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7 Reasons Why You Must Watch Anime Right Now!

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Anime is one of those kinds of entertainment that lots of individuals are on the fence about. I remember feeling that I must watch Anime as I used to be rushing home from school as a baby just to catch the telecast of a number of my favorite anime series of all time like Sailor Moon, Pokémon, or Dragon Ball Z. Many of us, including myself, reminisce to those memories longingly for something similar.

Anime mainly comprises of hand-drawn and computer animation, which is often linked to Japan. Anime is hugely integral to Japanese culture and has established legions of hardcore fans (who identify themselves as “Otaku”) from across the globe.

Anime has more to that than being just a mere medium of entertainment. It doesn’t take much time to advance on you as a hobby. If you end up falling in love with Anime, you’ll gain access to the Otaku community via the ability of the net. You may get to familiarize yourself with other such people that are obsessed with Anime, and also, the bond created with them is pretty strong. Getting to be a component of such a vast community who will share your passion for Anime is one of the many reasons why you need to watch Anime.

From its old school presence within the 70s and 80s to the massive anime blast in the 90s with series like Pokémon, Anime has established its presence throughout the world. Anime also successfully impacted Western society and popular culture dramatically with its fascinating characters, creative worlds, and a novel sort of conveying a story.

Despite being so popular, there’s a specific stigma that surrounds Anime that’s keeping many potential viewers away. Many folks think that Anime is simply for kids, whereas quite a lot are of the opinion that Anime surround the ideologies of perversion and blood-violence.

However, in reality, Anime covers lots of genres and is suitable for absolutely anyone. While there are quite significant amounts of anime series that are targeted towards children, there are those who are more favourable for adults, as they depict with mature and sometimes explicit genres, including but not limited to violence, morality, and death.

Anime is inclusive of all personalities and tastes too. this can be because all major elements of an honest show like drama, comedy, action, tragedy, and adventure are all discovered within an honest anime show. Thanks to such a variety of options available for everybody, you don’t have any trouble finding an anime series that’s suitable for your interests.

In a shot to bring back the lost love for Anime, here are 7 reasons why everyone must watch Anime right now!

7 Reasons Why You Must Watch Anime Right Now!

1. Anime gives an insight into Japanese culture:

anime naruto
Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels

Japanese culture is rich, multifaceted, and engaging. Not only is the country steeped with rituals and traditions that date back a thousand years but is also known to be a society of rapid flux, with ever-changing fashions and technological development that continually challenges the globe by pushing their technologies back by almost a decade.

Each Anime is infused with in-depth knowledge about Japanese cultures, traditions, customs, and rituals, from colloquialisms to frequently used phrases, myths, folk-law, and far more. Every story is stuffed with a novel blend of culture, thus expanding one’s cultural horizons.

Here is a list of must watch anime series if you’re looking forward to expanding your knowledge about Japanese culture.

  • Samurai Champloo
  • Shirobako
  • Sakura Quest
  • The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
  • Hanayamata
  • Bamboo Blade

2. Realistic and flawed characters that can die:

death note
Death Note is a must watch anime series!

One peculiar thing about the Western animation and entertainment culture is that most characters never really die and any deaths that may occur, it’s often the supporting characters (to create a light level of shock among the viewers) but never the protagonist of the story.

However, Anime is notoriously famous for the deaths of the protagonist. We witnessed the infamous deaths of virtually a complete civilization within the original 80s Transformers animation movie, including the enduring Optimus Prime. Characters were massacred so often in Sailor Moon that it surpassed the full deaths during Game of Throne’s wildly famous Red Wedding.

Although being realistic, Anime also successfully checks the boxes for accommodating the most vivid imaginations. If you’re thinking of a completely random plotline, there’s an honest chance that the Anime for it already exists.

No one is safe in an anime (with some mild exceptions like Doraemon or Shinchan), and this makes for a rather exciting shock appeal and involving experiences for viewers, thus providing you with a reason that you must watch Anime.

Here is a list of must watch anime series where the protagonist isn’t immune to death:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Death Note
  • Bokurano
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Basilisk

3. The portrayal of females as strong and powerful characters:

witch hunter robin
Witch Hunter Robin is a delight for feminists!

If you’re an action-lover, you may adore Anime because Anime is packed with the best classic fight scenes of all time. And not just the spectacular fight scenes, Anime is stuffed with action—the sort of writing the action scene merges itself into the plot of any storyline. Even filler episodes are interesting to look at. Specifically, fight scenes are amazing, because the utilization of animation as a medium implies that there’s an infinite array of possibilities in a certain way that you just can’t achieve with live-action.

One of the good aspects of Anime is their intense portrayal of female characters, unlike within the western show business, where more often than not, women hold very less value to the majority of the story solely on the grounds of being a girl.

Anime doesn’t feature female characters as a ‘damsel in distress’; instead, they’re strong, powerful, and formidable, and that they can fight the male characters fearlessly. They’re even as fierce because the male characters, and that they can defeat them even as well. Quite a lot of time, the ladies beat the males in an action sequence.

Here is a list of must-watch anime series to watch strong women in action:

  • Yona of the Town
  • Moribito
  • Ergo Proxy
  • Claymore
  • Witch Hunter Robin

4. Anime features a wide array of amazing soundtracks:

code geass
Code Geass is filled with the best soundtracks of all time!

There are some fantastic musical themes and soundtracks featured in Anime. Chilling and enjoying something that’s a touch more sophisticated becomes easier with any of the must-see Studio Ghibli film soundtracks.

If you’re attempting to find some hip tunes for your kids, Pokémon and Sailor Moon have gotten you covered. Naruto and Bleach are some of the classic samples of the greatness of anime soundtracks and can inspire anyone to explore modern Japanese music.

Maybe you’re not an Anime junkie; perhaps you do not appreciate the rather childish storytelling medium. However, if there is one thing that connects the planet irrespective of its culture, it’s good music. The Japanese popular music genre Industry is practically entwined with the anime industry. The anime industry makes the best soothing music you’d ever hear. It’s a treat to your ears.

Anime is an amazing introduction to what Asian music has to offer, while still being a rewarding listening experience in its sense.

Here may be a list of must-watch anime series if you’re an enormous fan of soundtracks:

· Naruto

· Death Note

· Samurai Champloo

· Guilty Crown

· Code Geass

5. Mesmerizing animations and background:

one punch man
One-Punch Man has some of the best animations in the anime world.

A lot of Anime is visually outstanding. Anime is incredibly relatable despite being an animation. An enormous majority of the series accommodate ethical problems and grave issues. While the stories and the plots are also fictional and much faraway from reality, the scenarios are significantly realistic. it’s surprising how many profound life lessons you’ll learn just by streaming Anime.

Honestly, many animation cells, backgrounds, and production designs are well respected by artists and gallery curators, and it’s quite common touring art exhibits featuring anime artwork exclusively.

Anime provides an enormous selection of characters due to the unique ability to represent any fictional situation. There are no limits when it involves creating an anime character. Each character has their unique personality trait, and let’s not forget their bizarre hairstyles while we’re at it!

Do not worry about the boring background or lack of facilities being employed like in other series. In Anime, there is no limit up to which you’ll obtain visual pleasure. Visually stunning graphics and also the use of Sci-fi can make it enjoyable to look at.

Here’s a listing of must-watch anime series with merely the most vivid animations out there:

  • One-Punch Man
  • Attack on Titan
  • Fate/Zero
  • Violet Evergarden
  • Sword Art Online

6. Anime series rarely get canceled:

Naruto is an action-packed yet light series

There’s nothing worse than letting yourself invest your mind, body, and soul in a TV series only to get your heartbroken by the network after they commit to cancel it, but this can be a sporadic incident in anime culture. With Anime, this isn’t an issue to be worried about. When an anime series is ongoing, it’s constant.

Either the show ends together with the story (like Death Note), or it keeps broadcasting to catch up with the manga version of the same (One Piece). And if you’re super unlucky and it does happen to get canceled, you’ll always keep going with the manga.

You know that feeling once you get absorbed into a broadcast, and then you begin from the start and binge your way through a couple of seasons, then again, you finally catch up? Now you’re going through an existential crisis while you desperately stay up for the subsequent season. Counting on whichever Anime you decide on, you’ve got a great deal of your time before you run out of episodes due to long-running shows like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z showcasing over 700 episodes each.

Quite a lot of the favored anime series like Pokémon, One Piece, and Fairy Tail has been telecasted for years (Pokémon has been going for pretty much two decades!) and show absolutely no sign of stopping. Even when famous series like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto do end, they are going to be remembered by their fans – for a long, long time.

7. Anime series can be streamed for free:

Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the best anime classics

It is quite easy to look at Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and far such anime series on DVD, but did you recognize that you just also can view these long-running anime series (and hundreds more!) online for free?

Yes! you’ll be able to stream Anime for free! Unlike most series where you’ve got to buy the subscription of a traditional streaming platform to realize access to the show, Anime can be watched online for free!

There is an infinite amount of streaming services nowadays that allow Otaku to stream their favorite series on any device, be it a smartphone or even a TV, for absolutely no cost in any respect. It makes catching up on a series easier and also provides a superb opportunity for people who haven’t watched Anime even once in their lives to give it a go.

Isn’t this something we always wanted? Many websites can give free streaming. Here you can find a list of sites where you’ll be able to stream Anime for free:

This one is possibly the most basic argument yet the most important one on my list; Anime is entertaining as heck! I’m of the opinion that everyone must watch Anime at least once in their lives. There’s an anime series for everyone, be it a child who’s just learning words to an adult who’s looking for an escape from reality, Anime has something for everybody!

Over to you

Are you tempted to give Anime a try? Which series are you starting with? Let me know in the comments below!

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