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List of Professions in India – Top 25 Best Money-Making Jobs

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There is a very long list of professions in India. If you’re a student who is confused about deciding for your future, or someone bored with their job and want to start something different or something new, then this one is for you.

It’s awe-inspiring to see just how far our country has come. With an endless list of professions in India, it’s great to see people have limitless dreams and goals and have the opportunity to achieve them. With all kinds of courses, classes, and institutes, getting your dream job has gotten a lot easier.

But here’s where it gets hard. With so many amazing and exciting opportunities, it can be hard to shortlist it down to just one career choice. At least, only one that we can focus on and train ourselves for. This is a very confusing decision for one to make, and one of the ways that can help you is taking aptitude tests as well.

But if it turns out that you have an aptitude for many options, if it turns out that you’ve been working the same old job for years now and need a change of scene then to help you out with selecting jobs that will give you the best outcomes in life here is a List of Professions in India – Top 25 Best Money-Making Jobs:

List of Professions in India – Top 25 Best Money-Making Jobs:

1. Medical Professionals

list of professions in India

Especially at times like these, it is medical professionals that are needed the most, respected the most, and top medical professionals are even earning the most.

Physicians, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and even pharmacists – these are among the best on the list of professions in India. People will respect you; people will admire you; people will require you. And all those years of hard work and tuition will pay off.

But keep in mind, these jobs are for those who can handle the patience, and the years of hard work.  Choosing a career path in medicine is an investment of your time, money, and energy. So, you must ensure that this really is what you want and go all in.

2. The Merchant Navy


Even though it requires days long lost at sea, with beautiful views od the endless blue sky and waters. If you are somebody that gets sea-sick, this one isn’t for you.

Jobs in the merchant navy often offer attractive salary packages. Whether you’re a marine engineer or a navigation officer. There’s a Merchant Navy Entrance exam that everyone must write, and you can get starter jobs in the Merchant Navy right after graduating High school too.

The Education for Merchant Navy is centralized in our country, and all nautical institutes are now under The Indian Maritime University.

3. Engineering


Aka the one on the list of professions in India that was popular as every Indian parent’s dream.

Engineering is a career option that is all about using special technical and practical skills in a constant love affair between a man and his machines. This career option right here can be considered an investment as well.


There are many competitive exams in India when it comes to both engineering and medicine. And there are also a lot of coaching institutes that have made boatloads of money by training students for these exams in after-school classes. They start from an age as young as 15.

There are many areas of engineering: mechanical, software, petroleum, Industrial, etc.

If you’d like to read more about careers in engineering, click here.

4. Teaching Jobs


Lecturers, Teachers, Professors, Tutors, Teaching Assistants – there are many different options for becoming a teacher.

Some of them are full time, some are part-time, some are permanent, and some are visiting. You must understand that teaching isn’t always just about getting PhDs. Even if you are very knowledgeable in your field, you can always visit institutes and give guest lectures or do short-courses with the students.

If you have a passion for learning and sharing your knowledge, this is the job for you. If you love kids and are great with them, you could teach kindergarten, elementary as well. The options in this field alone are plenty.

5. Chartered Accounting


An essential job on the list of professions in India is a Chartered Accountant.

Apart from taxation, auditing, and accounting, this can also be an initial step to other rewarding careers in finance.

6. Management Professional


The employees in a company lookout for anything and everything. They are often even considered the avengers or the ones with superpowers in the company. These include jobs in Admin, advertising, marketing, finance, and even fields like engineering and agriculture.

7. Businessman / Entrepreneur


If you have an excellent idea for a new business in the market or are taking over an already existing family business with plans for innovating and extending, this may be the right choice for you. Your business strategies, all you need is a great team to lead, and this job on the list of professions in India will do you very well.

8. Management Consultant


If a business person or an entrepreneur needs that push and a direction to go to succeed much, this job is whom they will look for. Management consultants are those who have to provide solutions to the changing business needs of their clients.

9. Legal professions


Another investment job on the list of professions in India but comes with high interest after.

Whether it is a private firm or the government, there are many options in this field. Paralegals, legal advisors, lawyers, and even court judges and many more options. This is a ladder that only goes up once you’re in.

10. Civil services


These jobs require you to write exams like UPSC, and each has its eligibility criteria. But posts like IAS, IFS, IPS officers, etc.  get you many privileges and great salary packages too. These exams require excellent English skills and excellent general knowledge. Many books can help one out in preparation for these exams.

11. Law Enforcement


On the list of professions in India, these jobs are among those whether you enter at a low-entry post but rank higher with time. And the higher you rank, the better the package. You’ll receive – protection, respect, and power along with just your salary.

There are endless pros and cons to having a job in law enforcement. But this is a career path that you must take very seriously.

12. Scientist


This one is for those of you who show great interest in science, technology as well as history.

This job is all about advancement, learning, discovering, and creating. With a career like this, not only will you earn as you develop and explore, but you’ll also receive the recognition for it.

13. Entertainment Industry


This is for those of you who can pursue your hobbies like acting, singing, dancing, and even stand-up as careers. This industry on the list of professions in India makes big money and a significant impact, and the roles and jobs here are endless. It is also one of those industries that are linked to many more.

Directors, actors, singers, dancers, comedians, all of these jobs fall under this category. And it can be a great struggle, but you must remember to keep your sanity in check and be patient. Trust me; it isn’t as easy as it seems on TV. This is a job where one must work very hard all day and night.

14. Designers


Whether you are a graphic, communication, product, transport, or even interior and furniture space designer, your job is highly valued and respected. This is one of the fastest-growing fields in the list of professions in India.

What designers do is necessarily provide solutions. They analyze the problems that they see in the world, conduct studies, have a tact design process that justifies all their work, and only then do they go ahead with the final product. Design is a very competitive field, where you have to work your butt off and then work some more. It never ends.

15. Investment Banker


These well-paying jobs focus on strategizing and advising individuals, organizations, or even the government.  This job falls under the finance category.

16. Modeling


Modeling is one of the more glamorous jobs on the list of professions in India, that’s for sure.

But it isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires hard work- exercising daily, eating only healthy food, avoiding alcohol or other things that are harmful to your body, having clear skin, etc. And with all the competition that is out there, this can also be a costly job with all that maintenance, but here, once you make it big, you’re living the dream.

17. Journalism


This field has many jobs on the list of professions in India – anchors, reporters, writers, photographers, camerapersons, etc. even models, actors, famous personalities, experts and influencers do stints in journalism from time to time.

18. Aviation


Whether you’re an aeronautical engineer or a pilot or even cabin crew, this job pays extremely well and comes with a great list of perks. Among the list of professions in India, people are often very attracted to those working these jobs.

19. Fashion


This is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and on the list of professions in India as well.

Fashion offers endless opportunities for designers, photographers, writers, stylists, models, etc. They even have very high paying jobs in management, marketing, and merchandising, but this is a very competitive industry.

Since there is so much competition in the industry, you must bring you’re A-game to all your interviews and stand out.

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20. Hotel management/ culinary


These days on the list of professions in India, hotel management is booming. Everyone wants to work in Michelin restaurants and 5-star hotels. The opportunities that this industry has to offer is incredible. People can be very creative and think out of the box here, and the public will only go crazy over it, in the right way.

21. Company Secretary


Not only will this job pay well, once you make it in the right place, but it will also have a lot of perks wherever you are. But it does require a significant amount of one’s time and energy. It’s a baby step to making it big. These days many institutes offer training courses for company secretaries.

You’ll see that all the list of professions in India have training/coaching to make sure that you do things right and make it a bit.

22. Influencer/Blogger


This is among those on the list of professions in India that is making it big and doing it fast. From styling videos to basic make-up tutorials – influencers and beauty bloggers can even go to traveling around the world without having to pay anything thanks to their followers and sponsors.

They receive a lot of recognition, merchandise, and even make money on their Instagram posts with just hinted or sometimes also direct advertising. There are many kinds of influencers – Fitness, beauty, business, and even just for entertainment’s sake.

23. An Artist


Whether you’re a digital artist of a painter or even someone who does sketches – on the list of professions in India, the art industry sells. And it sells well.

A painting can be worth 100 Rs or even 100,000, dare I say more. It depends on whether or not you get the recognition, so this isn’t an easy job, but you get to do what you love.

24. Hair and Make-up artists


These professionals either promote themselves through videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat or work with big companies that cater to movies, tv shows, shoots for products/ designers, etc. Many celebrities even have their hair and make-up artists, and it might be a struggle in the beginning, but it all pays off in the end. Many beauty schools will train you.

25. Indian Armed Forces


Out of all the jobs on the list of professions in India, these are the ones that are most respected by the people no matter what your rank may be. If you are patriotic and want to serve your country and protect it, you must apply. It’d be ideal if you were athletic and brainy as well.

These jobs don’t pay as much initially, but they have great packages that protect you and are in your best interest throughout. There’s a huge list of pros and cons in working for the Indian Armed Forces. This is a decision you need to think twice about.

Picking a career path can never be easy, especially with all the great opportunities that our country has to offer and well abroad too. We hope this list makes it easier for you and gives you a better idea. But these are only some of the many options.

If you know of any more jobs to add on to the list of professions in India that are ideal and make good money – do share them with us, and if this article helped you, we’d love to hear your views!

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