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How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines

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Unless you are someone from the Philippines, you probably never learned this question in your school life. ‘How many islands in the Philippines are there?’ It wouldn’t be such a curiosity elevating question if the answer was maybe 100, 200, or even 1000 because that would be a good thing.

But the world is far greater than our imaginations. So, how many islands in the Philippines do you think there are?

The answer is, there are more than 7000 islands in that tiny looking country on the world map that looks like a few small scattered grains in the western Pacific Ocean. You read it right, the number of islands is more than 7000!

But an even more astonishing fact is there are countries with more than 30,000 islands too. Isn’t that unbelievable? Especially the Philippines, which is such a small East Asian country, and it ranks among the top archipelagic countries.

How many islands in the Philippines archipelago
By: Bawah Reserve/Unsplash

Archipelago means a country or state that consists of several islands or groups of islands. It is a geographical term used to describe a chain of islands scattered, usually in the ocean.

And thus, the Philippines is described as an archipelago because it is not exactly a mass land but is a country formed by several islands.

Most of the Philippines islands sprawl between the Philippine Sea and the South China sea. Since the islands are great in number, most of these are divided into groups to break down easily.

The main islands have many sub island groups, and they are indescribably too incredible that one must view.

Capital City of Philippines

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, also known as the Pearl of the Orient, is located on one of the most populous and largest islands, the Luzon island.

Although people think it is another overpopulated metropolitan Asian capital city, which it is, Manila has a lot to offer in terms of beauty, cuisine, and culture. It is a bustling city but is also one historically important place in the country.

The striking sunsets at Manila Bay are a sight to see. The city is loaded with Spanish architectural buildings and modern skyscrapers, and it passes off the good vibes an island city does. However, it loses its stature due to being densely populated.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 1
By: Alex Gerad/Unsplash

How many islands in the Philippines are tourist hotspots?

The Philippines is an archipelago filled with immense natural beauty in Southeast Asia. It is home to so many large island groups situated in the western Pacific Ocean.

If you are reading to know how many islands in the Philippines form the archipelago, then for your information, there are about 7,641 islands. Although they say many islands are still undiscovered and only 2000 of them are inhabited.

The beautiful picturesque Philippine islands make the country a tourist hotspot for all beach lovers on vacation. So to know how many islands in the Philippines are tourist hotspots, keep reading.

The country is packed with total ‘vacay vibes.’ Thus, many tourists visit to witness the dreamy scenic beauty that the Philippines archipelago offers. It is a perfect place for island hopping. However, it is a hidden gem in the wide world, which many people still do not know.

All the islands have been divided into 3 large islands groups: the Luzon island, the largest island group, the Visayan islands that include a group of some of the major islands. And Mindanao island, the second-largest island group of the Philippines.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 2
By: AR/Unsplash

Here’s a list of some principal islands that answer how the many Philippines are tourist hotspots.

You shouldn’t miss visiting them when you’re in Filipino to make the most of your vacation. These islands are famous because they live up to their beauty and you should not miss them out.

1. Palawan Island:

With mesmerizing beauty, this island is the one you would see on photo postcards. It looks surreal with the beautiful natural scenes, beaches, forest mountains, and diverse wildlife and marine life. It is known to be the best island in the Philippines and is one famous island worldwide, and it can’t be denied when you witness its beauty yourself.

El Nido island and Coron island beautify the Palawan province with their own magic. They offer the perfect landscape, pristine and clear waterfalls, and breathtakingly amazing sea views.

They are the most famous places over here, but there are just as many important sites that you should see for yourself in Palawan.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 3
By: Jules BSS/Unsplash

2. Luzon Island Group:

The Luzon island, one of the major islands, is home to many beautiful architectural sites from the Spanish colony. It holds the national capital, Manila, and therefore it is an important island.

It is mainly famous for the beautiful beaches, high and green mountains, corals reefs, breath-taking sunset views, the villages, farmlands, all the eye-catching beauty of nature.

The importance of the Luzon group of islands increases as most of the highlights in the Philippines are seen over here.

It is bordered by the South China Sea towards the west and has the Luzon Strait North towards northern Luzon. The longest mountain region of the Philippines, Sierra Madre, also runs through the northeastern section of Luzon.

3. Bohol Islands:

If you ever plan to find inner peace in a trip, you have to visit this glorifying island in the Philippines, akin to heaven. Bohol is, although not much developed, but has so much to offer in terms of nature. It looks like a previous era natural landscape.

The forests, the chocolate hills, beaches and caves, the authenticity of this place are the highlights of the Bohol islands. It is one of the best islands in the Philippines and thus deserves to be known more in the world.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 4
By: Hitoshi Namura/Unsplash

4. Palaui Island

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 5
By: Sidni Alonzo/Flickr @Copyright 2015

Palaui Island is the perfect version of the Philippines island’s paradise. Gold deserted beaches with crystal clear waters, ancient caves, and waterfalls, beautiful farmlands offer a perfect escape from the noise and stress of the chaotic and bustling world.

Adventure lovers should stroll among the vast stretches of paddy fields and tropical island jungles for the best of their experiences, while peace seekers can hop across the beaches there.

5. Batanes Islands

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 6
By: Ferdinand Maclang/Flickr @Copyright 2017

Batanes islands will give many different perspectives to your Filipino experience. They are a group of islands which is found between Taiwan and the Philippines.

The Batanes group of islands is an isolated part of the nation, and their culture, traditions, and weather are usually not the same as the other parts of the country. And that’s what makes it a place you should visit and experience their ambiance.

6. Cebu

A perfect picturesque island city. Cebu is a province from the Visayan islands that consists of around 150 islands encircling the main islands, home to Cebu City. The most beautiful sites in the city that you should check out are the MoalBoal, Kawasan Falls, and Oslob Beach.

The Cebu islands are one of the dream places that you should check out at least once. There are many locations in these islands that would be the ones where you will find peace and tranquillity. Especially for the ones that love water sports.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 7
By: Fritz Gabriel Carilo/Unsplash

7. Siargao

To the northeast of the Mindanao islands, the Siargao island is also a place you should add to your travel itinerary. The shallow seawater and perfect white shoreline compel surfers worldwide to make a call for their destination.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 8
By: Solewalker/Flickr @Copyright 2009

The General Luna Beach gives of the best small town beach vibes. The island shelters attractive pristine white sand beaches, beautiful and exceptional lagoons, mangrove forests, and diversified wildlife.

It is also a gem for all surf enthusiasts! Siargao is known to be a surfers paradise.

8. Mindanao Group of Islands

Mindanao group of islands are the second-most populated island in the Philippines after Luzon Island. They include the provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. It is an important island group as it produces the largest amount of agricultural goods.

It is located towards the southern Philippines and dented with many fault-shaped mountains. The island is also home to the highest point of the country, Mount Apo. It is one active volcano found in the Philippines islands.

9. Sulu archipelago

The Sulu islands group is part of the Mindanao islands and is south of the Sulu Sea. These islands, too, are an important group in the archipelago. These islands are filled with wild forests, impeccable beaches and are also famous for marine activities.

10. The Visayan Islands

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 9
By: Patrick Payne/Flickr @Copyright 2006

Among the major islands in the Philippines, the Visayan islands occupy great popularity. Do you know many islands in the Philippines are a part of the Visayas? It is almost over 150. They consist of 7 larger islands and hundreds of smaller islands that mostly surround the Visayan sea.

The seven major islands of these group include the mesmerising Cebu, Bohol, Masbate, Panay, Negros, Leyte and the Samar islands. These islands form the Visayan islands, and they form the central part of the Philippines.

The amazing Cebu Island City is located in the central Visayas. The Negros island shelters the highest mountain of the Visayan Islands, Mt. Kanlaon, an active volcano.

Enriched with beautiful, undisturbed beaches and resorts, the western Visayas include the Panay and the Guimaras. Towards the eastern Visayas, the Samar island is another famous hotspot.

How many islands in the Philippines have active volcanoes?

How many islands in the Philippines do you think have active volcanoes? There are not many active volcanoes in the Philippines as they may change by peoples’ different perceptions of the activity or the history of the volcano’s explosions.

Most of the active volcanoes of the Philippines are found in the Luzon group of islands, the number exceeding over 20. The Mindanao and Visayan islands, too, have a large number of volcanoes scattered throughout.

Because the Philippines is studded with so many volcanoes, people find it a dangerous place to visit. It follows Japan in the list of having the most volcanic eruptions.

How many islands in the Philippines are home to UNESCO World Heritage Site?

One more interesting question is how many islands in the Philippines have sites designated as heritage sites by UNESCO? The Philippines islands are home to three natural heritage sites and three cultural sites. So, six sites have been designated as heritage sites in the Philippines. These sites do deserve the title and to be known to the world.

The Baroque Churches of the Philippines, including the 4 churches of the Spanish colonial rule, The Historic Vigan City, and the Rice Terraces of the Philippines Cordilleras, are among the cultural heritage sites.

The natural heritage sites of the Philippines include the Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary, the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park, and the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

These sites have been designated by UNESCO for their impeccable beauty, historical and cultural importance. They represent the elegance and culture of the Philippines. One must visit these sites to learn about the Philippines’ history and culture.

How Many Islands in the Philippines There Are: 101 Guide to Islands in Philippines 10
By: Karl Abuid/Unsplash

The Philippines, a land of eternal beauty!

With such refined beauty and an undisturbed natural environment, the Philippines is an eternal beauty away from the world’s limelight. It is studded with such elegant islands and beaches with serene seawater, exceptional landscapes, and exotic wildlife.

If you are looking for finding peace in the tiring world, pack your bags and enjoy a tranquil-filled vacation to relax your worries over here.

The ethnic and religious culture over here is also peace-loving. The cathedrals built by the Spanish are also great attractions of the Philippine lands. The Philippines is also becoming one wonderful spot for foodies with their cuisine and street food getting famous.

The country might look small on the world atlas, but it has many hidden gems that we need to explore. You must check out the islands mentioned above to soothe your mind and find relaxation in the serenity of the calm sea waters!

Now you know how many islands in the Philippines there are and how many islands you would want to include in your travel itinerary if you visit the Philippines.

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