Bhavya Dhawan is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist. She is also a reiki master and an access bar practitioner. The psychologist is from a financial background, and understanding the human mind & behaviour pulled her towards itself as she wanted to contribute to the society.

This is not just a profession for her, but Bhavya Dhawan genuinely enjoys therapy and wishes to transform people’s consciousness by helping them understand their minds, body and soul.

Icy Tales is in conversation with Ms. Bhavya Dhawan about her therapy practices, understanding the human attitudes, how counseling can help everyone in need, mental health and a lot more.

Q) How do you think one can best motivate themselves?

Bhavya Dhawan – One could best motivate themselves is by understanding their thoughts. From my own experience, I can assure you that when I truly acknowledge what I feel, I motivate myself.

So, in my opinion, one should not escape from their thoughts and feelings because if you escape from what you feel, that pulls you down very strongly. If you see all the people out there doing any kind of therapy or healing work, they will promote the thinking of understanding their feelings and emotions, instead of running away from them.

Therefore, understanding your own emotions is a helpful way to get motivated. Other than that, when we read or watch various motivational content, that could help us but, not without us being self-aware of what we feel and how we should move ahead.

Q) What makes one connect with their inner self?

Bhavya Dhawan – I think this has a very common answer but reading is the best activity that one can do, inorder to connect with their inner self. When I read a book, each book opens me to 1000 perceptions.

When we are struggling with our inner self, we are locked in one single perception, but when you widen your perception, with understanding and awareness you can connect with your inner self better.

And that for me happens through a book or sometimes by a documentary. In today’s time, I think it is very important for us to access informative content in totality and not in bits and pieces. So, when you access information in totality, you widen your perception and your thinking abilities.

Q) What type of books do you enjoy reading in your free time?

Bhavya Dhawan – I love reading irrespective of my mental state, even if there is the slightest breakdown, the first thing I would do is pick up a book and read.

Currently, I am reading Letting Go, by David Hawkins, and this book gives a lot of insight into your emotions, as I mentioned in the previous question, that the one who is aware of his emotions can easily handle himself on the bad days in the best way.

So, right now I would recommend everyone to read this. You can anytime DM me on my Instagram because I am a bookworm myself so I think I have the best recommendations.

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Q) What are the life lessons you have learned the hard way?

Bhavya Dhawan – In my opinion, the biggest lesson that I have learned is the lesson of loss. People who have been through the loss of a loved one can deal with anything in life.

I lost my mother when I was 15, at that time she was suffering from clinical depression, and that gave me an insight into how important it is to have a stable mental state.

The lesson of loss that life taught me when she left, was the most toughest yet important phase that I have ever been through. Nobody can understand this feeling until they go through the loss of someone they love.

When one goes through this kind of loss, they get triggered by so many other emotions and thoughts and are not able to understand what to do about it, because there is so much grief and in that sadness, anyone can lose their mind.

So, if you still stand strong after losing your loved one, then you are more than a superhero according to me. I learnt this lesson in the most harsh and worst way possible.

Q) How much do you enjoy working with your clients?

Bhavya Dhawan – I love doing this work. For me, joining this profession was not based on how much money or recognition will I get, it was not at all like that. I started studying finance, but every step of my life was directing me towards this.

Most healers and therapists would connect to this. Most people naturally start opening up to them, and they naturally start telling you those things which they could not share with anybody out there.

This was happening too often with me, so I took my first step in this journey and got trained so that I could help people with proper strategies and tools. The entire process from doing training to taking up clients has been thorough fun for me.

It has been fun & statisfying because I could see what change it brings to the people, with whom I am sharing my guidance and also how it affects me as a person. With every new client, there comes a new perception and a new learning for me.

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Q) What is materialism in your opinion, and what is your opinion about people finding happiness & running behind a materialistic lifestyle?

Bhavya Dhawan – I feel there should be a concept of balance in your life. It is the harsh reality that we all need money but it should not be the sole purpose of your life.

One should not wake up with the stress that he doesn’t have a car that his neighbour owns, and such instances, there you need to strike a balance. If you listen to those motivational speakers they would accurately emphasize living in the moment and that’s where we are lacking.

We should accomplish all our material goals but at the same time we need to have the experience of love and being loved by our friends and family.

One piece of advice that I would give to everyone is that, enjoy the luxury but at the same time don’t underplay the importance of value addition that our loved ones play in our lives.

Q) There are a lot of myths about therapy, can you tell us ways to overcome these and rather support the facts?

Bhavya Dhawan – My favourite myth is the myth of being called mad if you go for therapy. People are afraid of being called crazy or mentally unstable if they go for therapy.

It is not like that, you should not wait till the time when your mind is fully disturbed and shattered into pieces. Caring for your mental health is a lifestyle change and not a one-day thing.

You should devote at least half an hour of your day to understanding your emotions and feeling and being there for yourself. In this half an hour you can indulge yourself in any kind of mental health activity like journaling, meditation and a lot of other things.

The difference in handling stress between a mental health activity practitioner and a non-practitioner is quite evident and significant. I promise you, if you go to therapy you won’t be called crazy instead you would get help to overcome your problems efficiently.

Q) You are a dream analyst, how does that work and what is this?

Bhavya Dhawan – A dream analyst is a person who analysis the messages of your dreams. Most of the time what happens is that emotions comes up and causes stress but we hide it behind the imagery.

Even in hypnotherapy there are a lot of images that come up and we decode that and understand the cause behind your stress. Particularly dream analysis is understanding the metamorphic meaning of your dreams, as in what your dreams are trying to communicate to you through imagery.

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Bhavya Dhawan is a dream analyst, clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist who aspires to help people to overcome their mental health problems through tools and strategies of therapy. She is a bookworm and finds absolute pleasure in reading books and would love to recommend you some great books to.

Bhavya Dhawan owns a venture called ‘Metanoia, The Healing Space’ through which she helps her clients.



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