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Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad

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Kenny Deuss, a graphic designer and a very creative father to two cute daughters Alix and Aster, loves adventure. His adventures have been creating an electrifying response among followers on Instagram.
Kenny Deuss’s adventures with his daughters are not like the normal adventures of the father-daughter duo, the pictures of his adventure surprise and prank all of his followers on Instagram ‘On Adventure With Dad’
rich results of kenny deuss onadventurewithdad on instagramExclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 1
Kenny Deuss, who lives in Belgium, has been taking pictures of his daughters and digitally editing them to show them in tricky circumstances.
All of this started when their daughter Alix was born, new mom Tineke Vanobbergen, Kenny Deuss’s girlfriend didn’t want to leave her side. But after some months, it was time for Tineke to retreat to her job. Similar to most mothers, she was nervous to leave her newborn behind, but she was sure that Alix would be under the supervision of her father, Kenny Deuss.
Tineke started asking Kenny for her pictures because she would miss her and also see if she was doing good. Kenny used to send her normal photos for the first week but soon he got bored of sending the same pictures to her.
Since, Kenny and his girlfriend, have constantly had a little of a humoristic direction towards both their relationship and parenting, Kenny came up with this idea of responding using photos that were photoshopped. The pictures looked so real that for the first time his girlfriend had to look twice, she was very surprised in the beginning. But soon after, she learned what Kenny had done.
Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 2Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 3
When Kenny’s girlfriend showed these pictures to her colleagues, they wanted to see more of them every week. This is how Kenny Deuss’s page on Instagram soon became a hit with a large number of followers.
All of his pranks are the result of some creativity and smart Photoshop and are part of Deuss’ thriving Instagram account called ‘On Adventure With Dad.’
So here is Kenny Deuss an awesome, caring, and imaginative father in conversation with Icy Tales
Q) You have a very different way of entertaining your followers, unlike other digital creators. Tell us what makes you think out-of-the-box?
Kenny Deuss: I make my images with a subtle hint to the misconception that fathers can’t take care of their children. The images are a way to make fun of that misconception and at the same time prank my girlfriend with these. And I think a lot of followers feel pranked this way, and find it hilarious.
Q) It’s not easy to balance work and parenting, how do you manage your time with your kids?
Kenny Deuss: It’s indeed a challenge. At the moment I’m still working full time aside from the Instagram page. But I will work a bit less in a couple of months to spend more time with both the kids and Instagram. Luckily the Instagram is a perfect way to have fun with my children. It gives some opportunities to do fun things together. They love doing it, and we always combine it with lots of fun activities or trips.
Q) What is the one thing that can instantly light up your mood?
Kenny Deuss: Sometimes I get messages from people who tell me my pictures lighten up their day. And this brings me joy, knowing it can positively affect other people. Even though it’s just a small thing.
Q) What is your favorite part about graphic designing?
Kenny Deuss: It’s always a challenge. There are a lot of ideas, but not everything can work out in an image. But when it does, it’s an accomplishing feeling.
Q) How do you deal with the negative comments on Instagram, that target your parenting style?
Kenny Deuss: Well, there aren’t that many negative comments. I think the majority of people enjoy the joke or appreciate the subtle message behind it. Because aside from the joke, my images also can bring awareness that you have to be careful with kids playing. There is so much danger in daily life.
And I think I make it pretty obvious I enjoy spending time with my kids and take care of them very well. The ones that have negative comments just don’t look past one photo or article. And, strangely, such people have an opinion based on just a part of the whole story.
Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 4Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 5
Q) How do you get new ideas every day of the week for a new photoshopped picture?
Kenny Deuss: I get most ideas out of daily life. Sometimes simplest things can work best.
Q) Some of your edited photos look close to reality, any one of these you would like to do when your daughters grow up?
Kenny Deuss: It would be great to recreate some in the future when they’re grown up. That would be amazing actually!
Q) The best part about your pictures is that it shows your relationship with your daughters in a very light and joyful way. What is the one piece of advice you would like to give the other fathers out there?
Kenny Deuss: Just enjoy any moment of it! Even if your kids have a bad day, you should be there for them and they will reward you with lots of love. And it’s worth being a parent.
Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 6Exclusive Chat with Kenny Deuss: OnAdventureWithDad 7
Q) Would you like to tell us something more about your plans ahead?
Kenny Deuss: I’m just going to keep up creating! I have so much more ideas, so lots of work ahead, and lots of new images coming up!
Do follow Kenny Deuss -‘OnAdventureWithDad’ on Instagram and Youtube to see these amazing photos and videos every week to lighten up your mood watching this joyful relationship between the father and his daughters.

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