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Did You Know About Fruit Tasting?

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Kids eating fruits
Fruit tasting is more than taking your daily fruit intake. Image source: Bing

We grow up with our adults saying, “eat your vegetables and fruits if you want to grow big and strong.” Eating fruits have numerous pros, which are a different topic of discussion. I like to eat the fruits pleasing to my taste buds, and I am sure most of you do the same. But can you explain in one line how does a fruit taste?

Be it Apple or Mango or Strawberries or Avocado, none of them tastes the same. And that is where the concept of fruit tasting comes from. We talked about different species of fruits having different tastes, but do all fruits of the same variety taste the same?

Different varieties of pears
Not all fruits of same variety will taste the same. Image courtesy: David Fartek via Unsplash License, some rights reserved

Once I bought a bunch of strawberries from a supermarket and loved the taste so much that after some days, you go again to buy the “same” fruits. But unfortunately, once I bit in, I found out the taste is not only different from the earlier, but also it was far away from my expectations. Like me, I know you, too, have realized even the same fruit can have different tastes.

Varieties of mangoes
There are around 1000 varieties of mangoes in the whole world. Image source: Bing

There are numerous varieties among the fruits you consider the same. Be it peer, oranges, mango, lemons-every fruit can surprise your taste buds every time you try a new variety. And fruit tasting is making its way as not only a potential career option but also a popular activity among many. Imagine getting paid a fat salary for tasting your favorite fruits. Sounds cool, right? But how can you land in a job of fruit tasting? Or experience it at least once? Read ahead because, in this article, we will take you to the in-depth journey of fruit tasting.

Imagine going on a fruit tasting journey. Surrounded by nature, you can feel the smell of exotic fruits all around you. The fresh scent of the fruits starting to tantalize your taste buds, and you see fresh fruits in front of you, neatly washed and decorated just for you to taste them. You take a bite of their exquisite flavors, and not only your tongue but also your brain gets mesmerized.

Taking you back to reality, the scene can seem to be similar to Katrina Kaif’s advertisement for Slice, but don’t worry, and you are not going to eat up any bottle of juice and get carried away by the taste. Fruit tasting will allow you to eat the real fruit, grown naturally without applying any artificial way. And what I told you was how your fruit tasting journey would look like.

So the question should be, why should you not go for fruit tasting instead of why should you because the reasons to go will surely overpower the reasons not to go. You might be thinking, why would you go somewhere and spend money to eat some fruit I can eat sitting at home every day?

Fruit tasting doesn’t mean you get to eat the grains you eat usually. Have you heard about the fruit Cupuacu? I am sure most of you haven’t, and if you have, then you know this fruit is one of the rarest fruits available in the whole world. Mainly found in the deep rainforests of Amazon, this fruit is high in vitamins, nutrients and can enhance your immune system as a whole. But what about the taste?

Kiwano is a rare fruit having a mixed taste of banana, passion fruit, lime and cucumber. Image source: Bing

Many of you can think like one of the common misconceptions we have. Healthy means no taste. And knowing it, if Cupuacu could smile, you could see a sarcastic smile on its face. It tastes like chocolate. Yes, you read it right, this fruit tastes like the creamy chocolates which give you fat and cholesterol. But Cupuacu gives you all the necessary ingredients to better not only your whole immune system but also help you in hair loss, weight loss, skin diseases, and many more.

The more interesting factor of this chocolate like fruit is, it has a strong scent of bananas. How many of you heard of red bananas? Yes, some rare bananas are red in color and taste like mangoes. I know you want to taste it too, but unfortunately, other than an occasion of fruit tasting, you can’t feel the real smell or taste of Cupuacu or red bananas.

Red Bananas
Red Bananas are a rare type of Bananas having the taste of mangoes when ripe. Image source: Bing

Therefore, fruit tasting is your chance to taste rare yet luscious fruits like Cupuacu, Miracle berries, Red Bananas, and many more, which you can’t get to eat usually. Moreover, like icing on the cake, such events lets you learn about the fruits, exciting stories that revolve around them, the traditions that were born surrounding any particular fruit, the proper way to eat them, even the traditional costumes people wear to eat them.

  • Where can I go for fruit tasting?

Fruit tasting events are gaining popularity day by day. And each year several such activities take place all around the world. Below we are listing our suggestions of destinations for you to go for fruit tasting. If you have any other place in mind, feel free to comment below and let us know-

1. The Cape Trib Farm in the heart of Cape Tribunal, Australia:

This 50-year-old farm is the pioneer in harvesting numerous varieties of exotic fruits and arranging one of the best fruit tasting events in the whole world. Over 70 unusual tropical fruit varieties are grown here naturally, and it is popularly known as the “World of Tropical and Exotic Fruits.”

Surrounded by the Daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, the Cape Trib farm offers one of the most mesmerizing environments to let you taste fruits that you have never seen or heard of before. Be it Cupuacu or the miracle berries; you can have them all here. For more details about tour seasons, charges, and online booking service, click here.

2. Fruit Market, Brazil:

The homeland of the Amazon rainforest is bound to surprise you with its precious and rare collection of delicious fruits. The fruit market in Brazil arranges the fruit tasting event each year, and thousands of visitors gather here to taste the treasures of Amazon forest like Kiwano, Jabuticaba, Cupuacu, and what not! Brazil is the 3rd largest exporter of fruits in the world, and thanks to the blessings of the largest rainforest, the fruit tasting event at the fruit market of Brazil is worthy of at least one visit in a lifetime.

In this event, you’ll not only get to eat some rare fruits, but also you can opt for buying jams made by them to take with you as a souvenir or drink their freshly prepared juice. For more details and to book an online tour, click here.

3. Maui Dragon Fruit Farm, Hawaii:

O Hawaii no ka aina maikai. This is a Hawaiian proverb that means, “After all, Hawaii is the best land.” Be it the beautiful beaches, magnifying sceneries, or the heart-throbbing volcanoes, Hawaii is Kaohonani, which means the gathering of beautiful things. So how could such an attractive tourist destination fall behind when it comes to delicious events like fruit tasting?

The Maui Dragon Fruit Farm offers you a wide variety of tropical and exotic fruits. I know some of you might think it’s just a dragon fruit farm. But as the famous proverb says, don’t judge a book by its cover, you should not underestimate this farm’s vast collection of different fruits just by seeing its name. The fruit tasting event here not only lets you taste a wide variety of delicious yet rare fruits but also it offers you some of the most unusual types of dragon fruits. This organic farm arranges the fruit tasting event every year, and you can find more details here.

4. The Dave Wilson Nursery, The United States of America:

For more than 25 years, Dave Wilson Nursery is arranging fruit tasting events for its visitors. This family-owned organic farm is not only the largest wholesale fruit tree grower of the USA but also the home of more than 25 varieties of mouth-watering fruits. Each year they conduct professional fruit tasting tours around their nursery and also publish the top-scoring fruits based upon the scores given by the participants of the fruit tasting tour. You can find more details here.

5. Rayners Orchard, Melbourne, Australia:

Rayners Orchard is known locally as the “fruit bowl of Melbourne.” And it is one of the rarest places in the world that conducts fruit tasting tours every day. Moreover, the organizers have a unique way to make the trip more memorable to the visitors. Which vehicle is like the bread and butter of any farm? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s a tractor. Rayners Orchard arranges the fruit tasting tour in tractors! You get to visit the whole farm sitting in a tractor, pick your favorite fruits, and taste them fresh.

Having over 450 varieties of fruits, this Orchard also offers you to take part in exciting workshops like the fruit picking workshop, fruit bottling workshop, and many more. You can even take some of the exotic samples to your home. The land of Kangaroos has a suitable climate to harvest flavorsome fruits, which you can taste at the Rayners. For more details, visit here.

6. The Indian Scenario:

I know many of you would be finding at least one Indian name in this list of places to go for fruit tasting. But there is not one place in India to go for fruit tasting. Yes, you read it right, not one, but many! India is the world’s second-largest fruit producer, so how can it stay silent when it comes to the question of making a mark by organizing fruit tasting events. And like in any other field, we are unique in organizing fruit tasting events as well. Each part of India is famous for some particular varieties of fruits.

Be it Mangoes of Maharashtra, Strawberries of Meghalaya, or Oranges of Punjab, India is no less than anyone when it comes to types and festivals. The Konkan fruit festival or the Pineapple fest of Meghalaya or the World Orange Festival of Nagpur can be regarded as a few examples to define the love for fruits among Indians. For more info, visit here.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, you can attend the Indian Fruits Festival, which is held every year in Paris by the Embassy of India, Paris. This festival invites fruit growers from India mainly to sell their harvests at the most significant food market of Europe, Rungis International Market. Visiting the Eiffel tower with eating a bunch of delicious and juicy mangoes? Sounds Perfect!

Rungis International Market
Rungis International Market, Paris, is the largest food market in Europe and also the home of Indian Fruit Festival. Image source: Bing

Fruit tasting is making its place in the career graph as well. Like tea or wine tasting, fruit tasting invites people with active and good taste buds to define the taste of fruit and analyze the marketing strategy to sell it commercially. Surprisingly according to scientists, there are over 60 categories of flavors to be found among fruits and to identify them, the demand for fruit tasters is quite high. Not only a hugely active set of taste buds but also you will need detailed knowledge about fruits. Fruits like Cupuacu might have only one form of taste, but fruits like Durian, Kiwano can confuse you with their mixed flavors of taste.

Durian is a fruit that has a strange combination of tastes which includes, sweet, savory and creamy all at once. Image source: Bing

You can imagine the life of a fruit taste be like gorging on one’s favorite fruit all day, roaming around in scenic environments during break times, and having a high salary. But pro fruit tasters define the job as one of the most challenging ones. According to them, when they are not gorging on any fruit to analyze its pattern and taste, they are either making reports or giving interviews or reviewing several fruit farms or running any taste panels.

Cupuacu is a rare fruit that tastes like creamy chocolate. Image source: Bing

Fruit tasting jobs are on the rise due to the increasing popularity of fruit tasting events and commercial use of rare fruits. But as I said already, fruit tasting job needs you to have a great taste. According to several experts, due to the unavailability of eligible tasters, scientists started building an artificial tongue for fruit tasting. If you have the expert palate that makes you qualified for this job, don’t hesitate to try your luck once you get to know about any such vacancies or participate in a fruit tasting event.

Fruit Market
Fresh fruits picked from farm for exporting. Image source: Bing

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