Best of Carolina Beach Boardwalk

carolina beach boardwalk

Carolina Beach Boardwalk is the epicentre for all the fun, frolic, and amusement at the Carolina beach. The whole of 1 /4 mile of the area covered by the Carolina Beach boardwalk offers just the right kind of atmosphere needed for a chilled vacation or a relaxing weekend.

Crowned as the most amazing Boardwalk in the entire American Continent by its visitors and some well known and designated brands, the Carolina beach boardwalk is the ultimate best.

With the best of shops, food stalls, and some of the most prolific activities to indulge in the Carolina Beach Boardwalk is the solution to all your vacation boredom.

Witness the sandy beaches in an entirely different attire with the Carolina Beach Boardwalk adorning it in the best way possible.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Major Attractions at Carolina Beach Boardwalk

  1. Pleasure Island Rentals

The vacation rentals serve as the best means of exploration and also the most affordable one. This self discoverable activity would surely lead you to some of the most cloistered places that are hidden and unexplored.

Bikes can be rented with a minimum security deposit for an entire day. Hourly rental offers are also available. Cycling through the Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are the most preferred sites with Fort Fisher on the list.

2.Tony Silvagni Surf School

This is the best form of activity and probably the unique one at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. This entirely different approach is an initiative to maintain the love for surfing and water sports. People often hesitate to participate in water activities like surfing because they do not know them well and who have the time to learn the skill in this busy world.

To pave the way for them, the Tony Silvagni Surf School leads the movement by providing the opportunity to learn some of these skills. The place also provides people with guards that would accompany you the entire time and would provide you with an authentic surfing experience.

3. Music and Firework

Prepare yourself to be amazed at the musical journey that an extremely colourful and glittering sky would light.

Live music concerts start post 6:30 p.m. Later on, the celebration is completed with fireworks that make it even more impressive at around 9 p.m. For more than 30 years, music and fireworks’ tradition is being carried out without any delay. Events that include Christmas by the Sea and the Island of Lights Festivals also always there to more your visit to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk even more pleasing.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

4. Seaside Shenanigans Boutique

Now leaving any scope of enjoyment un-discussed in this list, we come straight to the all-time favourite activity, which is none other than shopping.

This fancy shop has all the items that would charm you out. Best place at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk to buy gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends back home. A good variety of clothing lines is present that provides the best of brands at some affordable prices.

5.Carolina Beach Arcade

Carolina Beach Arcade is the most fun-loving and amusing part of the whole Carolina Beach Boardwalk and not to forget also the most colourful and interesting as well. This place could also be called the kids’ most favourite place on the entire beach; it has all the games and rides that the kids are going to love.

Returning to this part of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk would become the kind compulsory for you and three to four trips would not satisfy your kid to the fullest. With many toy shops to shop from the Beach, the arcade has the whole layout for a day’s visit. Many prizes to win and offer to avails the place is always ready to welcome its guests with something new.

6.Carolina Beach Lake Park

Carolina Beach Lake Park is the part of the town where its heart resides. Not a single say passes the Carolina Beach Lake Park without seeing the crowd of excited visitors. The place is the best for picnics, and kids love to play and run around this spot. Being spread in acres, the surrounding portion of the lake serves as a long coast that adjusts many people at a time.

Activities like fishing and boating are common and prevalent in the area serving as the most popular outing spot. The place becomes even more crowded during the weekends, especially on Sundays. Avoid visiting the place on these days to have the best of experience. During the night sideways, the lit with lightings to make the atmosphere pleasing.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Best Places to Eat at Carolina Beach Boardwalk

1. Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar

Located at 6 N Lake Pak Blvd, Unit A Carolina Beach, the place is the best one for a seafood dive. You can blindly trust us on this one of the best places to eat at Carolina Beach Boardwalk as this is the most friendly cuisine restaurant.

The no-frills atmosphere that prevails in the entire area serves as the best for a family get-together. Their low country boils, and adult beverages rank quite on the list.

2. Fenton’s Pizza

Located at 9 Carolina beach Avenue, North Carolina Beach, the place has it all sorted for a pizza delight.

Filled with mouth-watering Italian Appetizers that are cheesy and juicy can make anyone’s tongue slip. Light go-to dishes include the hero sandwiches, bakes calzones, Stromboli and sausages pop. Please don’t leave the Fentoni’s Pizza without trying their classic desserts.

3. Carolina Smokehouse

Enjoy the best of hardwood-smoked brisket, fried shrimps, and tomato-based barbecue sauce at this one of the best places to eat in Carolina. The Carolina Smokehouse is the perfect place that does justice with all the smoked food and in case this with its name as well. Most of the dishes that are included in the elite menu of the Carolina Smokehouse maintain their premium feel and texture as all of them are made from the best of secretive recipes that the owners of the place hold close.

4. Pop’s Diner

The hot dog statue has become the trademark of the Pop’s diner for years now and is also loved by all. It’s probably a kid-oriented place with all the dishes and appetizers their favourite. Funnel cakes, onion rings, and oreo shakes are the ones that are ordered the most.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

5. Krazy Kones

At 2 Carolina Beach Boardwalk, you are going to come across this extensively sweet and delightful place that is famous for serving the best-known desserts in the town. Their frozen desserts that are also loaded with good quality ice creams contribute extensively towards making a great dessert.

Krazy Kones are known for their best quality toppings and chocolate sauces that make the serving even more savouring.

Best places to stay at Carolina Beach Boardwalk

1.Country Marriott Carolina Beach Oceanfront

Staying at this beautiful place would become even more wonderful if you would not settle for anything less than the best. With the Country Marriott Carolina Beach Oceanfront, make each moment of yours truly mesmerizing.

The massive building with several floors and spacious suits all of them opening up the beach, providing you with an overall and unhindered view. You can easily map the distance of each and everything amenity at the beach while looking at the rising and falling water.

Its indoor pool, highly modern and upgraded gymnasium and a centrally located bar with several other uncountable luxuries simply make this place irresistible and highly appealing to stay in.

2.Hampton Inn and suits Carolina Beach Oceanfront

Seeing the all-time working environment, the place is made friendly, having all the urgent requirements. Be it a meeting or a party it has it all backed up.

Easy to reach from all the points this place serves as the connecting the dots of enjoyment. Flavour your stay at the Hampton inn And Suits with the freshly cooked meals that are served right to your room without any delay.

The chefs and staff are always there to look after your eating and staying requirements. Special demands are also treated in the best way possible with great care. You would definitely miss their hospitality and kind-hearted nature of the people over there.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

3.Carolina Beach Inn

With a lovely staff and rooms that would look even more pretty in real awaits you at the Carolina Beach Inn. Get all cozy and comfortable with an environment that is extremely warm and delicate. The interior is subtle with a fresh lightness in the air that heals you from the inside and levies you of all your work-life burden. Forget the deadlines and just stay at the Carolina Beach Inn and bask in its luxury.

The resort is pet friendly with an over air conditioning facility plus free unlimited wi-fi access that sounds like a bonus.

These are some of the best of Carolina Beach Boardwalk that would be specially handpicked for you to get the most out of your trip. Carolina Beach Boardwalk would leave no amusement undiscovered and unexplored as the boardwalk is the perfect concoction of everything light, happy, and fresh.

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