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5 Things You’ll Miss About College

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Nayanika Dey
Just your everyday perpetually cash-strapped teenager.

Perhaps those late night cramming sessions before exams have made you yell in frustration that you’re waiting for when you can get started with a job and earn your money. Or perhaps you’re tired of dragging yourself to class at eight every day. Maybe you’re sick of the watery thing in served in the mess under the pretext of ‘daal’. Well, you might be rushing to get done with these days, but college is the best time of your life. Not only because you’re finally 18 and independent but because you get to be an adult without taking on all the adult responsibilities. You don’t have to pay bills or worry about saving money. You get the best of both worlds and take it from us; you will miss these days and here’s why:

  1. Last Minute Cramming

You hate them but let’s not forget that the last minute syllabus taught by a friend is better than the professor teaching it over two periods. Last minute cramming sessions are more of a ritual than a necessity. It’s a given that we waste our days away and whine at the last moment. It is, after all, it’s own fun. Why spend precious days when you can always stay up late and do it later?

2. Adda!


The early morning chai from the vendor outside (in earthen cups, no less), the hunt for a good, inexpensive restaurant nearby and the collective frustration over deciding what to order – all this makes up for the regular adda with your friends. Once college is done, you’ll simply never find time anymore. With only Sundays off a week, keeping in touch becomes a myth.

3. Late Night Meetings/Projects


Emergency! Someone got hurt and had to rush to the hospital! Or the college fest group doesn’t have enough funds, so corners have to cut. Nevertheless, the college has had its fair share of late night meetings which have sometimes been an emergency and sometimes, a pseudo-emergency which makes you want to punch whoever woke you up. But remember how you felt after finishing those projects after slaving the entire night? Nothing compares to the rush felt when you hand in a finished assignment.

4. Stalking Your Crush

Woman checking out man in grocery store

Don’t even deny because we all know you’ve done this. Maybe you did it yourself or your friends pushed you into it. Maybe they gave you those weird looks whenever the object of your affection walked pastor said something dumb aloud – basically, they’ve done their share of putting you in awkward situations in front of your crush. But remember, no one will do this ever again once you graduate from this phase. Makes it all that more memorable, doesn’t it?


Okay, vivas are positively scary, and you’re wondering why is this on the list? Because the world out there is so much more frightening than a Viva! You can prepare for a viva, prep up and learn, but nothing’s going to prepare you for the world outside. College is a cul-de-sac, and once you’re out, that’s it. And believe me, when you’re working every day a week, you’ll long for those vivas that seemed so scary back then.

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Just your everyday perpetually cash-strapped teenager.

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