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Online vs Offline Friends : The Biggest New Difference

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Online vs Offline Friends!

What constitutes a real friendship in this modern era of technology and social media? A person who is well versed with your birth date and favorite color? Or is it determined by the amount of time the two of you spend talking on the phone or going out and chilling? With an extraordinarily high number of ways of communication and equally high number of people to communicate with in this technology driven age, how do we decide who really are our friends? Why is there a big difference between Online vs Offline Friends?

To start, let’s first categorize our acquaintances or friends we are surrounded with based on the method of communication.

Online Friends: Online vs Offline Friends

The term online friends is used for our acquaintances with whom the only mode of communication we have is social media. The manner of getting acquainted with them is not very important.

We might have met them for the only time in person at a conference and added them to our social media platforms, or perhaps added them on our Facebook as they are connected to someone we know, or maybe we added them for the sole reason that they are cool, and we take pleasure in adding people to our social media circle based on their coolness.

You know an online friend is at reach judging by the presence of a tiny green dot which appears next to their name when they are available.

Offline Friends: Online vs Offline Friends

Offline friends can also be called as real life friends. As the name suggests, real life friends are those who you can physically see, touch and feel. Yes, very tangible. The characteristics of a real life friend that distinguishes them from an online friend are:

  1.  They do not carry with themselves the tiny green dot, so to know they are available or not, you might actually have to call them up or drop by at their place. 2. You can talk to them even when the Internet is down.
  2. You can talk to them even when the Internet is down.
  3. You can do stuff with them which does not necessarily limit to talking and playing virtual games. For instance, You can go to movies, dinner, etc etc..

So who among the two do you think fall fit in the category of real friends? The answer is: We can never be sure.

There are some online friends who are closer than most real life friends, They know everything about you, They stay up with you when you have a lengthy paper to finish. And there are some Offline friends who have known you since forever and know each and every detail about your life.

So the conclusion is, There are no categories, there are just, Friends.

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