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Discover the Top Marvel Legends 2020

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Marvel Legends 2020 are just some of Marvel’s very own, largest running toyline that allows the Marvel fandom to collect figurines of their most favorite characters from all over the Marvel Universe. The Marvel Legends line offers a wide variety of action figures, all the way from the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy and much more. The Marvel Legends toyline was initially produced by Toy Biz starting in 2002 and then moved over to Hasbro after 2006.

Marvel Legends 2020 brought many cool new additions to the table; here is a list of the top 16 Marvel Legends that you NEED to get your hands on!

Top Marvel Legends 2020

Marvel Legends come from various backgrounds of Marvel, whether it is from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Marvel Comics, Build-A-Figure sets, or Deluxe Action Figures. The Marvel Legends 2020 series features the Marvel Universe on a 6-inch scale, common to each of the action figures mentioned ahead. In this article, we’ll have a look at the top 4 Hasbro Marvel Legends figurines from each of these categories. 

MCU Figurines

While characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, or the Hulk may be some people’s favorites from the MCU, there are a different few that make for 2020’s most awaited releases. Let’s have a look at which characters these are!

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Marvel Legends 2020 X-Men Origins Wolverine
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One of many MCU fan favorites, The X-Men Origins: Wolverine action figure, was first released by Hasbro in 2009. However, as part of the X-Men franchise’s 20th-anniversary celebration in 2020, they released a few Marvel Legends figurines for the same. Fans even claim that the action figure is so spot on that it feels like it ‘jumps straight out of the movie’!

2. Venom

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After the movie’s release in 2018, fans were rewarded for their patience in 2020 with the release of a Marvel Legends series 6-inch figurine of their favorite anti-hero, Venom! It has been described as having a great articulation and resemblance to the movie version of Venom. It is said to make an awesome addition to action figure collections around the world. 

3. Taskmaster

Photo by Marvel

A character from the most anticipated, upcoming Black Widow film, the Taskmaster action figure from Marvel Legends 2020, is said to be one of the best-made action figures so far. A character that fans eagerly wait to see in the movie, the action figure, has the sculpt and paint that fans said to be perhaps some of the best work put out by Marvel Legends so far. 

4. Stan Lee

Stan Lee
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Perhaps one of the most prized possessions of every Marvel Legends collector would have to be the Stan Lee action figure. With the Marvel Comics creator’s demise in late 2018, it was only right to feature a figurine to pay respect to the man who is the reason Marvel exists. It has been described as the best possible tribute to Stan Lee, with perfect articulation and likeness to the man himself. 

Marvel Comics

The comics are what really kicked off the Marvel Universe, showcasing each of our favorite MCU characters’ backstories. Let’s look at a few figurines released as a part of Marvel Legends 2020 inspired by the comics’ characters.

1. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom
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Otherwise known as Victor Von Doom, Doctor Doom is the opponent of the well-known Fantastic Four. Fans claim that the texturing and features on this action figure are of the kind that they expect to find on figurines in a much higher price range, making this a great addition to their collections. In fact, it is said to be a figurine that could even pass as a statue in a way, owing to its immaculate attention to detail.

2. Kang

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With Marvel Legends 2020 offering amazing character-inspired figurines, another one that must not go unnoticed is Kang. He is a time-traveling, 6-inch figurine of his character from Marvel Comics. Featuring a premium design, great attention to detail, and articulation for great displays in various poses in all Legends collectors’ collections, Kang is one figurine the fans wouldn’t want to miss out on!

3. Retro Spider-Man

Discover the Top Marvel Legends 2020 1
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Part of the newly announced Retro Spider-Man wave is exciting new figures inspired by the Marvel Comics characters of Gwen Stacey, Green Goblin, Electro, and Daredevil. The Marvel Legends 2020 series Retro Spider-Man action figure is claimed by fans to have very classic and iconic features, along with the kind of articulation that makes it an addition to one of the best in the Legends series. 

4. Dark Beast

Dark Beast
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This next 6-inch figure in the Marvel Legends 2020 series is from the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse collection. A figure inspired by one of the longest-lasting and most significant characters from this collection, Dark Beast is a figurine with a couple of newly added features of its own. Fans have an added appreciation for the new head sculpt on the figure, seeing as it is one of the features that really sets Dark beast apart as a new action figure. 


The best part of collecting action figures may just be getting to pull a few parts apart, only to create a brand new action figure out of them. It is almost like a secret task meant for collectors to decode by getting their hands on many action figures, which makes the process all the more exciting and adventurous! Here’s a list of 4 such figurines from Marvel Legends 2020 that topped the list of Build-A-Figures.

1. Venompool

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The build-a-figure for the Venompool wave in the Marvel Legends 2020 has been titled the Build-A-Figure of the year! That alone is enough to prove the premium design detail on this action figure, bringing together two Marvel characters that every fan enjoys watching. The Venompool wave brings the collectors a perfect combination of movies, video games, classic comic books, and modern comic book characters. It is definitely one that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

2. Sugarman

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The build-a-figure from the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse wave is the Sugarman action figure. Purchasing the whole wave allows collectors to put together Sugarman’s character, with special addition from an action figure mentioned previously! The hammer that comes with the figurine of Dark Beast also makes for an integral part of the Sugarman action figure. Additionally, fans have said that the premium design detail makes this outlandish character come straight from page to real life!

3. Joe Fixit

Joe Fixit
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Part of the Marvel Legends 2020 Avengers wave, Joe Fixit is a buildable action figure that you can make with certain figures that come with some of our favorite characters from the MCU! Fans say that Joe Fixit is a ‘fun character that gets an equally fun figure,’ which allows many possibilities to build different characters with just a quick swap of the head sculpt!

4. Strong Guy

Strong Guy
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The next and final buildable action figure in our Marvel Legends 2020 list is Strong Guy. Coming together from the many action figures in the Deadpool wave, collectors can get their hands on six figures of the wave to bring this build-a-figure to life! Fans say that it is a great representation of the Marvel Comics character and that the figure features excellent sculpt and paintwork.

Deluxe Action Figures

We’ve saved the best for last, which is why these action figures are deluxe, to begin with. Featuring some new and yet unseen versions of some of the fans’ most favorite Marvel characters, let’s have a look at the figurines in this category of Marvel Legends 2020!

1. Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider
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This action figure from the Marvel Legends 2020 Deluxe Rides wave is Cosmic Ghost Rider, referred to as the Spirit of Vengeance. What puts this action figure on number one in this category is the amazing articulation and balance that it brings to the table, making collectors claim that ‘it is flawless’! Perhaps one of their favorites, fans also say that Cosmic Ghost Rider is one of the best pieces that have been made in the Rider series. 

2. War Machine

War Machine
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The deluxe list is the action figure for War Machine (played by Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes), who played a significant role in the Iron Man movies of the MCU. Once again, this is a character that many Marvel fans hold dear to their heart. This action figure has great articulation, build, and paintwork, but the additional accessories make it all the more perfect.

3. Red Hulk

Red Hulk
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This is perhaps a version of the Hulk that hasn’t been seen too often, making it a very largely anticipated action figure for all Marvel Legends 2020 collectors! To make a debut in the MCU, Red Hulk is a character found in Marvel Comics. Collectors have claimed that the action figure serves the perfect articulation needed by a Hulk figure, with the paint job being a cherry on top!

4. Monster Venom

Monster Venom
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The final addition to this list is an action figure that is ideal for anyone who has missed out on the build-a-figure series. It is a character that has had its own action figure before but has gotten some greater new updates now, such as a paint job that makes it look truly classic. Another figurine that collectors should surely get their hands on!


The Marvel Legends 2020 has brought forward even more action figures that fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy! We’ve listed a few of the most appreciated figurines from the Marvel Legends 2020 release, so make sure to grab any that might be missing in your collection. 

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