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“I am in Control of my Dreams”- Priyanka Lahiri

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Health and nutrition are very important in one’s life. Priyanka Lahiri is one of the renowned nutritionists who have engraved an ideal position in the field of nutrition. The fitness coach and certified nutritionist believes in pillars of excellence that keep pushing her on to achieve where she is standing today.

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She strongly believes success comes when you help people to live a better life. Priyanka Lahiri is one of the best examples of humanity and altruism as you’ll find out from the conversation below.

Self Realisation is Pivotal: Priyanka Lahiri 

The journey as a nutritionist (diet trainer) started when Priyanka Lahiri realized the importance of nutrition in her own life. “I started taking diet training from a diet trainer. With time, I realized that I have a natural understanding of how I want to design my diet according to how I want to progress.”

Priyanka Lahiri started taking diet training when she wanted to enter the fitness niche. There, she realized that she had to design her diet in a different way to become fitter since wanted to progress in the field of fitness.

She identified her natural inclination towards nutrition and health. Her diet trainer, Mr. Chirag, played an important role in pushing her to achieve success. Then she decided to explore the nutrition field as a career and made her mind up for the same.

Before becoming a nutritionist, Priyanka Lahiri was helping many of her friends with weight management. Although not as a professional, but her ideas became beneficial for her friends. With time, a lot of her friends started showing progress and started losing weight.

Her friends encouraged her to give this field of nutrition a try. After all these events, Priyanka Lahiri started her course of nutrition and came out as a certified nutritionist.  “I would want people to understand what is health and their requirements from life,” she says.

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Communication with Friends Makes a Big Impact on Life: Priyanka Lahiri

The nutritionist loves interacting with people with different lifestyles and eating habits. “As a diet coach, my most favorite thing is to be able to interact and understand so many different kinds of folks”. The interaction with different kinds of people helps her show them the benefits of leading a healthy

She does a lot of calculations and research to find out what should go into a person’s and her own diets so that the final diet is suitable for their health. The most satisfying part of the process is when her clients share their success stories and showcase their transformation.

The fitness coach loves when people get the results exactly the way she planned for them. For her, the positive response from her clients is the greatest motivation to help her keep going on.

She gets her energy after hearing positive reactions from her clients. There were some bad phases of life when Priyanka Lahiri realized that she needs to work on herself. “I realized that am not able to function properly and it’s time to make a positive difference in my own self”.

She didn’t feel confident about her body. Then, she decided to take a step beyond her present and to give herself a better future. “I started taking control of my life” Priyanka Lahiri realized that she had given enough excuses to herself.

She had blamed many people and the whole world for her situation. Then she thought of changing herself rather than blaming the world for her circumstances. She didn’t want to age like that and wanted to make a huge change in her own way.

She understood that you have to make a statement by bringing positive changes in your life. She realized if you are not able to walk properly at the age of 25. If you feel pain in your knees while walking short distances, then you should not blame other, but develop your thought to be a better human.

She believes, people will get beautiful results if they start enjoying the process. She always tries to do something more with her body. The point of success is when she did what would have been impossible for her to do. For example, she loves doing weight lifting, which she thought would never come into her life.

“Self-discovery is the journey that kept me going” Priyanka Lahiri is a woman with an unflinching attitude. She loves exploring new things that would support her journey. She believes in a life with no boundaries and restrictions. All these thoughts made her to where she is standing today.

Doing things continuously is important, as you can’t stop yourself in the middle of anything. “It’s not about putting the blame on the whole world, but on you,” Priyanka Lahiri thinks that she has good strength (power) to make a difference and not to put things on others.

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The Journey Would Be Filled With Struggle: Priyanka Lahiri

“The journey won’t be always up but would have a lot of obstacles” Priyanka Lahiri faced a lot of obstacles in the initial stage. The weight loss process was not easy but brought many difficulties. There were some junctures where Priyanka Lahiri didn’t understand where she was going. The process was confusing and difficult.

“Patience gets tested a lot, nothing will be easy, but you can accept it by staying patient.” She considers her mother as the real superhero in her journey, whose motivation was essential in making her the person she is today.  “My mother was a lady with hope and light for me”

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Priyanka Lahiri is a woman with a great vision who wants to make efforts to achieve all the things she’s dreamt of.

A lady with an attitude and personality to manifest all her dreams. The epitome of beauty and patience, Priyanka Lahiri is the real hero and inspiration for people looking for a healthy lifestyle and a bright future.

Priyanka Lahiri, who desires to make people lead a healthy and happy life with her remarkable knowledge about nutrition and fitness, aims to guide and help many and assist them with tips and ways to seek their fitness goals in life. Go ahead to start your fitness journey with her! She is surely a guide to a much-needed healthy and active lifestyle.


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