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Places To Hangout In Kolkata

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People say that Kolkata is a city with a soul. It’s one of the biggest cities in India. But then, Kolkata is different from all the other cities. People are said to be laid back here. They are always ready for an adda with a cup a chaa. The best thing about Kolkata is that the adda doesn’t cost you much. One can spend all they want in expensive malls and cafes but there are a lot of places to hangout in for those who cannot afford to spend much. What’s better, there’s something or the other for everyone!


If you and your friends love to shop, New Market is where you need to be. Hatibagan, Gariahat too are similar places where one can shop without having to spend much money. It can get really crowded but it’s totally worth it.


For book lovers, College Street is the place to be. One cannot not find a book here. The first edition of classics can be found here. College Street is also popular for The Coffee House where one can find people of all ages engaging in adda over some tea or coffee.


For those who are into art, take a metro to Rabindra Sadan. Nandan, Sir Manch, Academy of Fine Arts are all located near each other.This place is referred to as the Cultural Hub of the city. Plays, exhibitions, movies- this place has it all.

Nandan Kolkata - West Bengal Flim Center (1)

Not too far from Rabindra Sadan, we have Maidan. If the weather is good, one can spend their whole day talking with their friends at Maidan. This place is for those who do not care for crowded places and need some peace. Princep Ghat too is one of those places where you get time to think and talk in peace.


One can easily reach these places, thanks to the public transports. None of these places is unsafe, and one can never go hungry with all the street food available. But then, hanging out in these places is only possible if the weather permits. If it does not, one can always go to one of the shopping malls. 




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