartment 4A as they might have to move somewhere where the media circus cannot get free entry. This might cause a further reaction from Sheldon who as we know from the last episodes is scared stiff of any sort of change. It might even cause a panic attack since we are talking about Sheldon and a huge tantrum because Amy would want to move out for a better life.

Yes, it might break several fans’ hearts as the show has become eponymous with that Apartment 4A where it all started and also ended. This could also mean the marriage taking a nasty downward spiral as Sheldon will have to be convinced to change his views and look out for both of them, instead of only himself. We might also get to see a more sensitive and loving Sheldon, maybe with kids of his own.

We might also get to see him writing a book on his exploits as a member of the gang and how he ended up with the Nobel. That would be something new to see!

What About Leonard and Penny in the Big Bang Theory Movie?

the big bang theory

Cutting across to Penny and Leonard, we might find Penny’s pregnancy causing mood swings which would be a handful for Leonard. We might also see Penny’s father arriving again. What the fans would like to see however would be the baby and what they would name it. Penny as a mother would be an extremely interesting arc to play out. The childish penny who we see in season 1 and 2 has surely become a mature woman but to what extent is the question that her motherhood will answer.

Leonards’ Character in the Big Bang Theory Movie 

Leonard, however, will pretty much stay the same and will be a doting father which is one of the main reasons the fans want this movie so badly! Penny might also finally be able to complete her education with Leonard pushing her on. We might see Penny graduating. Doesn’t that almost bring tears to your eyes?

What about the kids in the Big Bang Theory Movie 

The kids will grow up bit by bit and Howard and Bernadette will continue to have problems with Stuart and Denise and their making themselves too right at home in their house. Stuart and his inability to commit might make several issues crop up in his relationship will Denise. We could see Stuart evolving from his commitment phobia and finally proposing to Denise.

Will Raj and Anu be Back Together in the Big Bang Theory Movie?

Raj and Anu might go back to square one with their relationship and just decide that they cannot make this work. The marriage already being off, they might part ways and raj might once again end up alone. However, the movie might be that one last chance for Raj to find true love, who accepts all his stuttering and shy ways.

It might also end up with Raj and Anu realizing at the last moment that they are meant for each other and that sometimes, maybe, arranged marriages do work. Sometimes, you do end up finding love. Especially where you least expect it and when you’ve almost given up hope.

What we would like to see would also be a Sheldon kid and the panic and the pandemonium that might follow. It would truly be awesome if the kids can be shown all grown up after a 15-year leap and we get glimpses of the gang, all old now.

It would be infinitely interesting to see how each of them deals with old age and where they are in the future- whether they are still friends or not, whether they are still the same or not, whether they have turned into grumpy old people or aged gracefully, where they live, what they do, how famous they are and especially whether they still crack lame jokes and meet up for Pictionary or not. The gang and the theme music in acoustic at the end of the show need to touch our hearts again.

A Big Bang Theory Movie with Kids?

So, now, in this Big Bang frenzy, I am going to suggest a ‘Big Bang Theory Movie with Juniors’ with all those kids roped in to take the position of their parents in Apartment 4A. It would especially be a treat to watch them bicker, love, cry, and play Pictionary from where their parents left off.

Let’s see if we can get another big bang Nobel from that dingy apartment where dreams were created and destroyed simultaneously and where the gang spent so many years of their lives growing up and in the process finding themselves. It’s another Big Bang theory movie concept to think about.

As Sheldon says “Bazinga”, we fans say “Booyah” back to him, promising to never let this nerd favorite go. My last words to this show would be “bIDun”. We will most definitely miss you and that is the exact reason I demand this movie. Also, the show!

In case someone doesn’t understand what I meant by ‘bIDun’, ask Sheldon to teach you Klingon! Just kidding, it means “you are wonderful” in Klingon!

Waiting for the Big Bang theory movie and wish it will happen sooner than later? We are, too!



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