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The Top 5 Interesting Gadgets You Can Buy

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Anirban Goswami
Professional Content Writer, with an unparalleled passion in all things Tech. Enthusiastic Video Editor, at my own YouTube Channel.

Thoroughly Bored? Need five interesting gadgets to spice up your tech life? Is the old laptop not good enough for your needs? Well, look no further. You’ve come to the right spot.
Welcome to TechLand, where we’ve got some great gadgets. Let’s jump right in.

5 Interesting Gadgets

1. Apple AirPods Pro

After the immensely popular Apple Airpods taking over the world by storm and bringing in the era of True Wireless Earphones, it’s time for the Airpods Pro to shine. It addresses most of the inconveniences that plagued the original Airpods and have successfully taken place on our list of 5 interesting gadgets.

Coming in at a whopping $249, they’re pretty decent, and the stem is not as long as the original Airpods. They are not the best earphones out there but are the best combination of features when it comes to a market winning earphones that, when combined with the Apple ecosystem, kind of does it all.

Let us start with the basics; the fit of the Airpods Pro is a lot better than the original version, with the tip being a tube-like structure as opposed to the earlier design, which would make the Airpods easily fall out during heavy workouts.
It features the much widely appreciated active noise cancellation, which is very helpful for blocking out sounds and giving a more luxurious experience.

It also features a transparency mode, which uses the microphones on the Airpods Pro to pick up external sounds and mix them with the audio from the content on your phone.
When it comes to building quality, the Airpods Pro has a shallow profile and does not stick out like their predecessor. Also, the charging case is a low profile and can easily fit into the useless pocket of your Jeans.

Pro Tip: Now, you know Denim manufacturers can also predict the future. It even comes with different tips for a perfect fit in your ear canal.
While each Airpod Pro will give you about 5 hours of playback, you can get over 24 hours when combined with the case, which can also be wirelessly charged.

Either way, this is the successor to the revolutionary Apple product that took the audio world, in an instant, and is worth buying if you can shell out the chunk of money that it deserves, and is one of our five interesting gadgets.

2. Origin PC in a Tesla Model S

In the age of reusable rockets, we all know the name of Elon Musk. Well, just in case you didn’t, he also runs an Electric Car company called Tesla.

What we have here is the toy version, the exact mini replica of the Tesla Model S, built by a company called Radio Flyer, and is a worthy mention in our list of 5 interesting gadgets.

What’s interesting about it is that the company worked with Tesla to build this tiny car that can be driven by kids on a driveway or around a quite block.
As striking as the appearance is, this mini-car has a trick up its sleeve. It houses a full-blown custom PC from Origin PC, who made the world’s fastest Gaming PC to fit inside a mini Tesla.

This custom-made PC is water-cooled with the front I/O being routed to the front of the vehicle.

It features an AMD Ryzen 3900x, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU, with 32 Gigs of RAM, and blazing fast 2 Terabytes of blazing-fast Gen 4 NVME storage.
The hardline tubing on this device looks amazing with red accents all around hidden under the empty front trunk of the Tesla, just like the real Model S.

It also has a fully functioning horn and, AND, has a speaker-set to play songs from your phone, if your phone has a headphone jack that is; we all know how that went. Now when you use your PC, it’s probably best to leave the front hood open to allow for some air circulation and make your PC run faster and cooler because if you know computer stuff, these are pretty high-end specs and require a good chunk of cooling to go with.

It’s actually on sale at Origin PC’s website and can be fully customized with different paint-jobs and custom trims on the wheels to match your liking. It’s just insane and is one of our top 5 interesting gadgets.

3. Venus Laowa Probe Lens

If you’ve never heard about this lens, and wondering why this is in our list of 5 interesting gadgets, this is going to be a fun one for you. So, there’s this company called Venus Optics, and they make camera lenses. They recently announced a Probe lens, which is exactly as it sounds and is used in probing shots where you feel like a tiny human flying through space in a huge world of super large things around you, giving you that feeling that you probably when you were young, and the world was a huge place in all directions.

It’s about almost a foot and a half long, with an F-Stop or Aperture range of F/14 to F/40, yes, you read that right. Therefore, it needs a lot of light, and you need to bump up the ISO way high to get usable shots, noise reduction notwithstanding.

This is a fully manual cinema-style lens with a high build quality. It works with full-frame cameras, which is a bonus, and was recently used by The Verge and MKBHD to get crazy shots of the Galaxy Fold and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

This lens can be used in tight fit places where your average run of the mill action cameras wouldn’t fit and is a perfect addition to your gear collection if you’re a cinematographer, YouTuber, or just someone interested in trying it out. You can pick it up on B&H Photography if you’re into these crazy perspective shots, and you can’t also deny that it deserves a spot on our list of 5 interesting gadgets.

4. LG Roll-Up OLED TV

Ahh, The CES, The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The biggest show of tech in the world apart from Computex, and also a breeding ground for germs and viruses with thousands of humans flocking together. Well, at CES, you have way more than five interesting gadgets to choose from. But this TV was the star of the show.

CES 2019 was the year when LG demoed their 65″ Rollable TV. It’s 4K in terms of resolution, it’s OLED, which means great viewing angles, perfect blacks, a million to one contrast ratio, and even super low response times because it is an OLED panel.
The TV is housed in a speaker bar, which has front-firing speakers that are quite decent. For greater sound and effect, you can buy speakers from
On the press of a button, this TV rolls up and down and is rated for about 50000 rolls, which honestly, is a lot of rolls.

Now the TV can be rolled up into three modes: Up, so you have the full fat 65″ glorious inches in view. All the way rolled down, so it is completely hidden in the speaker bar, and it blends in perfectly with your living room setup, very discreet and elegant, and you can roll up the TV only when you want to. The third mode is very interesting, an almost 2/3rds rolled down mode which has custom UI, and you see the weather, play some music, overall, it’s interesting to check out and is not merely a party trick.

Also, the rolling of the TV is pretty quiet, so it doesn’t make a horrible whine when using the motors, which for some customers, can be a huge turn-off. Remember, if you’re buying this TV, you’re not looking for price to performance; you are just here to marvel at the technology that LG has created and mastered over the years.

If you look closely at the sides of the actual TV, you’ll see it’s made of tiny pieces that roll up when it rolls up, making it one of the best items in our list of 5 interesting gadgets.

5. Galaxy Z Flip

Phones have become very monolithic lately, and most don’t deserve a place in our list of 5 interesting gadgets. The same black uni-body design, big fat glass as a screen, it just seems someone took the fun out of it. So, Samsung, in typical Samsung fashion, debuted their folding screen technology in the Galaxy Fold.

After having some issues with the screen, the Galaxy Z Flip is a phone like a phone instead of being a tablet that folds into a phone. While it does have some issues that are obvious for first-generation foldable, it is a fantastic phone that folds into a tiny piece and is pretty unique.

The OLED panel is flexible, and it allows the phone to do so. Along with that, it has a camera module and a tiny OLED display on the rear of the phone that you can use to view notifications or even take selfies when used in conjunction with the camera module.
Being a foldable nowadays (2020) is not the same as being foldable in the mid 2000s. The technology is harder to build and procure.

The Galaxy Z Flip features a surprisingly well-built body and feels nice in the hands. Samsung has re-engineered the hinge with micro bristles to keep out the dust, which is a bane in the foldable game. Samsung rates the display to fold for 200,000 times before any potential failure.

And, oh, yes. You can ABSOLUTELY end the call by clamping the phone down, which is an incredibly satisfying thing to do if you’ve already owned a folding phone, or even if you are new to the whole shenanigan, and in my humble opinion, definitely deserves a spot on our list of 5 interesting gadgets.

Anyway, that’s been it from me today. These were a list of 5 interesting gadgets around the world. As a farewell gift, I have a little tech tip for you, keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll soon find yourself sailing smoothly in a world of amazing tech. Thanks, have a good one.

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Professional Content Writer, with an unparalleled passion in all things Tech. Enthusiastic Video Editor, at my own YouTube Channel.

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