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The Watchables: On Air With AIB

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*tragedy me comedy tragedy me comedy tragedy me comedy*

You have to be kidding me if you say that you are still not familiar with this tune or the show. But, if you are not, then this article will familiarize you with it. Read on.

So, let’s talk about On Air With AIB. The show airs on the Hotstar app every Thursday and Star World and Star Plus every Sunday. It is hosted by our very own Roast guys who were threatened big time for their awesomely conducted and incredibly funny roast of a few Bollywood stars, aka All India Bakchod. Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya host the show in English and Hindi. All in front of a live audience (not paid).

The show happens to be a news comedy which is a less popular format of fishing out news in our country and hasn’t always been in the limelight. But do these guys know anything else? No. What’s the catch? They don’t cuss as much as they would in their YouTube videos. They kind of, almost, don’t.

You may ask why they’re called the AIB when they don’t even cuss. Let me clarify this for you. Cussing was just a style format that they seldom used to convey their message. Have you watched their video called “Rape: It’s your fault” or “Save the Internet” or “Unoffended,” etc.? These are a few of their works that define their style. They were never about the cussing.

Now, let’s start talking about the episodes in order because that’s the exact reason why you should watch this show. (In both Hindi and English).

Episode 1: Why be Good?

Named as Zabaan Sambhal Ke in Hindi, the show talked about the plight of Whistleblowers and raised some very serious questions about the security they get.  The witness protection act doesn’t work right because, as we all know, people kept dying under “mysterious circumstances” every single day when the Vyapam Scam had just burst out in its full glory.

Episode 2: Aag-The Fire

Fire Safety in India has never been an issue. Simply because it doesn’t exist, if you think it does, think twice. Think Thrice. And then watch this episode as they provide us with many proofs to tell us otherwise. But, the best part of the show was the one where they roped in a person who has been so *severely burned* by fire that he was, tragically, not so tragically, the best person who could give us advice about fire safety.

Episode 3: Zabaan Sambhal Ke

Aka Cop Blocked, the Episode raised an issue many of us have faced at one point or the other. The brutality of cops, the supreme power they hold, and how they can get away with almost anything. No kidding. They also covered the recent Bihar elections, and we all know how that one went. *winks*

The episodes Can you Not section also pointed out the level of innocence we Indians possess. The kind that makes us fall every year, year after year, for that image of Indian Map that says, “This is how India looks on a Diwali night, image taken by NASA.” No. Just NO.

Episode 4: Space The Final Frontier

They called it “Thoda Adjust Karo” in Hindi and talked about the vanishing public spaces in our country.

Take Mahalakshmi Race Course, for example, and it’s an “exclusive” place for the “elite.” But do you know that it was initially registered as a recreational center and, therefore, should’ve been available for the public, but we know what happened to that recreation, don’t we? And this is just Mumbai, the condition in Bangalore- The city of Lakes is that they’re catching fire. Yes. Water bodies catching fire.

But worry no more. Since we have no more public spaces to hang around, our dear AIB has given us a website: Check it out and have fun looking at those public spaces we’re never gonna have. *winks* *what a pun, Aaya fun*

And this is not all, and they also had a surprise talk about Phalaj Nihalani and his Modi video. For God’s sake, watch that episode to know about it. I can’t write about it. It’s bloody hilarious.

Now that you’ve had your four-episode binge, I’ll sign off and wait eagerly for the next one, which will air tomorrow. What are they going to talk about? Leave your ideas in the comments.



-Apurva Jain

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