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15 Most Helpful Travel Hacks You Should Know!

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Traveling is not just about wandering and reaching different parts of the world, but rather it’s a journey inwards to your soul. It can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both families and solo travelers alike. It’s precious for the families, as they build memories worth a lifetime with their close ones. For other individuals, it can be their escape from their busy lives. It is also considered to be one of the best stress-busters.


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With all the benefits traveling offers, the planning can be quite stressful, and also being underprepared can lead to things going wrong. Using these travel hacks will bring you ahead of the curve and differentiate you from an average tourist to a remarkable traveler.  These travel tips would save you some money and time and reduce the amount of stress and help you enjoy your trip. From travel hacks to book cheap flights to keep your luggage clean and odor-free, or even to save yourself from getting mugged, learn some of the best travel hacks and don’t let your experience be anything less than what you imagined it to be.

Here are some of the most helpful travel hacks that you should know about!


1. Private browsing


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Private Browsing is one of the best travel hacks that you can use to book cheaper flights. Many travel sites use cookies to collect information and influence the fares for the flights for you, so if you visit these travel sites more than once, you can see the fares getting higher. To avoid this illegitimate surge, switch to incognito mode to book your tickets.


2. Travel Packing


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When it comes to travel packing, saving space and keeping your luggage organized is the key. Roll your clothes instead of stacking them, as it will save space and help prevent creases. Also, you can use packing cubes to keep your suitcase efficiently organized and prevent over-packing. This packing tip also saves you time by helping you to find your things easily and even keeping the clothes clean.


3. Empty Bottles


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Take an empty bottle with yourself instead of buying bottled water everywhere. You can save both your time and money by using this travel hack, as an empty water bottle can go through an airport security hassle-free, and you can fill it up later anytime at an airport café or a water station instead of buying the overpriced water bottles at the airport. Also, it helps in saving the environment by eliminating the use of single-use plastic.


4. Spray Perfumes


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You can transfer your perfume to a smaller spray-tube bottle instead of carrying the fancy perfume bottles to help you with some more space in your travel luggage. It will also save you from the risk of spilling your expensive perfume in your luggage if, unfortunately, the brittle glass body breaks. The spray perfume bottles will also be a lot more convenient to carry around for your outings.


5. Scan Documents


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Cross-check all the important documents, make a copy for each of them, separate them into the designated hand baggage, and carry it all the time. There may be times of misfortune, and you end up losing all your luggage and documents. So, do email all your important documents to any of your close contact as a precautionary measure. You can also take their photos or screenshot them to save an offline copy in your phone in any case of network issues.


6. Credit Card


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Managing your finances is a very important part of planning your vacation. Make sure beforehand that your credit card is authorized to work worldwide, and inform your bank before leaving for the trip to avoid any panic for later. Also, if you are a frequent traveler, you can start using a travel credit card and avail great discounts and rewards on your spending.


7. Fragile Luggage


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You can label your travel luggage with a fragile sticker, and so your luggage will be taken utmost care of by the airport staff. This travel hack will not only keep your luggage safe and sound during the flight but will also make sure that you get your belongings well in time as all the luggage tagged as fragile comes on the conveyor belt first.


8. Jet Lag


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Sitting still on a plane for a long time can lead to serious jet lags. To prevent that, prepare in advance to tune your body clock to ease into a new time zone by adjusting your exposure to light. Counter the fatigue from the jet lag by doing some light exercises or yoga and keeping yourself hydrated. And try to sleep your entire flight to keep your body active when you arrive at your destination.


9. Google Maps


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Internet access can get tricky while visiting a remote foreign location. Use the offline maps feature on Google Maps to navigate your way, as GPS doesn’t necessarily require a data connection to work. Take advantage of the unlimited wi-fi access on the airport lounges to sync the offline map for your destination in advance. This travel hack will prove to be very handy for you in navigating and will save you time and battery.


10. Exchange Rates


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Use the local ATMs to get the local currencies instead of the exchange bureaus, as they will always offer you better exchange rates. This travel tip will save you money and time as ATMs are available everywhere and are more convenient to use. Using ATMs also adds on a level of security, as even if the card gets stolen, you can always save your money by informing the bank on time.


11. Charging


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Charging your devices can be a challenge while traveling when you only rely on your phone for navigation and entertainment. You can also use the USB port of any of the appliances from your hotel room to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Also, bringing a power bank can prove to be very helpful. To speed up the charging process, put your device on flight mode.


12. Dirty Clothes


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Use bee wax or plastic bags to cover your bag pack to prevent wet and dirty clothes. You can use the laundry bags provided by the hotels to separate the dirty clothes from your clean ones. To counter odor, use a dry sheet between layers of your clothes in your luggage. And most importantly, always carry more pairs of socks and towels than you require. Preventing dirty and odor-free clothes can be difficult for tourists, but not for you if you follow these travel hacks.


13. Dummy Wallet


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Tourists are the target for many pick picketers and thieves in any tourist place that you go. Get yourself a dummy wallet and keep few small bills in to give it a padded look. In any case of misfortune, you can always protect your money by handing over the dummy wallet, and in a scary situation, you can even try tossing the fake wallet and run away to save your life. So, always carry a dummy wallet to be prepared and thank us later for this travel tip to save your money.


14. Frequent Flyer Program


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Flyer Program is one of the best travel hacks if you are a frequent traveler. From easy check-ins to exclusive flight amenities and many more perks and discounts, this travel hack will save you a lot of money and guarantee you unparalleled service. Even if you are a less frequent traveler, you can find some airline loyalty programs that reward you irrespective of your travel miles frequency.


15. Live Your Trip


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The most important travel tip is to enjoy your stay, not just as a tourist but as a traveler. Educate yourself about the heritage and the norms of your destination beforehand. Try to take part in their festivals. Ditch your camera for a moment and live in the moment. Eat the local food, wear the local clothes, learn the language, make connections, and have a trip to remember.

A trip can be the best time of the year for you to cherish the memories for a long time. Do follow some of these travel hacks, and someday you can boast about wearing off your jet lag in no time or even fooling a pickpocket.

Also, these travel hacks will make sure that you have an exciting story to tell and a deep learning experience of the values and customs of different cultures. No matter how much you learn about the world sitting in the comfort of your homes, there’s no substitute for practical learning as a true traveler. Step out, learn and live the story of your dreams! Cheers to your next destination!


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