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How To Manifest Something You Want: 15 Easy Steps

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Manifesting process, the law of attraction, power of manifestation…It seems to be all over the place, but how to manifest something you want? Turning your dreams into reality sounds really enticing. 

Haven’t you wondered, at least once, if you can manifest love? Or manifest riches? People tell you to stay positive and believe in the process. You can manifest anything you desire but is there a ground zero before thinking about these big words!

Yes, there is, and here are 15 easy steps on how to manifest your goals. You manifest love, success or anything else you want! These steps are presented here in the most understandable way, and you can surely work it out one step at a time. But before that, let us learn the basics of manifestation for beginners. 

For knowing about how to manifest something, you first need to know what manifestation is and what it can do for you. Well, to put it in the most basic words, a manifestation is strongly picturing exactly what your heart desires and receiving it.

The catch is, you should be able to imagine an exact picture as you desire. And it might not be that easy. These steps regarding how to manifest something will guide you from scratch and lead you to the end of the process of manifesting. 

How To Manifest Something You Want: 15 Steps

Here are 15 steps of manifestation for beginners

1) Clear up Your Head and Build a Connection

how to manifest something

Turning your dreams into reality is not an instant process. You must have a clear head to imagine a perfect picture. Our mind is usually all over the place and thinking about so many things at a time. It confuses us and clouds our decisions. Knowing how to manifest your goals, first of all, isolate yourself and turn your brain switch off.

By doing so, you would be able to hear the inner voices that you keep shutting out with an excuse of busy times. Try to talk something with your inner voice.

Build up a connection. Don’t be afraid to hear what your conscience has to say and accept that voice as your daily friend and guide. 

Keep up this habit and your inner voice, your conscience will be a friend and guide in your daily life. It will keep telling you what is right, wrong, which way to choose, and everything you ask it. This is the ground zero step.

Establishing a connection with yourself and hearing what one’s heart has to say and not listening to what someone else has to tell us exactly.

2) Clear Goals Step by Step

how to manifest something

In exploring how to manifest something, this will be a basic step of manifestation for beginners. Once you fearlessly hear your voice, start thinking about the goals one by one. Never think about all that you want at once.

Know what is most important to you achieve and start preparing a list as per priorities. Make sure your goals are realistic.

Now, place the list in front of you and read what goals you have written for yourself. Re-read and Re-read, and with each goal, you come across, realize what you feel. Are there doubts regarding any of it? Do you think one goal is more important than others?

Change it accordingly. If you feel some are tough to achieve, but in the deepest corner of your heart, you know you want that, then do not scratch it.

Once you are clear regarding what you really want, your second step is done.

3) Talk to the Universe 

Yes, I believe that the universe is a powerful energy, and you exchange lots of energy with it regularly. The day you wake up cranky and tired and decide you aren’t going to change it, you do mess up something.

It is you sending such lousy energies to the universe when you decide to stay cranky. The day you see some act of kindness, you feel good and uplifted. That’s the universe sending you energies.

So, trust the universe and talk to it. Go up on the terrace when the sky is at its best and start talking, in mind or aloud. If that feels weird to you, write a letter to the universe mentioning the first goals you desire. Think of it as an application letter for turning your dreams into reality! Be it a dream job or a perfect partner or the best of health. List it out as per priorities and don’t mix up.

To send the signals regarding what you want in how to manifest your goals, you can also prepare a vision board. Vision boards are pictures collected by us that depict our future self, future life, future luxuries, the future position of a job that we want to manifest. Stick this vision board at a place in your home where you can see it daily. 

4) Start Working Toward Your Goals

how to manifest something

You have to work. To go towards the answer of how to manifest something, you need to start working toward your goals. Once you and the universe both know what you want, you need to take actions that are inevitable to realize the drawing or vision board you have in your mind and heart.

Turning your dreams into reality is not possible without effort. If you aren’t working toward your goals, the benefits that entail how to manifest something will show you limiting benefits, and you don’t want that. If you want a dream job, make yourself perfectly eligible for it. If you wish to start a business, start working towards ideas, locations, target audience, getting a loan, if you want a fit body, start working out daily, and so on.

5) Feel and Live in That Future Picture

It is not daydreaming if you are working towards it. Whenever you come across your vision board, look at the pictures, and let yourself feel good. Feel the content, happiness, and peace you will receive once you manifest those things. I’m sure imagining will bring a shine on your face, a glow, happiness.

Every morning place yourself in that future picture drawn by you. Imagine yourself in action in that future picture. How you would be living and what you will feel! Let your imagination take you there for a few minutes.

Start your day with that happy energy, and it will motivate you to work towards it.

6) Self-analyzing and Self-talk

You need to keep the connection within you intact to know how to manifest something. Analyze your actions by talking with yourself and see if you are deviating to another point of life. If so, shift your energies back to the prioritized point and get going.

It is really important to keep analyzing your actions from time to time to stay on track. At the same time, don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get results. Stay positive, but don’t fret if things are not going your way. You cannot manifest love or success if you are not patient with yourself.

7) Feel the Gratitude From Within

how to manifest something

You might not realize, but you would have started receiving certain signs from the universe. You have to feel grateful for that. But before that, you need to recognize these signs. In order to manifest love, you need to show some love and gratitude to the universe.

You waking cheery and energetic every day, coming across an important teacher, meeting up with an unexpected good friend, getting a littlest of help in your actions, appreciation for your work, motivation to do more, seeing some really good posts on social media accidentally that relates your goals, all these are signs.

Pay attention to the details and recognize these signs; the step of gratitude in how to manifest something becomes easy. Feel the gratitude of the universe for keeping your energies up to reach your goal. 

8) Breathe. Drink Water. Take a Break

how to manifest something

As it was rightly said by Dr. Jahangir Khan in the movie Dear Zindagi, that you don’t have to keep punishing yourself for achieving something, and you don’t have to keep continuing on the tough path. Be flexible and give a break to yourself. Drink water, eat your favorite food, let your mind relax, and your body rejuvenate. 

Enjoy the break and pull up your socks again when you feel powerful enough. Even taking a break is an important step in how to manifest something which can course in miracles.

9) Trust Yourself and the Process

The power of manifestation is real, and many have experienced it and made it a habit. So, do not doubt if it is going to work for you or not. This power of manifestation works like a moody teenager.

If you reflect on the doubts of its ability to make itself work for you, it won’t work and be stubborn. So, just believe that you are going in the correct direction, and the universe is walking with you.

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive. Read the stories of people who have made it work successfully or hear their talks. You are sure to find at least one of your favorite celebrities who has talked or written about it. So, instead of reading stranger stories, read about the ones you know.

On that note, watch this video of Oprah Winfrey guiding you towards the path of manifestation.

Keep up the faith in your strength to make yourself suitable for the goal and in the power of the universe. 

10) Observe the People in Your Life

To successfully be aware of how to manifest something, know, and observe the people that are indulged in your day to day life. Keep your senses on and feel which person is always happy for the tiniest thing you achieve and which ones will always make some snide or sarcastic comment regarding the way we are walking. 

Feel the vibes that someone exerts and feel their aura. If you feel their talks are negative about life and dreams, even for a moment, maintain a safe distance. If your conscience says that someone is toxic to you and your goals, eliminate that person from your life without thinking much.

In keeping and safe distance and removing the negative and toxic people, don’t think that how they would feel or you would be deemed as rude. Let it be. It is your life, and your heart knows what type of energies you require.

So, just trust it. It is okay to put yourself before others to achieve something you have dreamt of forever.

11) Spend Time With Happy People

how to manifest something

With whom we interact and exchange our positive thoughts is important. There will be ones who would share their experiences regarding the power of manifestation and something that they would have read/heard about it. And then there will be ones who would laugh at your face when you bring up something about the law of attraction. Beware of the latter, and don’t talk about your efforts with them.

Share your positive thoughts with optimistic people. Share with someone who would be happy to see you achieve your goals. Maybe they will inspire you with their stories.

12) Do Not Be an Open Book

Fix this in your mind while learning about how to manifest something. Do not keep sharing to everyone that these are your goals; you are trying to manifest them; you are focusing on the law of attraction or energies of the universe.

Just don’t. You don’t have to explain yourself to people with limiting beliefs. People have great ways to let us down and steal our positive thoughts. Open up with someone you trust regarding your life and goals, and you are sure they would not let you down.

13) Hear Everyone but Don’t Get Influenced

It is really good to hear everyone out, know others’ opinions regarding the way we are going, and know others’ journeys and ideas on your goals. But, never ever let their limiting beliefs influence your decisions regarding the course of actions and the way you undertake it.

Be an observer and listener and weigh their thoughts and ideas. If and only if they fit your plan for the greater good, accept it, else discard it. You are not here to please everyone.

Read about The Law Of Attraction.

14) Raise Your Vibrations and Let the Universe Know

If you stay positive and take steps to manifest something, let the universe know. As I mentioned earlier, the universe’s power is like a moody teenager that will feel empowered on the appreciation. 

If you are feeling powerful and learning the little signs universe is giving, talk to it, or write another letter letting the universe know how great things are turning out. The universe will be happy once you send such vibrations and feel like working more effectively for you.

15) Be Patient and Start Checking Off

how to manifest something

An artist works years to create a masterpiece; an author takes time to write a bestseller, a ballerina takes years to get on point. So, will the universe. It will take a little time to create the masterpiece that you desire.

It will test your patience, faith, positivity, and the extent of desire for reaching the goal. And it is not tough. When we make our mind to finish a giant pizza, we do it, no matter what.

So, think positive thoughts, and keep checking off the list. All you have to do is be patient and believe in the process.

Also, Know about the Law of Attraction just here.

Do not forget the steps of how to manifest something once you reach a certain goal. Keep continuing it, and it will be a habit. So are you ready to manifest love? Are you ready to manifest success? And mind well, these are not fairy tales or goody-goody talks. Overcome your limiting beliefs, give this a shot. 

These are real talks, and it has happened for tons of people, and so will for you. So what are you waiting for? Start these steps on how to manifest something and be ready to receive the abundance the universe has to offer.

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