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The Best Guide To Taos New Mexico

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Having missed the spotlight for years, Taos New Mexico is a place of unspoiled beauty that many have not touched. The central Mexican city of Taos that does not occupy much of the space when appearing on the map is a hidden gem that was always lying in front of our eyes.

Maintaining its sandy appeal Taos New Mexico can easily impress anyone with its awe-inspiring beauty that encompasses its glorious past and unknown history.

Mystery, history, art, and culture when team up make the best combination ever that is impossible to beat. With superbly interconnected roads and highways Taos New Mexico 

offers all the means available that would help you to explore and discover more of this magnificent town.

Surrounded by the Sangre De Cristo mountains, this Native American Neighbour has its roots fixed in the trading industry. Let’s discover more about the historic district of Taos New Mexico.

Taos New Mexico places to Stay!

El Pueblo Lodge

With massive pools, quaint designing and comfortable bedrooms, the El Pueblo Lodge is one of the best places to stay in Taos New Mexico with all the amenities at your disposal.

Facilities for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available at the lodge itself, food that is mouth-watering to look at.

The Historic Taos Inn

With adobe structure, the award-winning Historic Taos Inn of northern New Mexico is a place that would give you a different living environment that is not something quite common in the regular mainstream hotels.

With bar, pool, and yoga facilities at the premises, the Historic Taos Inn is a place that serves an adventure for travellers. Being appeared on several magazines’ covers, the site is famous and well known for its services and architecture.

Taos new Mexico

Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast

Here comes the hotel that is like a dream come true with its airy and spacious rooms that are furnished with modern facilities and authentic appearance.

Furnished with a bed, sofas, lamps, and even an inglenook, the interiors are praiseworthy and nicely done. You can also get a discount on the places to stay in Taos New Mexico if you visit them anytime apart from the vacation season.

Another feature that makes the Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast even more likely to be your choice is its perfect location from all the places to visit in Taos New Mexico and especially from the famous Taos Plaza.

Taos Valley Lodge

When opting to spend time in Taos New Mexico’s mountainous regions, a perfect hotel to stay in should always be kept in mind. The Taos Valley Lodge would suit your needs and would be the best one in such a setting. With facilities like that of the hot tub and warm rooms are needed on such an elevation. With nicely lit rooms that are all covered with rugs and mattresses, there is no chance of you catching any cold.

La Dona Luz Inn

With queen and king-sized beds and intricate decorations, this one is a selective choice on the list of best places to stay in Taos New Mexico. The decoration and flower arrangements that are made at this place are incomparable to any other site mentioned. Known For its beautiful setting and high feedback the La Dona Luz Inn is worth a stay. This is a family-owned property that has been utilized in the best possible manner making every room large and grand.

Best Places To Visit in Taos New Mexico

Taos Plaza

Starting with the most talked-about place to visit in Taos new Mexico, which is the Taos Plaza. A complex that is easy to reach from almost all the parts of Taos is the centre for all the activities and is a place that takes care of all the needs of its visitors.

With a fun shopping experience, the Taos Plaza has a variety of restaurants specializing in different genres of food cuisines to taste from.

This place is made for all to come and shop with local artisans selling at much cheaper rates which are highly affordable and lasting.

The complex never sleeps and remains open throughout the day and also during the night. The night’s views have to be different from that of the day with all the notable adobe buildings surrounding the Taos plaza.

Taos new Mexico

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos

The huge tectonic area goes to a depth of 800 feet. It is said that the place was formed after a volcanic eruption when the lava made its way all through the Taos Plateau. Presently the site is also considered to be a naturally carved canyon that has become the home of several birds and animals over the years.

The steel bridge serves as the perfect platform for viewing the whole of its surroundings.

Taos Ski Valley

Now only it is the architecture and modern-rural look that does all the magic. Still, Taos New Mexico is also blessed with some of the beautiful mountains that serve the best for cross country skiing hosting several ski areas.

Abundant hotels, restaurants, and resorts are present that serve the visitors in a very warm and friendly manner, making them wholly comfortable at the place.

Mountain Biking is also widely practised in this area as the rough and gravelled terrains of the mountains add an extra hint of adventure to the whole process of riding a mountain bike.

Taos Art Museum at Fechin House

the house of a famous Russian artist by the name of Nicolai Fechin is converted and restored to give it the shape and identity of a museum that calls a large number of tourists towards it.

Visitors have never visited anything of this sort before and feel blessed and lucky to have arrived at the Taos Art Museum. The first thing that makes the heads of the visitors be lifted is the quaint ceilings of the house, lined with wood at intervals.

The walls are all pictured with hanging frames and a cool flooring that goes in sync with all the other things present at the place. With world-class art depiction, the Taos Society of Artists has regular workshops that are organized here.

Taos new Mexico

Downtown Taos historic District

Presenting the best picture of Taos New Mexico with its bent streets, decent shops, and restaurants. The place is wonderful, with painted walls offering the stores that underline the history of the town in a way that automatically becomes easy to grasp.

Art galleries that mark the most creative works of the artists have a large say in enhancing the beauty of the place that is already close to being perfect.

The food at Farmer’s market is also appreciated and liked by almost everyone.

Harwood Museum of Art

Pictures and exquisite paintings line the entire length of the walls inside the Harwood Museum of Art. The paintings gorgeous and truly earn the title of being called masterpieces.

The simple and plain layout of the Harwood Museum of Art makes the place super easy to explore. The site also has an auditorium and a library.

Taos Pueblo

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site when visiting the city of Taos New Mexico. The place has a significant feature of a multi-story dwelling facility that shows the best of adobe structures.

Taos new Mexico

Mandy and Black Rock hot Spring

After all the adventure and sightseeing a relaxing bath and soak are all that is needed on a rejuvenating vacation. The Mandy and Black Rock Hot Spring would be a perfect one to slip into and relax for the whole evening. With just the soothing temperature of the water and minerals that benefit the body, it could be the best feeling of the whole trip for you.

Places To Eat in Taos New Mexico

Doc Martin Taos Restaurant

Located in Taos New Mexico the place is a complete family-friendly Mexican and American Styled restaurant that has been running successfully for quite some time now.

With the increasing popularity of Mexican food, the restaurant frequently incorporates many [new dishes on its menu.

Best of the dishes include trout and caesar salad.

Lambert of Taos

This is probably one of the best places to eat in Taos New Mexico with contemporary styled dining facilities. You can quickly go for reserving a table at this exquisite dining location.

The combination of its food and wine makes your evening just a perfect one.

Michael’s Kitchen Restaurant and Bakery

The ones with a weakness for deserts here are the ultimate eating destination for you as the Michael’s Kitchen Restaurant and bakery that serves the best of sweets and ice cream.

Eating at this place would be a memorable experience with the taste of its food lasting for long. The places also host parties and serve as caterers in the parties outside.

Concluding with the best of  Taos New Mexico, we have tried to incorporate the best of every possible thing that we can in this simple and sweet blog that might aid you with your travel experience in the future.

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