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10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You

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We all live in a world where problems like stress, anxiety, depression, and other disorders are our constant companions. In today’s world, we all go through breakdown and crave for excellence in our work.

We all require something that can help in reducing our mental stress make us feel more peaceful. We all also need something or the other to escape the chaos in our lives. This calls for something soothing in our urban environment, an Urban Jungle.

Urban Jungle

The urban jungle is a thick and creamy oasis that helps us to escape our busy city life and makes us feel less stressed. It not only helps us in reducing our stress but also has several other advantages. Having an urban jungle around you is hugely advantageous, but, more than the advantages and benefits, here are some reasons why it has become a need in today’s world.

Green Color

When you have an urban jungle around you, you experience greenery. The color green has many psychological facts hidden behind it. Green is one of the most calming colors and is incredibly flattering. It stands for harmony and peace.

It is psychologically proven that having green objects around you is soothing and makes you feel less stressed and worried about the problems going on in your school, college, family, or workplace. The green color helps us to love ourselves more and motivates us to work on our mistakes and nurture ourselves. Religious people even view it as a color of growth and rebirth.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 1

Green is often seen as the color of transformation and is known as the color of the heart chakra by some spiritual people. It also symbolizes forgiveness and love. Several designers in the world use these properties of green strategically to attract customers.

However, colors are interpreted in different ways by various psychologists. Some of them even believe that green helps in creating a balance in your life and have a noticeably significant role in maintaining stability between your head and your heart. Everybody knows that it is imperative it is to have an equilibrium between our head and our heart to make better decisions in our lives.

Thus, green color affects our lives as a whole, and we must have greenery around us to make us feel less stressed and more peaceful.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 2

The Emotional Connection

An urban jungle around you means more trees around you. Where there are trees and greenery, there is nature. Thus, having an urban jungle helps you to create an emotional connection with your natural surroundings. Doing this will increase your peace of mind and help you develop serenity in your surroundings.

It is said that nature listens to you. Nature is something that everyone should feel connected to, while people have started living in cities, especially.

Some books also suggest that nature responds to you in a positive way when you have a positive attitude towards it but will change the course of your life negatively if you do not care about it and keep being selfish.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 3

Some books talk about how nature creates epidemics and pandemics to make people realize what mistakes they have made. Some religious people also believe that the moment human beings understand their sins and try to fix the errors they have made, nature will instantly respond by taking away all the pain that it has been giving for different reasons.

Well, beliefs are something that varies according to the people, but you will be surprised to know that even science studies about the benefits of nature. There are many fields in science and psychology that try to study the patterns of nature and how it affects us in our daily life.

The Beauty

Other than the emotional connection and greenery, having an urban jungle can make the environment look posh and beautiful. Everybody likes going to places where there is greenery and something unique. What if the uniqueness of your house leaves your guests astonished? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that is what urban jungles do. When you have an urban jungle around your house, it enhances the beauty of your home. Moreover, people would want to visit your house more often due to the beautiful environment that you have created.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 4

It is best to have an urban jungle near or on the premises of your farmhouse. This will help your visit to your farmhouse more relaxing.

When you have fresh trees and plants around you, you feel more motivated to go out for a morning walk or to go for a run. Many people keep procrastinating and do not go out for a jog due to the dull surroundings that they live in. As soon as the surroundings become attractive and beautiful, people have the urge to go out in fresh air and enjoy jogging.

Purification of Environment and Health Benefits

When you have trees and nature around you, it becomes more comfortable for you to live. What does this mean?

The simple answer to this question is that trees and plants purify air and water. Planting trees around or inside your house will make you live in a less polluted environment. Once you have an urban jungle around you, you live a much healthier life. The reduction of stress due to green color is not even one-fourth of the uncountable health benefits you get when you build an urban jungle.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 5

Trees provide us with a vast amount of oxygen and increase the moisture in the environment around us. This increase in humidity makes your skin feel fresh and healthy. This increase in humidity also makes it easier for the oxygen to reach your red blood cells and makes the process of oxygenation of blood more efficient.

All of this results in increased concentration and decreased fatigue. Trees and plants also help in improving the water conditions of a place and reduce soil erosion. It is also easier to store water in an urban jungle.

Trees also absorb harmful greenhouse gases and make your environment much safer. This safer environment around you provides you with enhanced respiratory health.

Having an urban jungle will benefit you in ways that you cannot imagine. When you have these trees and plants around you, it will make the environment very cold even in between scorching summer heat. They even provide a peaceful shade for you to have a relaxed and healthy life.

Gifts of Nature

Having an urban jungle in your premises means growing the trees of your own choice. Wouldn’t it be great to have the trees that provide you with the gifts of nature?

The gifts of nature include delicious fruits, vegetables, and in some cases, the availability of timber. Many people who own an urban jungle engage in growing their favorite fruits in their wilderness. A large population of people in India grows mango trees.

Many times, it so happens that they start selling their mangoes and, in no time, have their enterprises established. Thus, an urban jungle can even benefit you by increasing your profits.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 6A lot of medicinal trees provide us with a variety of medicines. There is always a possibility of having instances in our lives where there is some serious medical emergency, but the medication and doctor are not available. It is still better to be ready for such challenging situations in our lives. So, it is always recommended to grow common medicinal plants in our houses as they can help in healing severe wounds to a certain extent.

Relevance with the Current Situation

The past few months have been some of the most challenging months of our lives. It is so surreal that a pandemic took away all the pleasures of our lives in no time. Just think about it – what if you had an urban jungle around you right now? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to spend your days?

Yes, it would have been much easier for you to tolerate the problems that this pandemic has given to you. People in the world right now are complaining about not being able to travel to places. However, if you had an urban jungle around you, you would simply have taken a walk around it.

If every person locked in his or her home right now had something like an urban jungle, he would have indeed set up his or her work under a tree. It would have been so easy to work in the middle of this chaos, isn’t it?

As stated earlier, the help that nature provides in the reduction of stress is entirely relevant to our current life scenarios. People have become so stressed due to the chaotic situation that they have started harming themselves.

Building an Urban Jungle

The thought of building something might seem to be exceedingly tricky but, trust me, it is not. Creating an urban jungle around you is super easy if you know the basics. If you live in a flat or an enclosed area where it is not possible to build a vast jungle, you can start by using your balcony!

You can initially start growing small plants that multiply with minimum required materials. Slowly and gradually, you can increase the number of plants. Ensure that you develop some climbers on the railings to make them look fabulous.

It is always trouble-free to grow medicinal plants like holy basil (tulsi) and aloe vera as they are undemanding and uncomplicated to produce. Also, these medicinal plants provide some unique benefits.

After some time, when you have grown enough plants in your balcony, you must try to grow some small potted plants near your windows. Using climbers and winding them along the surfaces of the window will make the window look extremely beautiful.

It is even recommended to grow colorful plants with flowers. This enhances the appearance of your house. When you are living in an open environment with your garden, it is easier for you to start growing an urban jungle around you. You can simply begin to sowing seeds of the fruits or vegetables that you want to grow in your garden.

Having a vast area like a garden is even more advantageous as you can grow a large number of trees and live in a healthier and greener environment.  After you have developed a sufficient number of trees, you can go ahead with selling the best fruits of your urban jungle and can increase your yearly profits.

While growing your plants, you have your own choice of areas where you want to place a particular plant. However, it is advised not to crowd too many plants in one place, as it can make your work more difficult. The more you use the space of your house correctly, the better the environment will be.

Some people prefer using additional oils while building this environment. They claim that usage of these oils makes the experience better by making them feel even more relaxed. Whenever you are confused and have questions related to the urban jungle, you must always contact people who know about them and are experts in this field.

It would not be wrong to say that the development of this nature-oriented environment has also become a successful business. There are excellent companies in the world that can help you out by building your urban jungle. Other than this, several people buy houses, redecorate them in the form of urban jungles and later on sell them at higher rates.

Thus, urban jungles are even benefiting entrepreneurs and are becoming part of an upcoming innovative field of business.

10 Best Reasons To Have An Urban Jungle Near You 7

Having an urban jungle around you is just like having your personalized world, where you can do whatever you want to do. Having your urban jungle is a unique experience, and everyone must try it. Moreover, urban jungles provide us with several benefits that help us in our daily lives.

Nowadays, several industries are growing all over the world. These industries produce tons of harmful gases and other toxic products that pollute the air, water, and even soil. This pollution further affects us because it causes several respiratory diseases.

Today, when the whole world is being selfish and ignoring everything that nature has gifted us with, let us do something different.

Let us take the initiative to make the world around us a better place by taking small steps slowly and gradually. One thing that every individual can do for nature is building an urban jungle. Yes, it is a long-drawn process, but it is worth the time and energy that you spend on its development.

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