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Playing a Ouija Board Online: Is it Possible?

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Are you looking to find about Ouija board online but don’t know where to start?

Ouija board is the one that you all are a lot more intrigued about. It’s a board with numbers, letters, and you can also find some other signs around its edges. There lies a movable pointer which is known as planchette or sometimes an upturned glass that apparently moves to answer the questions asked.

People who usually are at séance, a meeting of attempting to initiate contact with the dead, for the most part through a medium like an Ouija board and also an Ouija board online.

There are a lot of websites online which help in playing the Ouija board online and look similar to the real Ouija board. The Ouija board online has the same letters, numbers, and signs which altogether looks the same and never fails to give you the chance of observing whether the planchette is really moving and to call the spirits for a séance.

The Ouija board is also called a spirit board or talking board. Generally, it’s a flat board that’s marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers from zero to nine, the words “yes”, “no”, “goodbye”, and also “hello” sometimes in addition to vivid symbols and graphics. It uses a planchette, the pointer, which is a little one that usually will be in a heart shape made up of wood or plastic.

Playing a Ouija Board Online: Is it Possible? 1

The participants are supposed to place their fingers on the planchette during a séance. As it happens, the indicator moves along the board to spell out the messages and answers while playing the Ouija board game.

Ouija Board Online Rules

If you could not buy a right Ouija board or if your parents/roommates don’t let you go out to a supermarket or any novelty store for buying an Ouija board, you can for sure make one at your home itself in cruise control or play Ouija board online as you go through the following steps. So, why not, let us find out whether it is the subconscious mind or if it is really the spirit that’s trying to talk to you.

Ouija Board Online: How do you Play?

Playing a Ouija Board Online: Is it Possible? 2

There are loads of real, mysterious and authentic Ouija boards online. If you have a group of friends who don’t believe in spirits or if they are any scaredy-cats, you can play it all alone. This is a great advantage of the Ouija board online that you can hardly get from the real Ouija boards.

Due to the Ouija board online, at least now there is no ideomotor phenomenon. Bravo! You got to be an interested paranormal activity lover. You can experience that real vibe of spirit and your room gives you all those horror feels if you follow these Ouija board rules when you play the Ouija board online.

• Though it’s the Ouija board online, you need to provide the spirit with a dark silent room to enter.

• You will have this virtual Ouija board ready for you with all the letters, numbers, and signs on it along with the planchette.

• If it’s on your mobile, you just need to place either your right or left index finger on the planchette.

• If you are playing the Ouija board online on your system, place the cursor of the mass on the planchette.

• Now, press and hold the left-click button on the mouse to move the pointer, the planchette.

• For both the android and desktop, you just need to take a second for moving the pointer all across the Ouija board to ensure that it can be rolled freely across the board.

• Now that it’s time to begin to play the Ouija board online by asking a simple question.

• You will slowly start noticing your fingers being moved along with the planchette towards some particular numbers and letters and it seems as if the pointer is guiding your fingers.

• As it goes on, the spirit will start communicating with you by spelling the words out what are the answers in response to your questions.

• If you ask any lengthy questions or those which are twisted and weird would confuse the spirit.

• If you would like to end up a session, you need to hold and bring the pointer to the “goodbye”.

• The spirits, of course, are Independent and of free will so there are possibilities where the spirit can end the séance and then you can find the pointer being rested up on the word “goodbye”.

• Some Christians warned using the Ouija board stating that they can lead to demonic possessions. And, it is also believed that if you don’t end a session by pointing “goodbye”, the spirit would not go back but remain in the same room where the Ouija board game is played.

How to Make an Ouija Board Online?

Ouija board online

After watching “The Conjuring 2”, if you’ve got lot more inspired from the Hodgson Sisters who made an Ouija board at home out of some cereal boxes and cut the letters out from magazines to contact Bill Wilkins evil spirit then here you go with the online instructions to know how to make an Ouija board.

• Take a paper or cardboard in a square shape.

• Write the letters of the alphabet in the center part and the numbers from zero to nine under that.

• Write “yes” and “no” on the top left and top right corner of the paper/cardboard respectively.

• Write “hello” on the top and “goodbye” at the bottom.

• Now draw a sun next to the word “yes” and a moon next to “no”.

• Take any glass tumbler, turn it upside down and place it on the Ouija board.

• One of the very vital Ouija board rules is turning off all the lights and taking off all the pictures of God in the room. This makes up a welcoming atmosphere for the spirit.

• Just relax, breathe in breathe out deeply, make up your mind for calmness and don’t consider anything around you. You need to put all the focus on the Ouija board.

• Now, all the participants have to place a finger on the tumbler whereas one person has to ask the questions and another person to take the notes.

Are Ouija Boards Online Real?

Playing a Ouija Board Online: Is it Possible? 3

Yes, if you’re one of those spiritualists and believe in the existence of God, yes these Ouija boards are real. It is believed by the spiritualists that Ouija boards can act as a medium for the dead to communicate with the living.

There are instances where people even killed their close friends, donated all their property to a dead person, and committed many unusual activities just because the spirit they contacted in the Ouija board game told them to do so.

This is a globally famous game and has been influencing the world for 200 years. It peaked up in the time of the American civil war (1861-1865). During that time, most of the dead were young soldiers and their families used to try contacting their souls through this Ouija board game.

In the year 1890, Elijah Bond made great marketing of Ouija boards out of the demand for contacting the dead in that time of crisis. Later, an American spiritualist named Pearl Curran publicized the Ouija boards as a diving tool.

Though it’s an interesting topic for the paranormal enthu cutlets, these supernatural beliefs on Ouija boards have always been mocked by the scientific community for being mistakenly regarded.

The scientific community says the movement of the planchette is based on the psychophysiological phenomenon called the ideomotor effect. They say the subconscious mind is responsible for the reflexive movements of the participants who placed a finger on the planchette.

No scientific evidence is up for grabs as of now that the Ouija boards can help the living in contacting the dead. If the participants who are playing the Ouija board game or Ouija board online can contact the spirit world (if at all such thing, an other-dimensional world exists) it can be seemingly too much for some.

The reason behind the demonic possessions is the trance states and episodes that are triggered at times when people can incredibly hallucinate and totally lose touch with the real world. It is also an important thing to note that just because the demonic possessions and spirits are not scientifically evident, it doesn’t mean your psychological state and anxiety levels can get effected after playing the Ouija board.

You should be really cautious while playing the Ouija board/Ouija board online by being mindful of the fact that it can evoke intense and very powerful emotions in humans (anxiety is a no willy-nilly thing to cause severe trauma or even worse).

For instance, if a person encounters a barbaric accident that deceased their loved ones, they keep endeavoring to contact their soul out of love and trauma. If it happens, their psychological state can never get worse.

This is the reason why people who have gone through traumatic incidents or with a history recorded with any kind of anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, trans states, and who have serious convictions with the existence of paranormal and supernatural powers are suggested to better stay away from the Ouija board.

Did You Ever Try Out an Ouija Board Online?

Many of us might have gone through a session of trying to contact the dead or checking whether we could really tap the spiritual world. So, what are your experiences when you tried out an Ouija board online?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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