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All About About Eye Shape, Size And Amber Eyes Personality Traits

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All of us have heard the saying at least once in a while that

“Eyes are the window to your inmost soul.”

Eye color is all about genes and how light scatters around the iris. Yet we are fascinated by people having some of the rarest eye colors in the world. The amber eyes personality is particularly magnetic. What do we perceive when we look into the eyes of another person? Does the eye provide any information about that person’s emotional or mental disposition? 
The answer to this question is yes. To a large extent, your eyes speak a lot about who you are, what you are, and forbye eyes tell your soul’s story. Mostly in all situations, you use your eyes as a level of communication with the other person. 
For a useful conversation, you have to look into the speaker’s eyes or the listener’s. That’s how a partial conversation becomes an actual conversation. Eye contact is seemingly the connection between the two souls. It is the most precious thing in any relationship. It strengthens the relationship with understanding.
Your eyes present distinct signs about what’s in your head. How you feel about a particular situation shows in your eyes. For example, when you are depressed or tensed, you crinkle your brow, making the eyes look smaller.
On the other hand, when you are excited about something, we correctly call you “bright-eyed.” That’s because you raise your eyebrows when you are thrilled. It makes the eyes look bigger and more vivid. 
Apart from what and how eyes speak, we will mainly focus on the amber eyes’ personality traits.
Amber eyes personality stands unique among others and looks super attractive. Many people misunderstand true amber eyes as golden-hued eyes. A few believe it is a combination of yellow and copper colors.
In consequence of this, defining true amber eyes would be a heck of a task. Yet basically, amber eye color is a blend of dark brown and green. It is copper tint with a touch of green hazel and dark brown.
Moreover, amber shade varies with dark and light tones.
Amber eye
Andrei Porfireanu


That’s a bit of what this article is concerned about. You are going to decipher the facts about your eyes. You will get to know about the facets affecting your eye color. This article is All About Eye Shape, Size, And 13 Amber Eyes Personality Traits. 

1. How is Eye Color Determined?

Now, let’s know the scientific reason behind eye color. If your eye is the window to your soul, then the pupil is—quite precisely—an opening into your eye. The pupil, lying inside the iris, acts as a shield to the eye. 
As we all have studied in living science, our pupils get smaller in light and more significant in the dark. This is how the iris modulates the light coming into the eye. A brown-yellow pigment called melanin is present in the iris. It provides color to human eyes.
It’s the same pigment that causes skin color. Varying amounts of the same pigment cause different eye colors. Every eye color has its unique potential, which affects one’s character.
Today, Brown is one of the most common eyes color worldwide. And amber eye color is one of the many shades of brown eyes. Amber eyes further vary from dark to light tone. So the definition of true amber eyes is very difficult.

2. What Does The Size Of Your Eyes Say?

Eye size and shape have their distinct meaning. They shape your personality to some extent. Let us look into various sizes of the eye and what they tell us about your personality.

Large Eyes

Do you have large big, doll-like eyes? 
This means you’re pretty conscious of the people around you. You are open-minded and willing to take on others’ emotions. You are incredibly passionate and come off very warm, which is why people love chatting with you. 
large eyes in amber eyes personality
Karoline Soares


While you’re very open and trusting, which can cause others to take advantage of you. Be sure to use those big eyes to keep a lookout for that. 

Small Eyes

If you have eyes small like one of an elephant, you’re apparently super driven. You are passionate about anything you set your mind to. 
While you tend to be very focused and goal-oriented, you aren’t the most trusting. This wariness may come off as shyness or even arrogance. It can be off-putting to people you’re meeting for the first time.
small eyes in amber eyes personality
Jen Theodore


3. What Does The Shape Of Your Eye Say?

The shape of the eyes: 

Gazing your eyes in the mirror, focus on your eyelids. 

If they curve gradually, this is referred to as the almond shape because well, it looks like an almond. 

If the curve is way more pronounced and your lid’s center is by far the highest, you have round eyes.


This eye shape is often regarded as somewhat mystical. If you are one with almond eyes, then you tend to be more cautious about things. 

almond eyes in amber eyes personality
Kat J


However, you’re usually able to keep your patience in stressful situations. You can handle yourself in emergencies.
For example, you could be in a crowded place and someone could be having a heart attack or seizure. You’re usually the one who tells everyone to stay calm and makes the help call. 
You are always aware of the right thing to do. You don’t usually like to be too emotional, but deep down, you’re a lovely tender human being with a heart of gold. 

Rounded Eyes

Do you frequently catch yourself getting lost in your head, hallucinating situations? Well, you ought to have round eyes. 

You’re more prone to be out in space with your imaginative thoughts. You do well in creative industries like graphic design and writing. 

round eyes in amber eyes personality
🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič


You’re in touch with your emotions, which is an excellent thing. At the same time, it often causes you to be a bit moody. 
You have a tough time keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself. It can put you in trouble very frequently. But people feel drawn to your charismatic personality. They forgive you for lashing out at them.

4. Different Types Of Eye Color

Now, you’ve determined what your eyes’ shape and size mean, but what about your eyes’ color? First of all, the science behind it is super cool. The colored portion surrounding the pupil is called the iris. Primarily the color in your eye is a consequence of heredity and genetics.
Two facets are majorly responsible for eye color. One is the pigmentation of the iris, melanin, which I mentioned above. The overall color is a result of the way light scatters around the iris.
The base color of the iris is usually blue. Depending on how much melanin is deposited in the front of the blue iris, eye color changes. It ranges from blue to green, and from green to Brown. 
Every eye color portrays a distinct set of personality traits. This association has a genetic explanation. Specific genes like OCA2 gene are responsible for the development of the iris. The OCA2 gene is involved in making P protein. P protein is present in cells that make melanin. 

5. Amber Eye Color

People with light blue eyes are usually perceived as very attractive. Actors, models and television personalities with light blue eyes are very appealing. Those who don’t have naturally light blue eyes use lenses to change their appearance.

Another parameter of attractiveness is gray eyes. Gray eyes are rare, but they are captivating. Perhaps gray eyes look beautiful because they are unique. Whatever the reason, gray eyes are a sought-after shade when it comes to physical appearance.

The hype around gray and light blue eyes is definitely huge. But blue eyes are not the only attractive color out there. An equally charming feature is amber eyes. Amber is a combination of dark brown and green.

Brown eye color is the most common eye color on our planet earth. About 50% of people have brown eyes with different shades of Brown. They can differ from a very dark brown color to the lightest one. 

The black-brown color is exceptionally dark. The combination of black and brown invites labels like Wolf-eyes or amber eyes.
Amber is somewhere in the middle of brown and green. Amber eyes appear to be very glossy and shiny. They resemble glass; the lighter shade of eye color, the more kind of transparent they look.
If we talk about lighter brown eyes, they have more and more yellow color to them and less intense black. 
Very often, people have mixture, brown eyes with some other color, so we usually call that hazel eyes. Hazel-eyes are a combination of brown eye color and some green eye color. 
Many people confuse amber eye color with hazel eye color. Yet they are different. Hazel has a shade of gold and amber. It also constitutes many other colors, including brown, orange, and green. 
Moreover, hazel eyes have ripples and dots that appear to be shifting in color. Amber eye colors have a solid golden chroma. 
Hazel eyes
Vanessa Bumbeers


 Hazel Eyes

amber eyes in amber eyes personality
Marina Vitale


Amber Eyes

Most people with amber eyes appear to have mainly golden eyes. But it is also common to get people with amber eyes that are copper-colored or russet-colored. This muddles many people’s true amber eyes for hazel.
Hazel also looks like a mixture of brown and green. It especially happens when they have light golden grey colors. But you will clearly notice the dominance of yellow pigment in people with amber eyes.
Just like other eye colors, amber eye colors are the consequence of genes like the OCA2 gene. I have already mentioned the fact that amber is one of the rarest eye colors in human beings.
Besides this, you can find many amber-eye-colored animals. Cats, owls, fish, pigeons, canines, and eagles are likely to have amber eye color.
cat with amber eyes
Ray Hennessy


For cats, the same pigment, melanin, gives the color. In pigeons, the amber eye color comes from pteridines pigment. The Great Horned Owl gets it from Xanthopterin. It’s considered by many as one of the rarest eye colors in the world.

6. The Traits Of Amber Eyes Personality

Let us decipher the major personality traits of amber-eyed people, and do let me know if you find them relating.

1. You Don’t Follow The Crowd

You’re entirely independent and like doing things the way you like. This is one of the chief traits of amber eyes personality.

2. You Know Who You Are

You’re secure and are well aware of what you want to achieve in your life and who you are. Hence, people around you trust you. This being another amber eyes personality character.

3. Uncommon

Just like your eye color, you are rare too. Out of the common, you stand unique. Predominantly, being original is what amber eyes personality stands for.

4. Sensitive 

Sensitivity is a chief attribute of amber eyes personality. Light brown colored eyes are more sensitive to sunlight. It is linked to a sensitive attitude.
They are tender towards other people and their emotional pain. They have a keen eye for telling when other people are sad. Poets would link it to being blinded by the sun’s rays.

5. Optimistic and Hopeful About Life

Whatever it is, amber-eyed people are the ones you want to meet when you’re down in the mouth. They have an uplifting and optimistic viewpoint on life, and they’re great listeners. 

6. Wolf’s Eyes 

Amber-eyed people behave like a wolf as well. Like wolves, these people are social species and fit in with everyone easily

wolf with amber eyes
Erik-Jan Leusink

Also, amber eyes personality is cunning and alluring, identical to a wolf.

7. A Great Communicator

You are an incredible conversationalist, trustworthy, compassionate, and gentle. This attitude of yours appears very sensuous and appealing to the people around you. Hence, this concludes that you have a lot of friends.

8. Dauntless 

You love outdoor activities like camping and other very dangerous adventures. Thus being dauntless is a part of amber eyes personality.

9. Strong 

You constitute a lot of internal strength and are deep and profound. Yet you tend to be sensitive towards various issues. 

10. Mystical

Having one of the rarest eye colors in the world gives people a mystic feel. Many of you having amber-colored eyes are quite mystical. You will not disclose your secrets, your life to many people, and won’t let the other person know of it. It’s a heck of a task to decipher what they are up to.

11. Passionate

Amber eyes personality is passionate about their life, their people, and their family excessively.

12. Dominant

Being dominant is a minor trait of amber eyes personality. You are dominant by nature yet can easily adapt to any situation.

13. Positive 

Amber-eyed people are full of positive energy. They are vibrant, social and have more friends.
As I already mentioned being optimistic and positive is a trait of amber eyes personality to be proud of. Eye color simply comes from genes like the OCA2 gene and the way the light scatters around the iris. It is funny how we attach so many stereotypical personality traits to eye color. Share it with your amber-eyed friends, and do let me know does this matches your personality or not.

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