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A Perfect Getaway to Cocoa Beach

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Cocoa Beach is a city in Florida, and it offers a beach view like no other city.  

This wonderful town is located in Brevard County. Cocoa Beach is more than just a city. What can you not enjoy here? From classy theme parks to beach activities, space coast, and picturesque sceneries, there is a lot to do here.

Once here, you wouldn’t wish to go back at all. Every scenery feels like a dream come true. Forget Disneyland; this place offers you all at a glance.

There are stunning skyscrapers, but no loud noises or hustle. It’s a new city, best suited for a quality vacation. Feel the sea’s soft breeze, rejuvenate your inner self, fall in love with mother nature, and view the sea turtles.

Do not miss Cocoa Beach’s sunrise and sunset; the views are splendid. Cocoa is an incredible beach that lets you escape the city chaos explore its culture and history. You can choose to ride the cruise ship and take a sneak peek at a few of Florida’s golf clubs.

This article answers all your queries on Cocoa Beach. Let’s have a look at the detailed guide below.

A Perfect Getaway to Cocoa Beach

How to Reach Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a popular and easily accessible destination. It is an ideal place for international travelers. Every tourist takes back unforgettable memories from here. It can be accessed via several roads.

Since the town is on water, it is also accessible by ship or cruise. You can either take a cab, shuttle, bus, or bike. Numerous bike lanes lead you to Cocoa Beach.

It is better if you choose public transport since it’s budget-friendly.

Cocoa Beach: Top 7 Incredible Sights to Visit

1. The Amazing Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach

The Cocoa Pier is the most iconic attraction in Cocoa Beach. Rumors say this beach attracts more than a million visitors each year. The pier stands 1,000 feet above the Atlantic waters. You can easily spot anglers, walkers, and adventure seekers strolling around the beach.

This complete Pier is even available for rent. You can rent it for a great party. Fish lovers can catch from various fishes like redfish, snapper, bluefish, and many more.

For those who wish to chill around, there are several bars, restaurants, and cafes. Since it is a beach, you can taste the best seafood. Restaurants offer brilliant ambiance and outdoor seating.

Add this beauty to your travel bucket list!

2. Historic Cocoa Village

Cocoa Beach

The Cocoa village is historical and it is located right in the heart of Cocoa. The settlements in this town began in the 19th century.

Now, it’s a popular attraction with numerous shopping outlets and entertainment points. Tourists are awed by the village scenes. You are never going to regret coming here. All of the traditional beauty is well-preserved.

It is a village fit for strolling. There are surprises at each corner. It is home to a community of riverside merchants and artisans. Great dining places are available; fares are customer friendly.

Save time for Cocoa Village Playhouse and the Florida Historical Society. Discover Florida’s history in the library.

3. The Wonderful Brevard Zoo

Cocoa Beach

The Brevard zoo offers interactive learning and education, also a great place for family enjoyment. Visit the Paws on Play Section lets you enjoy various activities. In Florida’s Brevard zoo, you get to meet animals from different regions.

Experience the wild continent in the African section. Watch native African animals. Don’t forget to click amazing pictures. See how the animals crawl, flies, and walk around.

Do visit the Australian section, and explore the adventurous activities like kayaking and ziplining. Check out, Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science in the neighborhood.

4. Banana River Aquatic Preserve

Cocoa Beach

The Aquatic Preserve is settled between Merritt Island and a beach barrier. This preserve spreads for 30,000 acres with numerous parks and boat ramps. Visitors can easily rent boats for kayaking.

Through kayaking access to the Banana River, Kiwanis Island Park, Cocoa Beach Recreational Complex, Kelly Park, and various others. Banana River’s northern end offers views of pelican rookery, diamondback terrapin turtles, and alligators.

Bird lovers will love the preserve’s Ultimate Wildlife Sanctuary, heaven for bird watchers. Also, there’s a massive population of manatees.

5. The Exploration Tower

Cocoa Beach

The exploration tower is a must-visit destination at Cocoa Beach. It stands on Port Canaveral Jetty Park. It’s a fascinating seven-story tower with brilliant architecture. You will love every floor of this tower. The name itself calls the tourists for exploration.

Enter the tower via an esplanade across the lake. Find the information desk, cafe, and gift shop on the first floor. The second floor is a 2,750 square foot center to explore cultural history. Spot the 72 seater art theatre on the third floor, a perfect place that offers excellent historical movies.

The fourth floor is kept to organize events and meetings. Floor five is for pilot navigation experience. Floors six and seven holds indoor and outdoor observation decks.

Every floor will stun you for sure. Add this tower to your bucket list before you visit Cocoa Beach.

6. Florida Surf Museum

Cocoa Beach

The Atlantic coast of Florida offers world-class surfing. You can enjoy the best of surfing here. Have you heard of Surf Museum? Florida holds one for you.

This surf museum is located in Cocoa Beach’s North Atlantic Avenue. Tourists call it the best surf museum of all. Inside the museum, explore the variety of surfboards, bios of surf legends and locals, and an array of great photographs.

Take part in special events and join the adventure. Make sure to make the most out of the surf museum.

7. Kennedy Space Centre

Cocoa Beach

The Kennedy Space Centre is located to the north of Cocoa Beach on a barrier island. Try to explore this incredible space center. Check out human tragedies and memorials.

Here, you’ll see the history of first Americans who all landed on space. At present, the Kennedy Space Centre tells stories of the human’s march on space. From mission impossible to its impossibility.

The attractions inside are realistic and interactive. This space center holds aircraft, rockets, artifacts, space movies on Imax, and much more. You even get to meet veteran astronauts.

Adventure seekers may join the astronaut training available here.

Top  Amazing Things to do at Cocoa Beach

As you finish off with the list of top sights, let us check what amazing things you can do at Cocoa Beach.

1. Try the Breathtaking Thousand Islands Helicopter Tour

The Thousand Islands helicopter ride offers breathtaking views of the Cocoa Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. One should not miss it at all. You can either gift this incredible ride to your loved ones or try it yourself.

The tour offers stunning scenarios from a bird’s eye view. It’s quite a daring activity for the weak souls. Adventure seekers will love to join the ride. From the helicopter, view the splendid Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral, and Thousand Islands on Banana River.

The flight covers 30 miles in 15 minutes. Head towards private helipad at Port Canaveral, from where the helicopter takes off. See the Cocoa Beach dotted with locals, surfers, and boats from above. The sights are unforgettable.

There are several human-made islands, freshwater manatees, and river dolphins at Banana River’s inner coastal side.

Two people can ride the plane at once. While at flight, headsets are offered to hear the guide’s live commentary.

2. Spend a Great Day at the Beach

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has plenty of sands in store. Consider Cocoa Beach as the perfect family vacation spot in Florida. It stretches for 72 miles that contain first-hand beaches.

Every kind of activity can be found here, from water sports to beach fun. Experience the best of East Coast waves here.

It’s a favorite tourist beach, adjacent to Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier. Engage in volleyball with your friends and families. See the surfers surfing in full spirits. Grab your surf gear at Ron Jon Surf Shop.

The beach is safe since there are lifeguards all over. Try swimming in the freshwater. You can immerse yourself in the beach lifestyle here!

Not only for humans, but there is a dog park that is reserved for dogs. Your pet can fun there. The 20-acre beach provides ample parking space with no hassle.

For picnics, Alan Shepard Park is just nearby. It’s the right picnic spot. There are many changing rooms. The park leads you to restaurants and shopping outlets.

3. Visit Cocoa Beach Golf Course

Cocoa Beach

Golf is a popular sport in Cocoa Beach. The county itself offers many golf courses for the locals and tourists. Enjoy the golf playground that offers grassy land, clear blue waters, pleasant weather, and daring holes.

For instance, Baytree National Park offers uneven lies and holes. It would help if you went through several mounds and moguls. It holds 74 white sand bunkers and water hazards galore. You will surely love to play here.

Try to play at Viera East Golf Club’s 527 Yard; it’s a challenging one. It requires a direct shot over water to green land. Also, visit Savannahs at Merit Land that offers 18 holes.

4. Chill yourself along the Local Waterways

Cocoa Beach

To the interior of Cocoa Beach at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, is Twister Airboat Rides. These rides take you along Saint John’s River and Lake Poinsett. You’ll get a chance to view hundreds of flora and fauna near.

Your boat captain will halt the boat once the wildlife is spotted. You can take pictures or videos. You’ll mostly spot few American alligators, bald eagles, and other birds. Lucky ones get to see the rare wild hog.

This Airboat offers three different tours. You may not wish to board down, once it’s over. Join the boat ride to dive into wildlife.

5. Go on a Fishing Adventure

Cocoa Beach

A trip to Cocoa Beach is incomplete without fishing. This beach is home to great fishing charters. Any outlet offers an incredible fishing experience.

Fin and Fly Fishing Charters is a famous company. It specializes in sport fishing for snook, redfish, tarpon, black drum, and sea trout. Fishes are enormous in these waters, and first-class equipment is offered. Catch as much as you can.

You never know just when you catch your dinner. Be ready for surprises at each spot.

Where to Eat at Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach is not only about sea and beaches, but more than that. A perfect getaway here needs you to check out the best places to dine. Have a look.

1. Fourth Street Filling Station

The newest restaurant of all but offers so much. Choose from a long and unique menu of beers and items. This restaurant is vegan and meat friendly.

Taste from the bowl of tacos and sandwiches. The restaurant recommends you to try craft beer. Also, check the angry chair menu. You must order the combination of Asian fried Cauliflower with Tacos.

2. Jazzy’s Mainly Lobster 

There are many seafood restaurants at Cocoa Beach, but this one is out of the box. It’s a perfect place for casual dining.

They do not only offer New England Classics like Lobster Rolls and Clam Chowder, but you also get to taste fried, grilled, and blackened fishes.

You should try dining here to experience the best of the menu. The breading is smooth, great appetizer options, and flavorful clam strips. Non-fish lovers can order something different from fish.

No one is disappointed once here.

3. The Cryderman’s 

Do not miss out on Cocoa Beach’s Cryderman’s. It won the ‘Best Bite Award’ at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, continuous for two years. This place serves a variety of smoked meat that melts in your mouth.

They serve Texas-style barbeque and are Space Coast’s best barbecue selling restaurant. Try the brisket with sausages. You won’t regret it. Remember, they are open until all are sold out.

It’s opened at 3 PM each day and remains closed on Sundays and Tuesdays. Lines are reasonable, you might have to wait for long, but it’s worth the food they serve.

So, this was the complete guide to Cocoa Beach. It’s a beach with never-ending wonders. I hope this article helps you to plan well. Please have a great trip ahead and let us know in the comments which sights add to your bucket list. 

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