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11 Obvious Signs That You’re A Bookworm!

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She is twenty-something. Trying to find herself in the dust, smoke, and nothing. A physicist with a passion for words.

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Are you a bookworm? Read this article to find out if you are one!

A room without books is a body without a soul”- Cicero

To a bookworm living in a room without books is almost like living in a room without windows.

Books are like breathing, and bookworms keep inventing new techniques to stay hooked to them. We find the most suitable companions in the books. We feel like living in our worlds and never facing reality. Books can be the ultimate eye-opener for us into different worlds.

It helps to enlighten us and often realize things much earlier than people around us do. We are the free-minded liberated thinkers, and we nourish art and creativity within us. Often we are the overthinkers weaving plots and subplots in our minds.

11 Obvious Signs That You’re a Bookworm

1. Literally, anything can be a bookmark

11 Obvious Signs That You're A Bookworm! 1


From a bit of paper to dinosaurs, anything can work as our bookmark, it seems. But yes, the bookworm is obviously more often inclined towards the aesthetic vibe of just a bookmark, so we go as far as designing it ourselves the way we like.

When it comes to reading almost anywhere, and we cannot find a suitable bookmark, we just cannot bear to let go of the idea of placing a very non-ideal bookmark.

As it might just jeopardize the possibility of us returning to the exact page and starting from where we left so, we can use our cloth, handkerchief, bits, and pieces of paper, and literally anything which might just save ourselves from losing the page.

2. We are incredibly possessive about our books


When it comes to lending books, we are too careful. A bookworm will never fail to warn the person that any slightest damage done to our book, beginning from a dog-ear to a stain, is highly unacceptable and might just end all kinds of relations with them.

We thoroughly do a personality check of the person because losing our books will be like losing our soul, so we make sure they babysit our books well.

We make sure they return it on time and also keep checking on them at regular intervals to make sure they are in perfect condition. We believe no one except us can treat our books the way we do.

3. We never return with one book from the bookstore


One promise bookworms always make before entering a bookstore, but as soon as we are there, it seems like we can bag the entire shop down.

So returning with one book can never be a good bargain or something even believable. Choosing the least possible books which match our financial state is one of the toughest jobs which can be given to us.

We never fail to surprise the shopkeeper by hiding ourselves behind books. We might topple over along with our stack, but we will never end our to-read list.

4. We are mostly living in our fictional world


Bookworms hate reality. Even if they are in it, they end up matching every other person with a fictional character in the book and start building their fictional world around them.

We are so engrossed in our worlds that most people around us are quite familiar to have given up the hopes of getting any replies when they call or even expecting reactions to any phenomenon happening around us.

5. We try to skip all social gatherings for books


“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.”

– George R.R. Martin

Who cares about parties, let me read the book!

To a bookworm, everything is merely compared to finishing a novel. We can give up sleep too. Social gatherings are not even a sacrifice when it comes to choosing between books and hanging out with people.

We develop the most anti-social images around people and are almost choosing books over anything with a beat of the heart. Even at social gatherings or public areas, we are found in a corner with our books.

We rarely care to look up at the people around us when we are there. But mostly we choose to be in our comfy couches with caffeine and socks and our souls, the books.No amount of alluring can separate us from books.

6. Books fill up our places. We might have a corner for sleeping


If you enter the room of a bookworm, you might have a difficult time finding out the person.

We are always hiding under our piles of books, which are almost everywhere. Floors, shelves, and tables, and also on our beds. We can be found slithering under our beds due to space crunch.

We never move out of the pile of books except while taking a dump or eating as we carry one book in hand during those times.

Separating us from books is almost never possible. We hide everywhere with or in our books. Often we face the crisis of giving away books as we can no longer adjust anymore after all the tiniest spaces get occupied.


7. We love to smell books


“I love the smell of book ink in the morning.”

– Umberto Eco


To a bookworm, the smell of a book is more attractive than any other perfume or cologne. The first thing we do when we grab a book is to bury our noses between the pages and inhale the mystifying scent of it.

We are those with superpowers who can identify our books with their smells. It is almost comparable to no other scent in the world.

We love the smell of new and old books all the same. We also keep weird stuff between the pages to restore their smell and also to protect them from insects.

8. We dream of having our library


Bookworms have only one dream -having their library.

They have visualized their dream library uncountable times in their mind and also dreams about having the ideal library.

They try to pile up all the books for the library they are going to build one day.

They look out for library ideas almost everywhere, and if they are moving to a new place, they leave more than enough space to adjust two more people just for their imaginary library.

The libraries described in books and movies are the ones they have already been living in since forever.

They keep counting the number of bookshelves and always ensure they are filled. Sometimes they try having borrowing culture among their peer group.

They make sure to find first editions and rare prints, which are supposed to be the most important of their dream libraries.

Their bucket list always has everything related to a book library. Bookworms have always wanted ladders in their rooms on bookshelves because that is an indispensable part of a library.

9. We keep decorating our bookshelves



Bookworms do not need any reason or special occasion or events to ensure their books are dust-free, the bookshelves smell nice, and they look very aesthetic.

They keep arranging and rearranging the titles and make sure they are always in their proper place.

They never fail to decorate their bookshelves with fairy lights and show the utmost care to the books. They keep looking up the internet to find new ways to decorate their bookshelves and also try out different kinds of bookshelves.

They are never tired changing styles, and they do not care about money in these cases.they make sure their books look as dandy as ever always.

They deck up books more often than they tend to themselves.

They do not care about any cleanliness in the world until their bookshelves are neatly arranged. Some even obsess with the color code of the bookshelf and make sure they are proper.

10. We will relate to everything in our real life with characters


Bookworms will always be found moving around wearing fandom merchandise or using them. You can never see them wearing a shirt without a quote from the last novel they read, or quotes will greet you on the pillow covers in their room.

They associate almost everything with characters from books and can move far and beyond to prove it to anybody else. They never remember real names but the ones they give according to the fictitious character.

We never fail to analyze how our characters in our minds are more accurate than the ones in real life.

We triumph to the point of bringing down the house when our intuitions about a real-life character turn out to be true.

11. Bookworms are never broke to buy more books.


They will give away their belongings to buy books. The most challenging question for us can be asked to choose our favorite books. It just makes us go through a mini trauma. Whatever happens, we choose movies over books.

We are never found to look up and walk. If you are doing these, yes, welcome to the league of bookworms. I know you are obsessed with your books just as much as we are.

So this was an article about ‘Signs that you are a bookworm.’ We hope you liked this, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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She is twenty-something. Trying to find herself in the dust, smoke, and nothing.
A physicist with a passion for words.

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