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Top 5 Amazing Florida Gun Shows

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If you are looking for popular gun shows, you must have heard about the Florida gun shows held in different Florida cities. Well, most of them are promoted by Florida gun shows, the largest gun shows promoters in Florida.

In this article, we will gather some more information about the Florida gun shows and the top five of them. Florida gun shows are the largest gun show promoter in Florida. They provide high-quality service to their customers and a vast selection of merchandise.

The shows organized by them are vast, and a huge variety of different types of weapons and ammo are put on display. They are currently holding shows in eight different cities: Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Tampa, Lakeland, Palmetto, and Daytona. We will talk about the best five of them.

What exactly is a Gun show?!

A gun show is a large event organized by the gun show promoters in large public venues where they rent tables to dealers of the gun and related items like knives and self-protection equipment.

People who are interested in purchasing any desired weapon or related accessories are welcomed here. The dealers trade their supplies at said affordable prices.

You’ll be surprised at the merchandise displayed. People also visit such events to gain knowledge about ammo and learn how to handle them from trained and experienced instructors.Florida gun shows

These events became more popular when private gun dealers were also allowed to sell and display their ammunition and merchandise for buyers and interested audiences.

Everything about Florida Gun shows…

As told earlier, Florida gun shows are the leading gun show promoter in Florida. They have achieved the number one position and longevity in the market due to the quality of supplies and equipment displayed in the exhibitions organized by them. Their motto is ‘Buy, Sell, and Trade.’

You will enjoy an enormous display of ammunition, including new, used, and antique firearms. There is a vast variety of displays from shooting supplies and accessories, reloading supplies, magazines and clips, holsters, scopes, carry cases, range bags, hunting gear, concealment products, and furniture to gun apparel and much more.

You can find awesome deals and discounted items. The merchandise available here are a lot cheaper than retail prices because the sellers are all vendors. There is room for negotiation, too, and you can find great deals if you are a good negotiator.Florida gun shows

In the case of self-protection equipment, there is a large display for knives, stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays. When coming to the show, you can also bring your gun or any other weapon for appraisal, trade, or display.

All the weapons entering the show premises are unloaded for safety purposes. No, lose ammunition is permitted in the show premises. The safety of the participating audience is their first and foremost priority. This job is well done by the Concealed Weapon Permit Holders, by Florida laws.

All weapons are tied with plastic strings to render them non-fireable. All magazines and clasps are expelled, and barrels are emptied before the ammunitions enter the show premises.

If you want to acquire a concealed weapon and submit the application to the state for the same, the Florida gun shows and Bulldog Tactical offer courses for the State of Florida Concealed Weapon Firearms application in their shows. The seats are booked on a particular day only on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All transactions are done on a cash basis. ATMs are nearby so that you won’t be facing any problem. Here you can learn handling the desired weapon with knowledgeable and experienced instructors. 

If you are a gun or knife enthusiast or want to have a personal weapon for self-protection, then these are the top five Florida Gun shows, your spots to go.

1. Miami Florida Gun shows

The Miami Florida gun shows takes place at Miami Airport Convention Center or Miami Dade Fair Expo Center. All federal, state and, local firearm laws and regulations are obeyed. It is a large gun show where numerous ammunition products only related to guns and knives are exhibited.

Around two hundred exhibitors set up their stalls to display their merchandise to the spectators. Approximately twenty-two thousand people gather here to attend the event every time.

Buyers interested in purchasing these weapons gather at this expo every year. It is quite famous among people. You can find famous vendors like Miami Guns and Shoot Straight and the traditional Mom and Pop shops as well.


You can buy ammunitions at low prices, some of them are even discounted items at a policy of one discount per person. The prices of collections are negotiable. Most of the vendors offer military\LE discount. The Miami Florida gun show is organized every month.

The fair is very well organized, and the security is very promising. Though you may find parking facilities a little bit expensive, they are quite easy to find. They have started to charge five dollars for parking and thirteen dollars on the entry ticket. So you have to spend a total of eighteen dollars to get into the show. 

As we all know, Miami is a wonderful and glorious city. If you are planning to visit the Miami Florida gun show, you can also take out some time to explore Miami. Click here to know about the top 10 attractive places to visit in Miami.

2. Tampa Florida gun shows. 

The Tampa Florida Gun Shows is held at Florida State Fairgrounds every year. This is the largest gun show in the state of Florida. All federal, state and, local firearm laws and ordinances are obeyed.

It takes place quarterly every year. The gun show is held in the main building. You can find the widest variety of everything gun and knife-related.

People also visit here to attend the huge RV Shows which take up the whole fairground area.

Along with the gun show, there are many other activities to do. You can browse through different food and beverage stalls. There are T-shirt and bookstalls too.

Sometimes there are circus shows, sky rides, and great indoor markets to attract spectators. Have a look at the Tampa gun show.

The show location is fairly easy to find. Parking facilities are available easily at affordable charges, and other facilities are also up to the mark.

All the trade and course admissions are made on a cash basis only. So if you are planning to visit, you should be prepared beforehand as even the tickets are sold in cash; otherwise, the ATMs are nearby so that visitors don’t face any problem.

People of all age groups are welcomed to attend the show. Parents or guardians must accompany children below eighteen.

3. Fort Myers Florida gun shows

This gun show takes place every year in Ft. Myers, southwestern Florida. All local, federal and, state laws and regulations are obeyed.

This show is held at Lee Civic Centre. It takes place every year each quarter. Around three hundred exhibitors set up their ammunition displays for a large audience of visitors and buyers.

It is an excellent show with great vendors. The vendors are generous, and prices are negotiable. You should never hesitate to negotiate if you want a great bargain. The sellers are knowledgeable and competent.

Approximately seven thousand people come to attend this show each year. It is a two-day event. There is a huge display of new firearms and merchandise.

People of all age groups are welcomed to attend the show. Parents or guardians must accompany children below eighteen.

 The admissions, purchasing, and all transactions are made on a cash basis.

4. Orlando Florida gun shows

The Orlando Florida Gun Shows are held at Central Florida Fairgrounds. All local, federal and, state laws and regulations are obeyed. It is organized every month.

It is a two-day event. Approximately three hundred exhibitors take part in the display of ammunition. Around fifteen thousand people attend the show.

People of all age groups are welcomed to attend the show. Parents or guardians must accompany children below eighteen.

The staff is quite helpful, and you can purchase the desired weapon with ease. Best deals are available for shotguns and low demand guns. Among all, the vendors at Orlando Florida Gun Shows sell at the lowest prices. The parking arrangements are great; the picnic areas are surrounded by food vendors that serve fresh and delicious food.

All the trade and admissions are made on a cash basis. When you are in Orlando to attend the gun show, you can also try to adore the elegance and beauty of Orlando’s city.

5. Lakeland Florida Gun Shows

The Lakeland Florida Gun Show will take place at SUN n FUN Expo Campus, Lakeland, from now on due to a venue change. All federal, state and, local firearm laws and ordinances are obeyed. Around a hundred to five hundred exhibits gather here to display their ammunitions.

A wide variety of articles, especially related to guns and knives, are on display. The number of visitors ranges from five thousand to twenty thousand based on previous editions.Florida gun shows

This show takes place quarterly in a year. People love the location of the event. You can see and learn great things about weapons and ammo.

People of all age groups are welcomed to attend the show. Parents or guardians must accompany children below eighteen.

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Things to know if you are an interested vendor

If you are an enthusiastic vendor and want to set up stalls in these gun shows, then here are some things that you must know.

The Florida gun shows specialists rent tables on a weekend basis. Every table is escorted by two chairs and two badges for the staffers per table. You need to cover your table with a table cover, it is required.

All guns and firing weapons need to be tied to security objectives. The plastic ties are available during entry. For your security and theft hindrance, all the firearms must be cabled with an alarm. 

If you want to book tables for the next exhibit, you will be able to do that on the current show only. The free tables in the next will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. To gather more knowledge, Click here.

The Concealed Weapon Firearms permit course.

If you want to apply for the Concealed Weapons Firearms Permit, the Florida gun shows provide lessons by trained and professional instructors. These courses are offered by Sport Show Specialist Promotion and 321 Trainings inc. These classes take place four times per weekend and are held for two and a half hours. Classes take place on both Saturday and Sunday twice.

Pre-registration is not required. The classes are seated on a first-come, first-serve basis. The course fee is taken in cash only and includes class fees, photos, fingerprints, application assistance, and range fee. For more information, click here.

Other famous Florida gun shows

Florida gun shows promoters hold gun shows in eight cities. We talked about the best five of them.

The Melbourne Florida gun shows take place in West Palm Beach, Eustis, or Deland every month.

Palmetto Florida gun shows are held at Bradenton Convention Center.m quarterly in a year. Around one hundred fifty vendors set their displays for an audience of fifteen thousand estimated count.

Daytona Florida gun shows take place at Ocean Centre Daytona beach. It is held four times a year. Hundred to two hundred vendors set up their stalls for a large audience. Florida gun shows

The Florida gun shows are a must-visit if you take a keen interest in knives, guns, and related items. Though some people find the rates of displayed ammunitions quite high, you need to visit and analyze them on your own to get a better idea. Then only you will get a proper idea of the prices and discounts the vendors provide.  

So this was everything about the Florida gun shows. Their great and huge displays of weapons and ammunition will stun you. You’ll enjoy your visit. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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