14 Epic Reasons Why I Need a Boy Best Friend

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Yes. A girl and a boy can be just friends. They can even be best friends. So here is a list of the top reasons why I need a boy best friend. And trust me, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

Cat-fights, frenemies, gossiping, and A LOT of fake love. These are just a few of the things that every girl goes through with their girl best friends at some point or the other. And how do you avoid this? Everyone needs a best friend in their life, so have you ever considered having one of the opposite gender?

I’ve always felt that all the girl-drama can be a bit much. And when I write this article, no, I do not mean to say that you should cut off all ties you have with other girls altogether. Having a girl best friend is great! But there isn’t a rulebook that states that you can only have one best friend in your life, right?

You’d be surprised to see the perks of having a boy best friend and what a huge difference it makes. So here are the top reasons why you need a boy best friend:

man and woman sittingEpic reasons why I need a boy best friend:

1. He’s got my back

young couple walking

I’m sure you can all relate to people turning on you. Something to your face and another behind your back? Agreeing to something in private but acting aloof later in public? These are just a few of our girl-world problems that no girl is immune to.

But let me tell you why I need a boy best friend, he will never turn on me. He’s always got my back no matter what. He will always be ready to support me and even help me out. And if I need to host a college rally? He’ll help paint the posters. Need to convince my parents to let you color my hair? He’ll say that he’ll do it with me. Up for a presentation in class? He’s already begun the research.

That feeling you get, when you know that you have somebody who’ll look out for you unconditionally is something else entirely. And the only thing they’ll ask for in return? Is that you do the same.

2. He’s the brother I never had

Boy and girl playing

If you are an only child or grew up with just siblings than you’ll realize just how important this is to you. Instead of having spent all those years playing alone in your room or at tea parties with your girlfriends and their dolls, you could’ve spent your time outdoors playing sports. Or indoors racing cars.

I want to make sure you get one thing straight, toys aren’t made for genders, there are no rules. That’s for sure. But sometimes when something is new to you, all you need is someone who can guide you and show you the ropes. Introduce you to something new and play along with you so you won’t get lonely. Now that’s what brothers do, isn’t it?

He’ll also take on other brotherly duties like protect me, care for me, and have stupid fights with me. This might get me all upset when I’m losing but I’ve got to admit having those WWE wrestling championships were a whole new level of fun. This is why I need a guy best friend.

This guy has probably spent so much time at my home since we were kids, that my parents have practically adopted him. And his mom is already dreaming of becoming my mother-in-law but yes, the two of us think that’s just gross. Because things are platonic.

3. He’s a lot more understanding

This guy knows me inside out. He’s probably made a lot of stupid mistakes early on but I always forgave him anyway and why’s that? Because I was understanding towards him. And now it’s time that someone shows me the same kindness and he does.

Compared to other girls, this guy is a lot more understanding and easily forgives me for my mistakes. No matter what they are. He’ll probably even help me fix whatever went wrong without me asking for help. Now, this is a good reason why I need a boy best friend.

4. He’ll always protect me

Another important reason why I need a boy best friend is that he’ll always look after me.

Now this one works both ways. He’ll always protect me and I’ll do the same. After those late nights at the movies, he’d make sure he drops me home. A bully bothering me at the kindergarten playground? He can’t wait to show him his right hook.

And this goes way beyond just that. If there is any locker room talk about me? He’ll be the first one to shut it down. I introduce him to my date? And the next thing you know, he’s warning him to never break my heart or he’ll end up with a broken fist.

5. He’ll introduce me to his cute friends

friends trekking

From all that’s aforementioned, it’s pretty clear that he has my best interest at heart. Which is why he’s always trying to set me up with his ‘cute’ friends whom he knows from all the times I’ve cried to him about it, are my type. But hey, this one’s all about give and take.

He set me up, and he expects me to do the same for him and he maybe we guys could even go on a double date to make things less awkward. But warning: This might or might not end up turning into one of those fictional scenes where the two best friends realize that it was the two of them who were meant to be all along.

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But this point is a reminder of why I need a boy best friend.

6. He makes me laugh like nobody ever has

This guy knows me better than anyone. He is walking – talking dictionary on me. He knows what makes me laugh, and he knows what makes me cry. He can recognize when my mood is off even if I’m faking otherwise. And because he knows me so well, he also knows exactly how to cheer me up.

Be it dad jokes, or old-school humor or even slapstick comedy, he’ll always be there to make me feel better when I’ve had a long day, a bad breakup, or a fight with my parents. He’ll have me crying, but I’ll be crying happy tears.

7. Genuine advice

man and woman looking at phone

If you’ve seen the movie – “He’s just not that into you” you know that the advice that girls give each other about dating most of the time is only to make them feel better. If a guy hasn’t called you back after he said he would – he isn’t into you, he isn’t traveling and it certainly isn’t because he’s lost your phone number.

It’s simply because he isn’t interested. At the end of the movie, we come to learn that the only genuine advice anyone ever received was the advice that a guy gave his friend who was a girl (spoiler alert it wasn’t platonic) Makes you wish you had a guy best friend like that too, doesn’t it?

So, here’s reason number seven why I need a guy best friend. Because he will always give me genuine advice when it comes to dating. How does he know? Because he’s one of them. He also might’ve overheard a conversation or two or be friends with the guy. And this is a total game-changer when it comes to dating.

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8. He’ll fake it till I make it

If I want to get rid of a creep who won’t leave me alone or turn down that guy from your building who keeps asking me out without hurting his feelings because he just isn’t my type? Make one call and my boy best friend is on his way to the rescue ready to pretend to be dating me.

This is why every girl and I need a boy best friend. Not only here but even if I want to play hard to get, with the new guy who moved here a few weeks ago, my boy best friend will be up to playing the fake boyfriend yet again just so I can make the one you want to impress jealous.

But again, he’s probably going to ask me to do the same for him. But hey, we can all take one for the team, right?

9. We can do crazy sh*t together

couple's legs

Adventure or extreme sports? Riding the scariest thrill rides at the amusement park, playing bumper cars, paintball, laser tag even Graffiti late at night. Whatever I’m for the mood in, he’ll do it with me.

After all, he’s the reason why I’m into it or I’m the reason why he’s so fond of it. We grew together, we did crazy things together and probably will in the future too. Experimenting with weird food combinations, stealing his dad’s car keys, TP-ing the car of my ex-boyfriend, or his ex-girlfriend, the two of us always have an amazing time together.

This is why I need a boy best friend, without him, I wouldn’t be able to do all of these things.

10. I can talk to him about anything and everything

Unlike most girls we might come across, this boy’s lips are sealed. I can trust him with anything, whatever it may be. Apart from the genuine advice and he’s also a great listener. He’ll always hear me out. Whatever it may be.

But that doesn’t mean he’s always paying attention. If I want to talk about what happened with the girls at brunch last week, he’ll listen to me but he’ll also be busy playing games on his phone at the same time. So, I can gossip all night long, say anything I want and I know for sure he won’t tell anyone because he’s probably forgotten the next morning anyway.

I can rant to him, I can confide in him, I can trust him and he can do the same with me as well. This is why I need a boy best friend.

11. He can teach me ‘guy stuff’

14 Epic Reasons Why I Need a Boy Best Friend 1Since we’ve known each other forever, he’s probably already taught me or maybe even I’ve taught him, all the basics of ‘guy stuff’; things you need to know to impress guys. Gaming, sports, what to talk, and what not to talk about, we have spent your entire relationship on a how-to guide when it comes to impressing our crushes.

Sure, he teases me, but I get him right back. We’re each other’s relationship gurus. This is another important reason why I need a boy best friend. Without him, I’d be lost. With him there for me at my beck and call, I don’t need to spend all those hours of stalking my latest crush and then having to research their likes and dislikes. He can tell me all of that without any of the online resources. Instead, I can use all of that time and do some self-care.

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12. He fills the empty boyfriend shaped hole in my life

couple having fun

With him around, I don’t ever feel sad or alone. I can do each one of those things that I would normally do with my boyfriend, with him instead. (Well excluding the physical parts)

We can go out on best friend dates, we can stay in and play games or watch movies, go out to concerts or clubbing. And a bonus? Boy best friends are great cuddle buddies. But in a PLATONIC way.

My parents love him and his parents love me. So, everything works out perfectly well.

13. He helps me understand men better

Here’s an important reason why I need a boy best friend.

Knowing him, I’ve learned it all. I’ve noticed it for years and I’ve taken all of the information in. How the male mind works, what they’re thinking about, and when. How they’d react to things. What they like and what they don’t like. Thanks to him, I’ve mastered it all.

14. I can be myself around him

people sitting on a couch

I can be as comfortable around him as I please and it wouldn’t affect him. I haven’t showered? No problem. No make-up on? Well just wait till I hear the Ogre jokes. Don’t want to wear a bra? He probably won’t even notice, that’s the last thing on his mind.

He doesn’t care about my weird kinks or my dark sense of humor. He doesn’t care if I eat chicken wings like a caveman or spill spaghetti everywhere. And if I’ve had too much cola? He probably won’t even care if I burp out loud in front of him, he might even start a competition with me. And this level of comfort is so hard to find.

If I did all of these things with other girls, they’d probably label me disgusting and give me major self-image issues. This is why I need a boy best friend in my life asap. Because when I’m with him, I can even let out my inner-male persona.

kids making easter eggs

I still stand by it despite the contrary belief, most men and women who are best friends do not end up falling for each other, that’s just something that was made for movie screens, and hey, even if you do, this is the kind of relationship everyone’s always dreamt of having anyway. Am I right? relationship or not I still need a boy best friend and you should get one too.

Now that you’ve read this, you’d be out of your mind if you still didn’t want a boy best friend. And if you have any more reasons why you think every girl like I need a boy best friend or have any views about it, please do let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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