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15 Amazing Cartoon Network Old Cartoons to Watch

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The Cartoon Network old cartoons list is something we all can swear by. Cartoon Network, the name itself has a nostalgic feeling for any 90’s kid. The channel with all its tv shows was a revolution for all kids of the ’90s. The essence of each cartoon is still fresh in our hearts. No one can forget Tom and Jerry, Popeye the Sailorman, Dexter’s Laboratory and many more cartoons. We are sure you enjoyed these cartoon network old cartoons.
We had no phones, only comic books and school cartoons. Cartoon Network and its programs were the entertainment dose for all the kids of the 90s. Thanks to production houses like Hanna Barbera, we had a fun childhood. It was fun to watch episodes of your favorite cartoon with the entire family.

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The script of each cartoon show was fresh, entertaining, and engaging. Kids loved to watch their favorite cartoons whenever they got leisure time. But every success has equal failure too. With growing competition, time, and demand, there was a big downfall of all cartoon shows. No one is the culprit and the only culprit was time.
Cartoon Network Old Cartoons – Where did they go?
There is a dramatic decrease in all quality cartoons on the Cartoon Network channel.
Cartoon Network was known for its original content. But here’s what went wrong.
Turner Broadcasting who originally owned the channel Cartoon Network amalgamated with Time Warner. Hence, cartoons of Warner Bros were telecasted on Cartoon Network with some new shows as well.
By the time 2000 came, Cartoon Network went through an identity crisis. By 2006, the popular cartoons came down to 30 minutes segments. Jim Samples, the man behind the programming of Cartoon Network resigned. It was following the scare of Boston Bomb.
In short, he felt responsible for the incident and that’s why he resigned. Likewise, many good shows were canceled. Many fans also fight back the cancellation. And it’ when many of the cartoon network old cartoons stopped airing.
The new management does not have any regard towards quality, viewer base. They were desperate to focus beyond the animated genre audiences. Hence, it has miserably failed. It has pathetic ratings and there was no room for any channel improvement.

The 15 Best Shows of Cartoon Network

Hanna Barbera Productions Inc and others gave us so many exciting cartoon shows. Off the top of the list, we have Scooby-Doo and The Smurfs. Hanna Barbera’s enterprise was started by the creators of Tom and Jerry. So you know how good their work is going to be. So, what were the best cartoon network old cartoons? Here is a look. 

1. Dexter’s Laboratory

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Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, this show wins millions of hearts. A genius little boy performs all his inventions in a secret laboratory. His sister Dee Dee is another favorite character of this show. The relationship of both brother and sister is good to watch. He had a genius competitor named Mandark and the competition level was great to watch.
The episodes made us laugh without any reason. It was the best entertainment dose for us. His over-excitement and carelessness took away all the experiments and he failed miserably. The accent of Dexter was thick though he belonged from an American family. This show received three Emmy Awards nominations in the 1990s! 

2. The Addams Family

It is yet another series that brings joy to all 90’s children. It is a popular series and every character in this cartoon was lively. The haunted feeling of the Addams family made them unique. The storyline brought out the goth culture. It made the cartoon favorite among a specific section of children. It’s sure the favorite of many when it comes to cartoon network old cartoons.

3. Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup, Blossoms, and Bubbles are the perfect combination of spice and sugar. The trio always saves themselves from the bad criminals with the help of their abilities. They look tiny but they have immense power. By the way, the crew member of this show had some pretty big names. They had Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Dexter’s Laboratory. 
Blossom can freeze anything with the breath. Buttercup does not have any special powers but she has strength and fighting will. Bubbles could produce sonic waves. In 2016, The Powerpuff Girls got an Emmy Awards nomination for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program

4. Ed, Edd n Eddy

The three boys sharing the same names were the most entertaining cartoon. The carton was relatable. The plans of Ed used to fall miserably. You don’t want to miss a single episode!

5. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

What happens when your imaginary world has real friends? Well, the same thing was happening for 8 years old Mac’s world, the imaginary friends were real like other humans. Mac’s mom wants to get rid of Bloo. But they found an abandoned home to get the attraction of unwanted imaginary friends. The show went for six years where you got to watch their adventures. In 2005, this show got an Emmy Awards nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music.
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6. Teen Titans

To protect Mother Earth, he has no special power but only a utility belt. With that belt, he only wants to help and solve all the related problems. He has a team member of Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg. They all live together in Titans Tower. This Tower is situated on the West Coast. Each character has unique abilities to fight with villains of the new generation. In 2019, Teen Titans received an Emmy Awards nomination for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program.

7. Johnny Bravo

There is no short of confidence and that is what all women want. He is known for karate chops with a sound of a bullwhip. He has a great look with black tight clothes and big hair.
Even if you weren’t a Johnny Bravo fan, you must have seen this guy at least once in your life. Johnny Bravo, loosely based on Elvis Presley, is a narcissist and a womanizer. Johnny Bravo’s signature look includes sunglasses and a funny hairstyle. In most episodes, Johny Bravo tries to approach women who reject him in hilarious ways.

8. Justice League

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Wonder woman, the Flash, Batman and Superman are the parts of Justice League. They come together as a force to fight against crime and threats. They try to protect Mother Earth and keep the world healthy.

9. Johnny Test

Young Johnny has the courage. Johnny’s twin sister Mary and Susan use a Guinea pig to make crazy experiments. When he has his dog Dukey, Johnny can face any challenge.

10. Courage the Cowardly Dog

There is a pink timid dog named courage who has paranoia problems. The owner of the dog is an old couple and they live on a farm. Courage overcomes the fear and it saves the owner from all dangers.

11. Regular Show

Rigby, a raccoon or Mordecai, a blue jay work as groundskeepers in a park. They are lazy best friends. They do not allow their work to interfere with their fun. Their activities easily charge up their boss Benson who is hot-tempered.

12. Steven Universe

The team of Crystal Gems is magical beings. Hero Steven is half-Gem and Half Human. Well, to save Mother Earth, the Goofball is using these magical powers. Also, he goes on magical adventures with other Crystal Gems. In 2019, Steven Universe received an Emmy Awards nomination. They got it for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program!
Cartoon Network old cartoons

13. Adventure Time

In the land of Ooo, 12 years old Finn fights evil. His dog, Jake who is magical assists him. In this land, he finds the wrong things and tries to right them all. Ice king is the evil who searches for the wife and wants to steal her to marry. So, Finn works hard to keep the Ice King away from her.

14. Scooby-Doo

Though it was featured long years back, the essence of the cartoon still exists. The dog named Scooby-Doo solves the mysteries of supernatural creatures. He has an amazing partner named with its amazing team and his partner Shaggy. Scooby-Doo was produced by Hanna Barbera Productions Inc.

15. Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door is about a group of 10-year-olds in a high-tech treehouse. They fight against teen and adult villains and talk to each other using code language. Hence the name, Codename: Kids Next Door. That’s probably the reason why Codename: Kids Next Door was so cool and relatable to kids!

16. Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack was created by Genndy Tartakovsky, the person behind Dexter’s Laboratory. Samurai Jack is an unnamed Japanese prince. He wields a mystic sword or katana. The sword can cut through virtually anything!

Samurai Jack’s enemy is a demon named Aku. Aku has sent samurai Jack into the future to a time when his kingdom is ruled by a tyrannical demon. Samurai Jack’s mission is to travel back to his time and defeat Aku before he takes over the world.

17. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is about two friends who get into trouble. Billy and Mandy are polar opposites. Billy is a cheerful and happy-go-lucky boy. Mandy is a cynical and mean girl. Billy and Mandy win a limbo game to save Billy’s pet hamster.
Guess what Billy and Mandy get in return? The Grim Reaper as their lifelong companion! That’s how they embark on the legendary grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy puts death personified in a children’s cartoon. And somehow, still keeps it light and fun!
Cartoons of Cartoon Network are not just the weekend thing and only for kids. The animated series has many things to say to the world. These cartoons are unique, smart, and even a great way to escape from mundane reality. We have production houses and studios like Hanna Barbera to thank for them.
Cartoon Network had a wide variety of cartoons. There are many more to it like the great pop culture one by Bruce Wayne namely batman the animated series. How can we forget the joyful bugs bunny from the looney tunes who entertained us around?
Which one was your favorite among the cartoon network old cartoons? Let us know! 

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