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Sonali Sharma: A Compassionate And Inspiring Author

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A fantastic writer, a fabulous speaker, a young achievers awardee, and of course an amazing person, let me introduce you to the one and only – Sonali Sharma. She is a multi-talented individual who deeply motivates and inspires others with her words.

Academically, she is pursuing CMA to understand the practical and financial aspects of things in life. On the other hand, she follows her passion for writing and expresses her thoughts confidently through her works.

Sonali Sharma is one of the individuals who have successfully managed to build a bridge between the mind and heart. At a young age, she decided to follow her passion wholeheartedly, all the while balancing it with some serious career choices.

Let’s look into her journey of becoming an author and the story of her passion which may ignite in our readers the feeling of pursuing what we love.

Sonali Sharma: A Journey of Passion

Sonali Sharma is an extraordinary author who has poured her heart into her three books, namely Life Explored, The Book of 50 Poems, and Small is the New Big. The genre chosen by the author to express her thoughts is motivation and self-help.

The main motivating factor for writing non-fiction is the book The Leader Who Had No Title written by Robin Sharma and other books from her mom’s bookshelf.

Pursuing what you love and excelling in it are the results of hard work and dedication put into it. Let’s dive deeper into the story.

A. Beginning Of The Writer’s Journey.

Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is a voracious reader, and her first introduction to the world of books was done by her mother. Her mother is also an inspirational figure for our beloved author. Sonali Sharma’s mother is a Hindi Professor by profession. Therefore, she is profound in Hindi Literature and is also an artist by nature.

In the early ages of Sonali’s life, her best reading part was comics which gradually developed into moral stories like Panchtantra in 1st and 2nd grade. Reading books can be addictive; therefore, she updated her genre from moral stories to fiction and eventually to non-fiction.

Books impact our lives in a way that we are not aware of the transformation we have gone through. This power of impacting lives through mere words fascinated Sonali Sharma, and she wished to write a book that stays on the bookshelf of the readers.

As Sonali recognized her passion, she decided to follow the path which brought her happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, Sonali Sharma started writing about the things she observed in her surroundings. As she got hold of the words, she opted to write poetry to pour out her ideas. She considered it the easiest form of writing through which one can express oneself.

As she became more confident about her writing, she started writing for college magazines, leaflets, and even bulletin boards.

In 9th and 10th grade, Sonali’s articles got published in local magazines and newspapers. She also used to submit her articles for a global magazine called The Teenager Today, and the turning point was when her article got published in the questionnaire section of the magazine.

After achieving so many milestones, she finally decided to publish her book. Let’s explore her books and the efforts taken behind them.

  • Sonali Sharma’s Books

Sonali Sharma's Books

Sonali Sharma’s first book to be published was Life Explored. Life Explored comprises inspirational short stories inspired by true incidents within her life and the people surrounding her. This book comes under the genre of motivation and self-help. The motive behind writing this book was to share her experience and lessons she learned in her teenage. In her words,

The teenage experience can either break us or make us. That phase of life teaches us a lot of things.

Her second book brought out the poet in her. The book is called the Book of 50 Poems which also has an inspiring set of poems that can change our outlook towards life.

In June 2020, Sonali Sharma published her third book that is Small is the New Big. It took two years for her to complete this book. It is a simple book that refreshes our core values which we may have forgotten because of the circumstances in life. The simple messaging in this is that each and everything requires a small start and these small efforts and consistent practice lead you to the larger part you have aimed for.

All the books above are self-published books with the help of Notion Press. It is an extraordinary platform to publish your books in a pocket-friendly manner.

B. Journey of Co-authoring and Freelancing.

After publishing her second book, Sonali Sharma started co-authoring books and collaborating with different writers. She has, till now, co-authored 35+ books and collaborated with many writers and publishing houses.

Sonali Sharma shared her experience of collaborating with various writers. She stated that,

“Collaboration is all about connecting with people, building relationships, and gaining more knowledge about everything. Collaboration gives an exposure to different people and their writing styles which enable us in understanding different perspectives towards an idea or concept.”

Sonali Sharma also started freelance writing with co-authoring. Nowadays, she freelances projects for various start-ups by setting up their websites with content management and content writing. She also works for various artists like musicians, bloggers, and other writers.

C. Podcasting – An Experiment.

Podcasting Journey of Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is an awesome speaker who has done an amazing podcast series called Life Happenings. This series comprises extra-ordinary learning from books and real-life incidents, which act as reality checks.

In the view of Sonali Sharma –

The podcast is an easy way to convey your thoughts as the person just has to play it on and listen. It is also an efficient way to improve your communication skills.

The favorite conversation topic of Sonali Sharma is motivation and self-belief, which also includes the concept of taking criticism as a constructive approach. From the experience of doing the podcast, Sonali Sharma has become aware of the technical part of doing the podcast, which includes sound editing, background music editing, and tech-savvy skills.

D. Author’s Word.

  • Importance of Reading and Writing.

Reading daily can make the person punctual, disciplined as well as knowledgeable. Reading also improves vocabulary and imagination, which can give birth to creativity.

Writing mainly helps in making our thought process clear. When you think on paper, you will understand your thought process through the words written. When in confusion, stating it on paper can solve your problems easily.

With all these benefits, writing works as a cure. When you start journaling your daily activities or maintaining a gratitude journal, then the effect of these habits can be seen in your daily lives. You will have a more positive outlook towards life, whereas you will become a brilliant thinker as you understand your thought process bringing more clarity to life.

  • Perspective towards life.

Sonali Sharma says that when you experience certain things, you come across certain lessons that become part of life. These are few lessons learned by Sonali Sharma in her journey of life.

  1. Everything takes time; be patient.
  2. Be consistent with whatever you do.
  3. Don’t bother about other people’s opinions.
  4. Go with the flow and enjoy the present moment.

E. Messages from the Author – Sonali Sharma.

  • For Writers –

  1. Keep patience and work on improving your writing style.
  2. Authenticity and originality are what matters the most.
  3. Ask for feedback from your trusted ones and keep improving.
  • For Readers –

When the reader enjoys a book, that’s when the writer becomes motivated to write more. The relationship between the writers and readers is like a circular loop. Thank you for reading the books and appreciating them. Keep Reading and keep exploring! 

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