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Your Next iPhone Could Be Made By Robots!

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Foxconn’s New Employee

Foxconn, the largest contract electronic manufacturer globally, has automated  60,000 of their jobs in a factory. Their new employees are the robots who will look after most of their manufacturing tasks associated with operation.

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Why Is the Use of Robotics Increasing Rapidly?

Robots have the ability to do the work of thousands of men put together. They are replacing human workers and are doing a great job at it. Foxconn says Robots are here to ‘Replace Repetitive Tasks.’  Robots can easily cut down on human labour by completing an entire task in one go. Time-saving and energy saving, they have become the guardian angel of humankind. Soon, it is estimated that robots will replace 35% of factory workers. Moreover, robots are available at much lower prices today. Hence it is becoming easier and more interesting for companies to buy and program robots for their benefit. Robotics will soon become an integral part of our lifestyle.

Vices Of A Robot Run World

Like Foxconn, many large manufacturing companies are taking the help of robotics. On the one hand, while it is bringing about a huge technological revolution, on the other hand, it has become the cause of unemployment and economic instability. Robots may appear to be very useful, but they are also elevating automation and decreasing the availability of jobs.


Foxbot working in a factory

Smart Phones May Become Smarter In The Future

Foxconn is a company that helps manufacture Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy’s phone line and Sony’s Play Station 4. Shortly, it may so happen that robots will manufacture all our smartphones.

Robots Are Here To Stay

Despite the rise in unemployment, we cannot really deny the huge effect that a robot can have in the manufacturing and technological industry. Robotics is going to bring about a huge revolution in the arena of technology.

We can very well assume that robots are a definite future in the world of the manufacturing industry. Robots are here to stay and will surely become the new employees of this industry.

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