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8 Facts About Miami Beach : Best Vacation Spot

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Miami Beach: The Perfect Vacation Guide
The famous Miami Beach.

Are you planning a vacation, but you can’t decide where to go? Well, it becomes so tough and tiring to choose a place. But Miami Beach is the best place to go to. Miami Beach is a place that is fit for everything if you are going with your family, or your friends, your partner, a business trip, or you are planning a mini getaway all for yourself.

Miami Beach has beautiful places to visit, unique things to do, an area rich in culture and heritage, fantastic food, and fun. Therefore, in that case, Miami Beach is the best option. Three words that best describe Miami Beach are art, culture, and fun.

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Miami Beach is a city in Florida that is so famous for its beaches and mesmerizing destinations that every year, people come to this place to enjoy themselves. If you want to go to beaches now and then, you should check out this site about the best beaches in the world. People come in huge masses, and the beaches are packed.

And if you are a tad bit confused about this place and you don’t know your way about it, well don’t worry because this vacation guide has it all, from hotels to beaches, restaurants to destinations, the food, the entertainment, the culture, everything. So here is your complete vacation guide to Miami Beach.

MIAMI BEACH: A Complete Guide

1. Why you Should Plan A Vacation Here

Miami Beach is amazingly attractive. The places are alluring, the food is delightful, the art is aesthetic, and the entertainment is never-ending. Miami Beach has a tropical climate, its breezy ad sunny and has the perfect environment no matter what time of the year you decide to visit.

The amazing art deco in Miami Beach
Art Deco in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is also like the main stop for many bachelor and bachelorette parties or marriage celebrations. Miami Beach flows with art and culture enriched with Latin music and language and Latin heritage. The resorts and beaches, five-star hotels, and restaurants are magnetic.

The night time in Miami Beach is full of fun and excitement. The nightclubs and bars and lounges are some of the best in the world. People are energetic and charged up to have a gala time at the clubs and bars.

Come the next morning; there are some relaxing and refreshing things to do. You can take a spa day or play some golf and other water games or go boating to get back all your energy. Apart from this, there are so many reasons why you should visit Miami Beach.

2. Places to Visit in Miami Beach

There are so many places to visit in Miami Beach; you’ll wish you had planned a more extended vacation. But just so you don’t miss out on some of the best places in Miami Beach, here are ten places in Miami Beach you must visit.

2.1. South Beach

South Beach is more commonly known as SoBe by the locals and residents of Miami Beach. South Beach is tourists visit the most popular place hat in all of Miami. South Beach has initially been farmland, which later developed into a neighborhood through a lot of changes.

The residents of South Beach come from various backgrounds. Some are French, some Portuguese, some German, Italian, etc. So you can already see the diversity of this place. Since there are many beaches, there are many lifeguards as well, and the south coast has a unique way of designing their lifeguard stands that are artistic and decorative.

South Beach in Miami Beach
A view of South Beach.

The South Beach people are also huge supporters of the LGBT community. During the pride month, they have an entire week dedicated to this community, where they host various events and concerts, and people take part in it so cheerfully and lovingly.

Parks like Collins Park, Washington Park are quite famous and are beautiful. So you see, there is a lot to do in South Beach.

2.2. Ocean Drive

If you are a fan of Art Deco, then you must visit Ocean Drive.

It has art, architecture, movie theatres, parks, public places inspired by Art Deco. Through this process, people have found a fantastic way to conserve their culture and heritage. Ocean Drive may just be a street connecting one place to another, but it has so much more to it. You will be in awe of the beauty that this place has to offer.

It is famous for its cabarets and other shows, for its appealing buildings and parks. And Mango’s Tropical Cafe is a must in Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is the main strip in Miami Beach.

The famous Ocean Drive Road
Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.

2.3. Lincoln Road Mall

Now, who doesn’t like gathering souvenirs from vacation trips? And Lincoln Road Mall is a place you must-go-to for the best of things.

Lincoln Road Mall is a complete package. You can go there any day; it remains open from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. there are some fantastic restaurants and cafes here like the CVI.CHE 105, Shake Shack, Juvia, etc. you can buy books, clothes, shoes, toys, accessories, etc. You can step into Ross or Forever 21 or H&M.

Lincoln Road Mall also has a weekly market where farmers bring fresh produce back from their farms. Did you know that Miami Beach was a forest before and where Lincoln Road Mall stands today? Lincoln Road Mall also has a cinema hall, a concert hall, a vast parking space, if you have a car. They have boutiques, small shops, bars, and lots more.

2.4. Ancient Spanish Monastery

The idea, development, and construction of the Ancient Spanish Monastery began in 1133 AD and finished after eight long years of hard work. It is one of the oldest buildings in the western hemisphere, so one can only imagine the rich culture and heritage that has been conserved there. This building is made up of more than 30,000 stones.

The interiors of the Ancient Spanish Monastery
The beautiful Ancient Spanish Monastery.

This Ancient Spanish Monastery is one of the main tourist attractions places in Miami Beach. People come to see the museum, the gardens, artifacts, the courtyard, and many more. Many weddings, events, celebrations have taken place in this Ancient Spanish Monastery.

2.5. Lummus Park

The most famous event held at Lummus Park is the Nautica South Beach Triathlon.

This event takes place every year, and hundreds of people join in to participate in this event. Some of the events include swimming, biking, running, etc. the area covered by Lummus Park is more than 70 acres. This park is so huge, and there are so many things to explore here; you could easily spend 3-5 hours, and you still won’t be satisfied.

There are boat rides and car rides. You can take a tour of the creative art they have, or you can opt for a fitness class or a yoga class or try out some cool sports.

2.6. South Pointe Park and Pier

Known by the locals as South Pointe, South Pointe Park, and Pier is a beautiful, picturesque park in Miami Beach. It is maintained by the Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department. This park has many restaurants.

It has an area full of water parks that is specially created for kids. It covers a massive area of 17 acres.

You can see Miami Port, Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay from South Pointe. Most people visit this place in Miami Beach just to see the calm and pleasant sunset.

South Point Park and Pier
A beautiful view of Miami Beach.

2.7. Miami Children’s Museum

First discovered in 1983 and later made public in 2003, Miami Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization. Located on Watson Island in Miami Beach, this is an institution created for children mainly. So you must visit this place in Miami Beach if you have children, or even if you don’t, this place should be in your list of places to visit.

It has art galleries, auditoriums, community halls, centers, classrooms for educational purposes, and a restaurant. You must visit this place to get an idea of the history of Miami Beach.

2.8. Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Now, don’t you like to be around nature and open spaces just to soak in all that fresh air with your eyes closed while listening to the silent breeze and the rustling of the leaves that gives you such a surreal feeling? And if you do, then you should visit the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. They are located right in the center of South Beach.

A piture of the botanical gardens
Botanical Gardens in Miami Beach.

They are open from Tuesday-Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You do not have to pay any admission charges as it is a public place. You can take a day off from your vacation and visit this beautiful, serene place. You can plan a picnic as well. You can spend a couple of hours here and enjoy the mini-tours given by the guides.

2.9. Miami Beach Architectural District

Miami Beach Architectural District, more commonly known as the Miami Art Deco District, is quite popular among the locals and is a significant tourist attraction. Thousands of tourists worldwide visit Miami Beach, especially to get a view of the mesmerizing Art Deco here.

Miami Beach is known for its amazing art deco
Art Deco in Miami Beach.

The Miami Beach Architectural District is located in South Beach. Many buildings and public places are brilliantly finessed in Art Deco, which was an idea that was thought up after the “ Great Miami Hurricane” that took place in 1926. Some of the prominent architects are Lester Avery, Albert Anis, Henry Hohauser, etc.

3. Hotels in Miami Beach

When you plan a vacation, there are a lot of things you have to consider. You need to think about the tickets, your budget, the duration of your holiday, your accommodation, etc. To make your work easier, here are a few hotels that are incredibly alluring and attractive and affordable too.

8 Facts About Miami Beach : Best Vacation Spot 1
The view from a hotel in Miami Beach.

3.1. Casa Victoria Orchid

Casa Victoria Orchid is located on Espanola Way in Miami Beach. This hotel has it all. It has free WiFi, private parking, a beautiful garden. The housekeeping cleans the rooms regularly; each room has a snack bar and cold storage. They have a fantastic restaurant. Apart from that, they have specially assigned places for newlyweds, or disabled people, or families.

The security systems are up to the mark with fully functional smoke alarms and security alarms and fire extinguishers at the go. To keep everything in check, they also have a CCTV room.

The excellent Ocean Drive and the Port of Miami are within walking distance. The Superior King Room charges are 7,280 rupees plus taxes for a night that has one large bedroom with a city view and free WiFi along with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

3.2. La Flora, Miami Beach

This hotel is just a few minutes away from Ocean Drive. The La Flora hotel has relaxing and convenient bedrooms like the Deluxe Queen Suite that costs 9,581 rupees a night, the Classic Queen Suite that costs 6,787 rupees a night, the King Suite that costs 10,553 rupees a night.

The rooms include mini-refrigerators, comfortable air conditioning, safety deposit boxes, and a lot more. They have an attractive rooftop, lounges, and bars, and La Flora even allows pets in their hotel. They have a golf court, a tennis court, and you can go fishing too.

3.3. The Fritz Hotel

The Fritz Hotel has a four out of five-star rating and is recommended by all who go there. They have an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, air-conditioning, and heating. It is close to Collins Avenue and the Versace Mansion and the Jewish Museum as well.

The standard rooms cost 4,567 rupees plus taxes a night; the standard rooms with an ocean view costs 5,228 rupees a night plus taxes. The rooms have a private bathroom, a coffee maker, microwave, flat-screen TV, and an extra-large comfortable bed.

8 Facts About Miami Beach : Best Vacation Spot 2
Most hotels in Miami Beach are located near the beach.

3.4. Villa Italia Hotel, Miami Beach

Villa Italia Hotel, the name itself sounds so charming and is so catchy.

This is one of the best hotels in Miami Beach. It has a golf course, a sauna, cycling and hiking facilities, etc. Villa Italia Hotel has been awarded four puts of five stars too. The Double Room with Sea View costs 19,485 rupees a night, and the Superior Double Room costs 22,924 rupees a night.

The hotel has a swimming pool, lounges, bars and restaurants, a coffee house, transport facilities, the best housekeeping, and room service, and they allow pets too.

3.5. The Redbury South Beach

The Redbury South Beach in Collins Avenue in Miami Beach is a hotel with a 4.3/5 star rating. This hotel has a spa, a pool; it is located near great places, and has free parking, free WiFi, a fitness center.

The Superior King Bedroom costs 6,582 rupees plus taxes a night; the Deluxe King Courtyard View Bedroom costs 7,145 rupees plus taxes for a night.
It is close to the Lincoln Road Mall, Jackie Gleason Theatre of Performing Arts, etc. You can go canoeing and windsurfing also.

3.6. Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, South Beach

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse is located in Ocean Drive in Miami Beach and has a 4.5/5 star rating. They have free breakfast available, free WiFi, parking, a rooftop terrace, best housekeeping, and warm and friendly service. They have family rooms as well.

The King Studio costs 10,957 rupees plus taxes for a night. The Golf Club is just a few minutes away. The hotel is also close to the Art Deco Historic District. There are bars, lounges, restaurants, beautiful gardens, and a perfect beach view.

4. Festivals in Miami Beach

Fireworks in Miami Beach
Miami Beach celebrates many festivals throughout the year.

• Vewtopia Music Festival
• Tamiami International Orchid Festival
• Beaux Arts Festival
• Miami Beach Pride
• Megarumba
• Miami Book Fair
• South Beach Wine and Food Festival
• Art Basel Miami Beach

5. Best Time to Visit Miami Beach

It is essential to consider the time of your visit to experience the best of everything and have a pleasant and enjoyable vacation.

Miami Beach is positioned just above the tropic of cancer, and therefore, it has a tropical monsoon climate. The summers have high humidity, and the winters are just warm enough. There are inevitable thunderstorms and recurring sea breezes from May to October, making the place cool and refreshing.

Palm trees in Miami Beach
Miami Beach has a tropical monsoon climate.

The hurricanes that occur in the Atlantic Ocean start from June and continue until the end of November. The best time to visit Miami Beach is from the ending of February and the beginning of March till May or June. The spring season just comes in with the calm breeze and the blooming of the flowers and trees, followed by the warm summers accompanied by rains.

Some many festivals and events take place during these few months, as the Miami Fashion Week in May, the Winter Party, and the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in February. So it is an excellent time to visit Miami Beach during these few months.

6. Things to do in Miami Beach

Things to do in Miami Beach.
There is so much to do in Miami Beach.

• Faena Forum and Theatre
• Russian and Turkish Bath
• Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens
• Miami Beach Golf Club
• Art Deco Tour
• Time Out Market Miami
• North Beach Bandshell
• LIV Club
• The Bass
• Haulover Park

7. Best Bars and Restaurants in Miami Beach

Whenever we visit a place or plan a vacation, we explore the various destinations and locations there, check out the culture and history, go to cool places, etc. But apart from all that, we also love to try out the cuisine.

The mouth-watering, delicious food made by the local people and the five-star chefs and the idea and inspiration behind it. Miami Beach has a chain of great bars and restaurants, and here are a few of them.

8 Facts About Miami Beach : Best Vacation Spot 3
Many restaurants have indoor and outdoor seating in Miami Beach.

7.1. Juvia in Miami Beach

Juvia is a beautiful rooftop restaurant which has a high 4.5/5 star rating and is rated one of the best restaurants in Miami Beach. It is located on Lincoln Road and is famous for its French and Japanese cuisine. People who have visited Juvia always recommend the Seared Tuna and the Chilean Sea Bass.

A popular dish in Juvia
Seared tuna is a crowd favorite in Juvia.

7.2. CVI. CHE 105

CVI.CHE 105 is one of the most elegant and posh places in Miami Beach. This restaurant is so popular that it has three outlets in Miami Beach itself. One located in South Beach, one in Downtown Miami and one in Aventura Mall.

This place has the most fantastic food and has excellent service. CVI.CHE 105 is a traditional Peruvian restaurant and serves many cuisines such as Latin, Peruvian, Seafood, etc.

7.3. Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker is a bar in Miami Beach. It has the best cocktails and drinks. It is renowned for its unique and exotic fusion drinks. Broken shaker bar is quite popular among the locals, and you might just have to stand in a line to get in, but the wait is worth it.

7.4. Pane & Vino

Pane & Vino is opened throughout the week from 5:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. this place has a five-star rating, and it has it all. Fantastic service, good food, the cleanliness is on point; the atmosphere is pleasant, etc. This is an Italian based restaurant, and Pane & Vino live up to Italian food and culture.

7.5. Palace Bar in Miami Beach

Palace Food Bar is an all American bar. Its menu includes typical flavourful burgers, salads, omelets, chicken wings, pasta, etc. But it is widely known for the variety of drinks it serves. They have tequila, whiskey, cocktails, mocktails, gin, wine, and a lot more. This is also an entertainment bar where people dress up and dance while taking and serving orders.

American Food.
Palace bar has delicious American food

7.6. The Regent Cocktail Club

The Regent Cocktail Club is located in Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. It is a cafe, bar, and a lounge as well. They have great food and a charismatic bar. This bar is famous for the nightlife in Miami Beach. They also have live jazz music. With a 4.5/5 star rating, they have the best service, affordable food and beverages, and a glamorous interior.

Apart from these bars and restaurants, take a look at the newly opened and popularised restaurants in Miami Beach 2020.

8. Best Places to Shop in Miami Beach

• The Official Art Deco Gift Shop
• Fifth & Alton
• Sasparilla
• Lincoln Road Mall
• Lebo art
• Dash
• Britto central
• Books & Books
• Dolphin Mall
• Miracle Mile

Miami Beach has everything, and you should visit this place.

It is a perfect blend of the age-old tradition and heritage mixed with modern-day art and culture. It has managed to move forward brilliantly while still keeping its roots intact. Miami Beach, a former forest, has come a long way and has developed into such an artistic and glamorous place.

The tall buildings in Miami Beach
The bountiful Miami Beach.

Miami Beach has the best restaurants and bars, excellent hotels, the most attractive beaches, colorful art, fun, and entertainment. There is no reason at all, not to visit this wonderful place, and if you ever do, this Miami Beach vacation guide is undoubtedly going to be of great help to you.

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