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17 Best Types of Social Media Content

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Learn about the different types of social media content

The success of any individual or any digital company depends on the types of social media content they have for their social media platforms or what they are giving to their audience in social media posts to get the audience’s attention and gain new followers.

Creating user-generated content or effective content for their social media platforms presents several challenges for various websites that indulge in social media strategy for their respective companies.

And to help overcome these hurdles, content strategies have a wide social media presence and social media network to never get out of ideas for their social media accounts.

You have to use different types of social media content to engage more audience when you are new, to stay connected with your users.

Neglecting your social media content ideas gives competitors a chance to divert your engagement and if you don’t provide user-generated content or different types of content, they will go somewhere to fulfill their demands.

Your social media presence is very important for you to work. Even if you have great social media content ideas they should be meant for your social media users.

Another important thing, when you try to provide different types of social media content for the social channels you need to have a clear picture of your target audience and on which platforms it should be available.

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Build a Community For Your Content

You need to come up with your most valuable content format and different types of social media content each time.

Create content-generating high-quality leads on your social media accounts. You should have certain content for your specific audience to increase engagement within your target audience.

You know you’ve got to dump new but different types of social media content, whether it is written content or some inspirational content frequently. To increase engagement with your audience, you need to have different content coming every week.

You can make a content calendar to have interactive content and drive engagement towards your video stories or industry research you have done for making the content.

Your online presence should be quite frequent to create videos, and you can advertise for your brand by doing Facebook live, live video, Facebook posts for brand awareness.

You need to have a content strategy or marketing campaign to have virtual events to bring your users and attract more of them.

Social media platforms could be a powerful tool for building an audience, and once you build that community and you need to engage with them to give different types of social media content which should be user-generated and should be available on different social networks and social platforms so that anyone can have access to them.

After you have placed your different types of social media content on social networks or social media, you have to promote and make it visible to your audience or to have a new audience.

The key for more users and keeping them connected is to use different types of social media content.

Visual appeals are important these days, and a live stream is one of the major ways to gain users for your content. By visual appeals, you can create different types of social media content.

Build a team of good Instagram users to promote or make your business successful in this digital era.

You need to understand which content resonates on social media and what your users like to see first to build a community of people who like your work.

You can share company news to make your users or buyers aware of what’s happening or what’s exciting or new things you will launch for them.

Ninety-three percent of marketers acknowledge that social media accelerated competition within their industry in the last few years, and the only key to stand and make your hard work shine is content.

You need to be creative and competitive with different types of social media content available.

Most individuals spend time scrolling on their screens. Hence, you have to create different types of social media content for your social media users as per their preference without compromising the quality of the work you do.

It’s very important to post frequently on your social media posts, but it depends on the type of content on various types of social media.

Usually, when people frequently post content types, social users get bored very easily. You must have that compelling content to build a social network, and the content forms should be different from what you recently posted. The visual appeal or the video production should be of top quality.

The different types of social media content available should change every week on your social media.

You can make video content by telling people how to create different social media content for your websites or social posts.

You can take advice from your social analytics and can learn from your mistakes what’s blocking your content to get noticed by social media users.

The content types should change every week on your social media. You can make video content by telling people how to create content for your websites or social posts. You can take advice from your social analytics and can learn from your mistakes what’s blocking your content to get noticed by social media users.

Social media is not just about creative people but about running a small business and generating leads for your products.

In other words, you can use Instagram posts, Twitter posts, or Facebook posts to generate leads about your products. Besides this, you can have an online store to engage more audiences and short-form videos and other virtual events to create different types of social media content.

User-generated content is the new need for social media content to create content or have a content strategy. When we talk about content its shouldn’t be limited to visual or written content. You can click pictures have a website to post your images.

Other forms of content may go out of style, but images are the most frequently posted content type. Social commerce has gained a lot of popularity in these last two years, and people never have more on social media by doing viral stuff and have more eyes on their products.

Your target shouldn’t be posting regularly on social media. Still, to captivate followers’ interest, this is called a social strategy to have the number of people for your quality of work.

Let us now see what are the different types of social media content that you can try out for better engagement.

17 types of social media content

A person using differnt types of social media content to increase followers.
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1. Product Posts

Every firm uses this first type of post for advertising its products. And so should you. Social media posts can be promotional, it doesn’t necessarily have to be educating or informing.

But one thing you have to make sure of is, this doesn’t sell easily. Who would like to see a boring product on social media right?

So you have to think creatively around it and then post it. The best way to advertise your products is to go with trends that are booming on the internet, go for visuals for your product.

Show people a clear picture concerning your product. They should relate to it, only then you will get the needed attention.

2. User-generated Content (UGC)

In simple terms, UGC is other’s content that you post on your social media handles (with obviously proper credits).

In this, we will talk about people’s favorite way of watching good content, “Video.” Video is the most valuable content format for achieving goals. Almost every third person is using Instagram, Twitter to promote their work through video.

Video helps create community engagement, and social video content can be a valuable resource to lean on. So, you can repost the most engaging and trending video content on your social sites.

This is as simple as retweets on Twitter. It is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement.

In a survey, it was found that tweets with video have 10x more engagement than other posts. Videos don’t require major investment, and they can be used more than once with different music in the background.

This type of content is massively successful on Instagram.

3. Images

Images are very close to the second rank in the most valuable content format rankings, and they are frequently posted across social networks. They are very eye-catching. Just like videos, images can be absorbed and appreciated instantly.

It’s worth posting a picture than reading a thousand words, and the majority of social media users will feel the same, and they do not require too much investment as today’s smartphones are equipped with good camera quality.

4. Written Posts, Blogs, Articles, Guides, and More

The major section is indeed trapped by video and images posts, but the text has not lost its worth yet. It’s just that written content needs a little more attention and consistency in developing a different way of writing to captivate the audience’s eyes.

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By: Nick Morrison/Unsplash @all rights reserved

Consumers want information about where you bought a product from or when your next video is coming. Text is the most direct way to give information to your followers. You can recreate some famous dialogues on Twitter and engage with your audience to look at your product.

Other than that, you can post any form of engaging written content like poetry, short stories, articles, news, reviews.

5. Quotes and Comments

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By: Girafchik on Shutterstock

Quotes are the new thing now. Every other social media handle is seen sharing inspirational, funny, and different types of quotes.

They are the new hype of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Share quotes that represent you, your brands so that people can know you closely.

The more people can relate to you, the more they will engage with your posts.

6. Infographic Posts

Infographics have become incredibly popular over the last few years, especially for visual learners, as the brain processes visual information quicker than text.
Infographics perform particularly well on social media, often becoming viral as it includes salient features and facts visible at a glance.
You can use infographics relevant to your target audience and include text, facts with images. It will engage more fillers for you.

Simple plain texts are boring, but with infographics, you can give the plain text a twist. People are attracted to visually appealing things, they will read anything if the picture seems appealing.

And today, with tools like Canva, you can easily create infographics with a lot of available templates to choose from.

7. Behind the Scenes

People enjoy how content has been made and how you plan for the content, and the difficulties you face; they like this inside information.

You can make a major motion picture, or you can blog how you make content for users. They would love to know what goes behind the creative content you post.

8. Polls

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If you have relevant questions for your audience, you could create a poll as an excellent way to improve your engagement, and you can ask them through a poll what type of content they wish to see on your social media platform or if you are confused with two options for making a video you can ask them through the poll and increase your engagement with your followers.

People like such engagements, your followers would love to be a part of your process. And one of the best ways to involve them is through polls. You can ask them any question you want.

Make them choose between things.

9. Questions

Questions are similar to polls; you can use them and can make the content as per your users choice, suppose you make videos, and you ask followers what type of video they wish to see or the particular topic for which you want to create content you can ask them for their views.

You can ask them about their lives, you can have a separate question & answer round for your followers. This way you get a chance to interact with your followers too.

10. Memes

Some people think that memes can give you content ideas. They think that it’s a part of the entertainment, but it’s not that through memes, you can advertise for your product or use famous quotes from your movies as headlines for your written content to catch people’s attention.

Many people use memes posts to go one step further and include a graphic showing the relevant phrase, often with a thought-provoking background image.

Memes are like the present-day comics, a short but effective post.

11. Live Videos

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Live Streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant social platforms is becoming important to be part of the social media family.

You can have the live stream available to those who miss the original broadcast. Through live streams, you can provide information of interest to your followers.

If you have a big fan following, your followers would like to know what you are doing or where you are, so you can do a live video for them and interact with them.

12. Inspirational Content

Another competitor is creating inspirational content for your users. You can create a post emphasizing how one can make the best out of their rough day.

Hearing it from someone the audience follows will definitely develop a sense of inspiration. And they will connect more with you.

13. Newsworthy Content

A survey analyzed that news items have the highest average number of social shares per month.

This type of content might not work for everyone, and producing this type of content is quite difficult but everybody likes to stay up-to-date with whatever’s been happening in and around them.

14. Create a Daily, Monthly, Weekly Series

If you have one great idea, it can become a source for many other great ideas, and you can turn it into a recurring series.

For example, you can have a weekly session to live steam with one of your followers and make this a routine so more people can interact with you.

15. Run a Contest or Giveaway

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This is one of the easiest ways to create content when you can’t think of something. It can fill up your content calendar date better than by creating any gibberish and let you stay connected with your audience.

Just take a product and shoot some instructions on how people can be a part of this giveaway. Everybody loves free products, and people will definitely engage with your post for such things.

16. Host an AMA

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AMA stands for “ask me anything”, it’s useful for business social media platforms where they can focus on their new launch by having a live session through ‘AMA.’

It’s one of the ways where you understand what concerns and questions people have for your products, and you could engage more with them.

17. Host a Challenge

Once again, it’s one of the ways to fill the date with content by not doing much, and you can engage new users by trying viral online dance moves or challenges.

Through these challenges, you might gain instant popularity, and you can ask people to participate in this competition with you.

People are always looking for new things to try, and this type of content makes the hype soon.

So, these were some of the types of social media content that you can engage yourself with. What type of content you would like to post, entirely depends on you.

Just choose wisely, and be creative.

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