Dr. Bhavi Mody, the CEO and founder of bfit.and.fab and vrudhi.homeopathy, is equally as gorgeous inside and out so as her work. Her work transforms lifestyles and fosters wholesome habits. The homeopathic doctor is a brave woman who works so well to change many young people’s attitudes, showing that age is just a number. This generation can truly look up to her. Dedication and consistency are the main things that continue to inspire her to advance in her life thus far.

Icy Tales is in conversation with Dr. Bhavi Mody about health, nutrition, and wellness.

Q) When did you start your brand, and what motivated you?

Dr. Bhavi Mody – Women are the “Home Minister” of the house, and I firmly think they are change-makers and health ambassadors. I think I can make the society healthy” if the household’s women are in good health. I’ve worked in the medical field for 25 years. Since completing my degree in homeopathy, I’ve been using the magic and essence of homeopathic medicine to aid women with thyroid, PCOS, and hormonal issues.

After treating women for a long time, I realized that even a 5% fat loss would boost my patients’ results. One of my patients encouraged me to pick up my books again, which is how the process of creating diet plans and learning about nutrition began. First, I returned to the books, studied nutrition and health, and finished my certification in this particular field of expertise.

6 Questions with Dr. Bhavi Mody on Health & Wellness 1

Since I’ve been working in this field for so long, I’ve organized numerous wellness events. Over the years, I have learned about and researched the benefits and drawbacks of food delivery services and numerous food-related apps in India. This has inspired me to introduce a self-paced hybrid model that benefits the person on the other side and requires intrinsic motivation.

In light of this, I developed the hybrid Bfit and fab model, with the retention of women as my primary driving force. This is how I worked my magic, combining homeopathy, nutrition, and wellness to serve individuals and support them in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To transform “Illness into Wellness,” it is fundamentally necessary to construct, delete, and replace the “I” in “Illness” with the letter “W.”

Q) What motivates you to stay fit and healthy?

Dr. Bhavi Mody – Since my background is in health and wellness. While some things, like genetics and environmental circumstances, are beyond our control, others, including dietary practices, lifestyle choices, sleep patterns, and hydration practices, are unquestionably within our power. We must devote an equal amount of attention to our health. If we don’t, we will eventually become unwell. Developing healthy habits is not difficult; we often make them challenging. At 50, if I can do it, so can you! At this age, I’m maturing gracefully; why can’t you?

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Q) You are the co-founder of “wibe.” Tell us something about “wibe”?

Dr. Bhavi Mody – “Wibe” is dear to my heart. When I first met my co-founder Rinku Nagda, we both realized that the meeting’s abstract purpose had not been satisfied and that we had not reached a resolution. To get that company open, I had to network extensively as the co-founder of a mental health company.

As a result, it is where I began to work with many other women’s platforms so that we could get to know and understand them equally as we needed to embrace the fact that as women of the home, we all have some restrictions that we must all accept.

Our company is committed to leaving a legacy of support for women. We launched “Wibe,” a platform that understands women, with the idea that I’m pro-women and work hard for women. A whole platform for women. We are working with women over 50 in the business world, helping them learn and expand their companies and with networking, skill development, and overall growth to assist them in living lives of higher standards. So everything is connected.

pictures by Dr. Bhavi Mody

Q) What is the most important thing for a client to remember when working towards a goal?

Dr. Bhavi Mody – Your aim should be as brilliant as your implementation idea. When I’m working with my clients, goal-setting is everything I think about. Consider the following: “Will you be able to follow the diet that allowed you to lose 7 kg in a month? Therefore, that is how I get students to choose a goal that is attainable, quantifiable, practical, reasonable, and time-bound.

This is where I play a role in setting and assisting with my client’s goals. According to definitive studies, a weekly weight loss of 500g is beneficial. Celebrate all of your victories rather than focusing on the same thing over and over. In today’s modern environment, you need to work hard and smart. You must have faith that the procedure will be patient and constant.

pictures by Dr. Bhavi Mody

Q) You have done MD in homeopathy as well. As there are always discussions on which is better, allopathy or homeopathy, tell us something you believe homeopathy can cure better than allopathy. 

Dr. Bhavi Mody – Homeopathy and allopathy are incompatible, therefore. Each branch of science has its boundaries and areas of application. We must stay within the parameters and acknowledge the constraints. I hold a master’s degree in homeopathy and have been practicing since 1995.

I am a homeopath who benefits from its use. My mother experienced extensive menstrual bleeding early in life, and I had severe bronchitis. When I was learning homeopathy, how my mentor handled patients had such a profound effect on me that I would only practice homeopathy and nothing else.

Women and children are the finest beneficiaries of medicine, and I realized this when I began practicing homeopathy. Every element of homeopathy’s operation is dynamically beautiful. Every component, including thyroid, PCOS, hormonal problems, allergies, immune system development, and everything else, is addressed by homeopathy.

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Q) Uncover five health and fitness myths strongly affecting women in today’s era?

Dr. Bhavi Mody – My first thought when considering a misconception is that individuals with PCOS are thought to be incapable of becoming pregnant. Yes, I believe that PCOS can lead to infertility; nevertheless, this does not preclude women from being pregnant. As a result of advances in current technology, IVF AND surrogacy are two ways to become pregnant.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious eating, a regular sleeping schedule, physical activity, and stress management is essential to managing these issues. The second myth I want to dispel is that eating carbohydrates harms your health. Here, I’d want to stress how important it is for your daily life to know what kind of carbohydrates you consume.

Furthermore, complex carbohydrates are crucial. Carbohydrates provide 60% of your daily energy. Therefore, don’t eliminate a certain food group from your everyday diet. Today, a blanched diet is highly significant. The third myth that I want to debunk is that of superfoods, which appear on the market like a magic wand and claim that consuming them would result in a toned body or, at the least, a reduction in weight.

One of my patients asked me what I thought about “Green Coffee,” claiming that if you drink it consistently, you’ll lose weight quickly. No miracle food or medicine will help you lose weight quickly.

6 Questions with Dr. Bhavi Mody on Health & Wellness 3

A doctor who is always positive and never thinks less of herself. She is kind, still producing incredibly cogent work in her fifties. Celebrating turning 50 while assisting women in achieving successful and attractive global expansion. The true motivation for young people who live as couch potatoes.

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