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The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies

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Love watching horror movies? But wish to go back in time to watch 1973 horror movies? Your request is granted on this page.

Over the years there were many iconic horror movies published. Today’s generation has used more advanced CGI and technology in horror films. The main goal of horror film directors is to portray the movie in such a way, to inculcate fear among viewers.

A horror movie without fear is nothing. The genre not only consists of spirits and ghosts but wolves, vampires, and beats. It’s mixed with both physical and psychological horror. What about some 1973 horror movies? There were so many famous horror movies released back in time.

As we say old is gold, let’s check down the list of top 10 1973 horror movies to binge-watch again.

Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies

1. The Exorcist

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 1

The film of the year and the best horror movie to date. Director William Friedkin wonderfully directed this movie and inculcated intense fear among the viewers. Even years after the initial release, people are still horrified while watching it.

The story focuses on the mother and her daughter played by Ellen Burstyn as a mother, Chris Macneil, and Linda Blair as a daughter, Regan. The protagonist Regan gets captured under serious demonic possession and that’s where her mother calls in two priests for an exorcism. Each scene brilliantly depicts the horrors of exorcism. We see the girl suffering in pain under possession.

Viewers may find the possession scene deeply disturbing. Young Regan is tied onto the bed and she screams for comfort. Real pain and suffering are seen rather than any fantasy horror story. A more uncomfortable scene is where a bearded man is seen in the hospital, Paul Bateson. Later, a serial killer who got arrested in 1979. What more do you need? Do watch this movie to chill up your spines.


2. Don’t Look Now

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 2

A massive horror movie made in 1973. The script is based on a short story, Daphne Du Maurier. Don’t Look Now is a movie reaching it’s extreme. It showcases tenderness, brutality, despair, and hope.

The movie has a unique storyline. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie portray as reel couples recovering from a horrific loss. Both are afraid and tired of life rather than death. The storyline deals with what is left behind.

The couple’s travel to Venice in search of a medium, an old lady who delivers the message from their dead daughter. They both struggle to make an actual sense out of it. Viewers will feel a sense of dreariness and fear since the first scene. The iconic scenes of English days and dark Italian canals are seen. Mostly, the background scenes are to be watched carefully where the horror is shown like those dark paths suddenly blooming into the red. Those shocking red moments are more horrific to watch.

3. And Now The Screaming Starts

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 3

While watching this Amicus Production movie, you might not be satisfied with the one and a half hours plot, a great movie to watch among 1973 horror movies.

The plot is set in the famous setting, Oakley Court near Bray, it often appeared in many other horror films such as The Reptile (1966). Peter Cushing gets stuck in this splendid creepy house and takes the movie to the next level portraying brilliant performance.

At first, Stephanie Beacham is seen screaming a lot. She plays the role of a young bride arriving at her husband’s funeral only to spot ahead with dripping eye sockets. These scenes are sure to give you a horrific jump. A movie depicting slow but quite scary horror scenes. Each scene needs to be watched carefully to feel the chills. One of the best 1973 horror movies to binge-watch again especially if you’re a fan of Hammer or Amicus.

4. Ganja and Hess

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 4

Duane Jones plays the role of Dr. Hess Green, a professor of anthropology. He gets stabbed by his mad assistant, who uses a dagger bought back from Africa. After stabbing him, he commits suicide. Ganja his wife arrives to find out the truth.

She gets to know about Hess being a vampire who drinks a massive amount of blood to live. Soon she develops love changing her attention to vampirism. The story is quite strange. It’s hard to differentiate whether it’s a film or a documentary. Although, the sounds, camera angles, editing, and the structures are stunning.

This movie was featured at the Cannes Film Festival back in 1973 and received a standing ovation. The whole storyline is unique and passive. There’s a desire for passion and religion in it.

5. The Hanging Woman

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 5

The movie is Spanish Production including Scottish scientists, zombies, gravediggers, widows, and chambermaids. What more do you need in a horror movie? This movie got all.

There’s a woman who gets hanged in real. As the story reaches its climax, a lot of creepy moments are seen in between. Paul Naschy steals the viewer’s attention appearing as Igor, the gravedigger. The zombie make up is quite impressive, a really scary movie to watch during the night time.

6. The Wicker Man

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 6

A very spooky and creepy horror movie of 1973. It deals with paganism very relevantly. From the start, there is suspense and an uncanny atmosphere. Each scene is mysterious and unsetting. You may find the ending quite disturbing and horrific.

We see the brilliant performances of Edward Woodward and the horror legend Christopher Lee. The story is inspired by David Pinner’s novel Ritual (1967), revolving around a Police Sergeant Neil Howie who visits an isolated island Summerisle, to search a missing girl. Thus it’s shown that the island’s inhabitants abandoned Christianity and adopted Celtic paganism. This scene also won the 1978 Saturn Award for Best Horror Films. Back in 2013, the film was restored and released again in the US.

7. The Legend of Hell House

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 7

Richard Matheson showcases a very gripping and intelligent script. The movie is a masterpiece of 1973 horror movies, it takes place inside a stunning horror house. There are four people; two mediums, a physicist, and his wife. Their dialogues are set in a documentary style. The house is supposedly haunted and they are here for investigation.

Both Roddy McDowell and Pamela Franklin play brilliantly as mediums. Directed by John Hough and is based on Richard Matheson’s novel Hell House. Several spirits and the victims of Belasco’s twisted desires. The performances of the actors are top-notch. There is a kinky twist in the plot. Although releasing about many years ago, it still stands out as one of the greatest and effective haunted house films to date.

Make sure to watch this, to feel the experience from the investigator’s point of view. There is real horror and outstanding portrayal of horrific characters to chill down your spines.

8. The Baby

This movie is now a cult classic. The film lets the viewer have a queasy feeling. There are no graphic images or bloodshed but the scenes are creepy, unsettling, and grim. There are glimpses of 70s fashion. The movie goes along in an unbelievable direction throughout. Many scenes would make you wish you should not be there. As and when the lead characters are revealed one by one, there’s curiousness about where the plot goes.

A social worker gets involved with a weird family. The family includes a dominating mother, two creepy sisters, and one baby. Although the surprising and weird factor is the baby is 21 years old. It’s quite absurd to watch 21-year-old wearing nappies and shaking a rattle. One of the strangest 1973 horror movies to binge-watch.

9. The Killing Kind

The Killing Kind is full-on nasty and horrific movies; consisting of voyeurism, animal torture, sadism, sexual violence, and murder. Here we see Terry’s enjoyment and horrors of cruelty. The women are portrayed as repressed whores and these dimensional characters give a misogynistic tone to the film. Although made on a low budget, it shows incredible performances.

The first scene starts with gang rape. John Savage plays Terry Lambert. Then at a sudden, there is a jump to the next two years and we see Terry in prison. The main plot is when Terry visits her mother and she welcomes him until she finds out the real truth of his change. Director, Curtis Harrington builds up suspense, thriller, and horror. John Savage plays his role brilliantly. He together with Ann Sothern as a mother, gives a powerful combo. Don’t skip on the soundtracks and it uses the best form of the dark humor of other 1973 horror movies.

10. The Norliss Tapes

The Top 10 Great 1973 Horror Movies 8

This movie is a mystery horror. The writer David Norliss disappears suddenly. His publisher finds out a series of cassette tapes in his drawer. His research gets documented in the case of a young widow, played by Angie Dickinson. Her dead husband returns with a creepy blue face and strangles her pet dog to death. Each tape plays strange and weird stories.

It’s a fun movie inculcated with horror in each part of it. It focuses on the monster, a vampire zombie wearing Egyptian jewelry, and supports paganism. Various spooky moments take place inside the motel. It feels the director wants to scare everyone out but there’s no real conviction. The amount of effort behind this movie is incredible.

So, these were the top 10 lists of 1973 horror movies. Let us know in the comment section if you know any other 1973 horror movies!

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