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30 Interesting Facts About Yourself!

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Kavya Uniyal
Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace!

This is a look out into the 30 interesting facts about yourself.

Whether it is the first day of school/ college, the job interview, or the first time you start talking to the ‘one’, the first question that pops up is “So, tell me something about yourself.” Though, it is one of the most common questions, in my opinion, it is the most difficult to answer! It suddenly puts on the spot. You do not know what to say and what to filter out!

So, I decided why not list some exciting aspects of myself to evade any embarrassing situation. I hope this inspires you to come up with your own ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list!

30 Interesting Facts About Myself

1.The 19th Birthday!

Well, for starters, I am Kavya Uniyal from India. I celebrate my birthday on 31st march and recently turned 19th. My 19th birthday was indeed the one to remember as the country was during lockdown! I was at my aunt’s place, and even though we could not go out to celebrate due to the restrictions in place, my family left no stone unturned to make the day special!

From the home-baked cake to in house DJ party, it would be safe to say that I entered my 19th in style.


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2. Friends for Life!

On the same 19th Birthday, my friends weren’t behind, though miles apart, they did manage to bring a huge grin on my face through their Instagram stories. Though I looked horrible in every picture, their cheesy captions worked like magic!

My 19th birthday was nothing as I imagined it would be, but it was surely better than I planned it to be! Thus, it surely deserves a place in my ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list!30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

3. On the Move 

My father works as a general manager in a private company and has a transferable job. So, I have been on the move for a substantial chunk of my life. I was born in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, and completed my early years of schooling there.

When I was five, We moved to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and stayed there for the next four years. I changed my school twice during those four years.30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

4. The Unforgettable Day!

When I was in class fifth, my father got transferred to Nagpur, Maharashtra. Unfortunately, I had to shift in the middle of the academic session around October, this as you may be aware, is the examination period, and I had to give my term exam on the first day of my school!

As you can imagine, I was hardly prepared but somehow managed to score decent marks! I can never forget that fateful day to this date, and this incident surely deserves a place on my ’30 interesting facts about yourself’ list!

5. Standing on My Ground

I completed my 10th standard with a 10 CGPA in the year 2017. Ever since I was introduced to Social Science as a subject, I fell in love with it!

History never bored me. Political Science left me wanting for more, and thus, I was firm to opt for Humanities in Class 11th.

But, like any other Indian household, my relatives were less enthusiastic and supportive of this decision and wanted me to pursue either Science/Commerce, as they have more ‘scope’! Still, I stood firm on my ground and opted for Humanities! This decision deserves a place on my ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list.

  30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

6. Dreams Do Come True

I can safely say it was indeed one of the best decisions of my life to opt for Humanities in Class 11th. Scoring decently in the papers was not a problem as I loved the subject. I passed Class 12th in 2019 and was able to secure a seat in my dream university- ‘Delhi University’! 

7. The Unexpected Day!

Well, the journey of securing a seat in Delhi University was certainly not a cup of tea. The board result dropped unexpectedly on the 2nd of May 2019. Like all other students, I was too caught off guard. I was at Bangalore airport when I got the news that the results had been declared!

As weird as it may sound, I checked the result on the airport itself! This experience surely deserves a place on ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list!

8. The Tough Days

But, destiny had some other plans. I scored way less than what I was expecting in History. It brought my overall percentage down, and my hopes of getting in Delhi University were dented!

It seemed that my entire life turned upside down. I could not control my tears. I felt defeated!

But, I was blessed to have my family and teachers who believed in me. When I didn’t, they encouraged me to apply for a re-evaluation.

9. The Bad Days Are Over!

The process of re-evaluation was certainly not an easy one. It was about month-long, and due to extreme uncertainty, whether or not my marks would improve in the end, I was extremely stressed for over a month.

But, finally, the re-evaluated result came on the 11th of June, and my marks got increased!

10A Memorable Event

My percentage increased by 2%, and I secured the seat in Delhi University! This difficult yet memorable journey of securing the seat in the university deserves a place in my’ 30 interesting facts about yourself’ list!

30 interesting facts about myself
Miranda House, Delhi University


11. New Beginnings

With the bad days behind me, I was excited to begin the ‘new chapter’ of my life, living alone for the first time! Like every other Indian teen, this was a first of kind experience, I was excited to live alone, but the thought of being on my own in ‘Delhi’ surely gave me chills!

12. Living Alone 

The first month in Delhi was full of the ‘firsts.’ I had never really lived on my own before, and here I was in an unknown city with all strangers. The first month was, needless to say, a bit difficult, but I was lucky to be surrounded by friends who helped me and made the journey easy.

30 interesting facts about myself

13. Bonds To Cherish

I made some close friends during my stay in Delhi- my bond with my flatmates in particular, grew stronger with each passing day. I can safely say that I have earned them for life now.

14. Traveling Alone

With each passing month, I got better adjusted to Delhi and fell in love with the place. I explored various parts of the city with my friends. From Chandni Chowk to India gate, I saw it all.

Traveling with my friends on weekends for the first time was surely one of a kind experience that I will treasure for life. These memories do deserve a spot on my ’30 interesting facts about yourself’ list.

15. My Hometown- Uttarakhand

I belong from Uttarakhand, though I never got the chance of staying there. I have been to Dehradun several times. My favorite visit has to be the trip to ‘Badrinath’ in 2012.

I suffered from extreme ‘motion sickness.’ Though the traveling was hard, it was all worth it.30 interesting facts about myself

16. Best Trip Ever

I visited Badrinath along with my family and cousins in May, and even though the rest of the country was experiencing a pretty bad summer, we were freezing! It got to so bad that I fell sick and had to be taken to a doctor, who gave me an injection!

17. A Bit of Trouble!

During my visit to Badrinath, as I had fallen sick, the doctor gave me an injection and other medications. Consequently, I was drowsy for the rest of the trip. So, while my family went sightseeing, I was confined to the hotel room!

Fortunately, I got better and could enjoy the rest of the trip.

18. Overcoming Fears

I got the chance of fox-flying in Joshimath, even though I was petrified, I enjoyed it to the bits. I was proud of myself as I could finally overcome my fear of heights.

This trip thus holds a special place in my heart and thus deserves a mention in my’ 30 interesting facts about yourself’ list.

19. Spotting the Asiatic Lion

Being a huge fan of the cat family, I have been to several National parks and wildlife sanctuary. I was lucky to spot three Asiatic lions on my visit to Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary.

The lions were close to our gypsy. It was truly once in a lifetime experience and needed to be mentioned on my ’30 interesting facts about yourself’ list!

20. Attending the Republic Day Parade

30 interesting facts about yourself

I like every other Indian, love my country to the very core, and am incredibly proud of our rich and varied heritage. I, thus, always wanted to see the famous republic parade, which beautifully represents the culture and diversity of this incredible country.

My dream was finally realized this year! I witnessed the parade along with a close friend. We were spellbound, to say the very least!

21. Once in a Lifetime Event

The parade left us wanting for more, from the colorful tableau to the majestic airshow, the entire experience was worth every penny! The icing on the cake- we got to see the Prime minister, defense minister, N.S.A and chief of defense staff from a very close distance! 

22. The Treasured Day

But, what made that Republic day remarkable was seeing how my fellow countrymen had come together to celebrate the day with such zeal and enthusiasm and maybe for a moment, forgot all the religion, caste, and language divide!

This day will be treasured forever and thus deserves a spot on my ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list.

23. MSDian for Life

I guess like almost every other Indian, I am too a cricket enthusiast, but I have to admit I love Mahendra Singh Dhoni more than the game itself! I like him not only as a cricketer but also a person!

He has been my role model and has always inspired me to become a better version of myself. His ability to remain calm in the toughest of situations is indeed something that all of us must learn.

24. A Glance of the Legend

In 2012, I got to see M.S Dhoni, legendary India’s former Cricket Captain, though, from a large distance. He was in Nagpur for a match against team England.

Since I adore him so much, my friends, on my birthday, gifted me a ‘dhoni’ t-shirt, which will remain with me forever. Though I may not be as fast as Google, I can assure you I am as accurate as Google for anything related to Mahi! 

25. Visit To Vidhan Bhavan

Being a political science student, I have studied the working of the Parliament and other organizations closely over the years, but I was lucky to see the proceedings live. In 2017, my school shortlisted me and some other students for a visit to the Vidhan Bhavan [ Nagpur], where the winter session of Maharashtra assembly is conducted.

26. A Mesmerizing Experience

Not only did I get to witness the proceedings live, but also got to click a picture with then Maharashtra chief minister- Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. The experience was truly mesmerizing and truly deserves a spot on my ’30 interesting facts about yourself’ list.

27. Food > People!

30 interesting facts about yourself

I am a big foodie, and since I have been on the move throughout my life, I got to taste cuisine from almost all parts of the country. Now that I live in Delhi, I regularly gorge on the street foods, and like any other Delhiite, I love panipuri and momos! 

28. None Food Joint Spared!

From Chandni Chowk to Hudson cafe, I have explored all the major food joints of the city and can take you to the best restaurants to treat your taste buds. 

29. Jack Peralta or Friends for Life?

I think all of you agree that Andy Samberg, aka Jack Peralta, is one of the cutest people ever! He has been my celebrity crush since forever! I can go on to watch Brooklyn nine-nine for hours and hours.

Well, I do love B-99, but in my opinion, no show can beat the evergreen sitcom – Friends.

Though I do agree that the show lacks diversity and maybe it is not relevant in today’s day and age, there is something about the show, which is so comforting that makes we forget all my worries at least for a while! I can recall all the episodes line by line. The show works as a therapy for me!

30. Not Afraid of Making Mistakes!

To sum up, I am pretty much like any other teen. I have seen both ups and downs. Like all of you, I too have made several mistakes and have been through some dark times, but all those mistakes have ended up teaching me lessons that will stay with me for life!

To all the teens reading this, I want you to know that all of us make mistakes but instead of fretting over, learn from them and just move on, like I do or at least try to do.

30 interesting facts about yourself

So, this was my list of ‘30 interesting facts about yourself.’ I am just like any other teen out there, committed to my goals and not afraid to try new things or make mistakes.

I hope that you, too, will come up with your own’ 30 interesting facts about yourself’ list. Making a list will make you realize that things about yourself that you, probably, even didn’t know of! 

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