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Top 5 Absolute Watch Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas!

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Korean dramas have stolen the heart of youth worldwide and have become a SENSATION, gaining massive popularity. The central highlight of a Korean drama is the attention paid to provide a mixture of genres, making sure that none of these go unnoticed, creating standalone masterpieces that provide romance for the romantics, sci-fi for the fandom, along with evergreen comedies and long lost fantasies.

romantic comedy Korean drama

When it comes to romantic comedy Korean drama, the options are many. Rom-com Korean dramas have become a great favorite of the public, interlaced with meet-cutes, our very relatable embarrassments, and the occasional spice to satisfy our desire for something more, in the form of mythological tales and futuristic settings.

Here I’ve listed a few great romantic comedy Korean dramas that are a must-watch, especially this quarantine! They’re great choices for binging, spanning only a maximum of 20 episodes each, and almost all available on Netflix. I have added them as per a few opinions that I collected from fellow fans and listed with the ratings, so I hope you like them!

1. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)

IMDb:  8.6/10

Viki: 9.7/10

Released Date: December 2nd, 2017 to January 21st, 2018

Number of Episodes: 16 plus 3 specials

romantic comedy korean drama
Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)

Goblin is a drama that is unavoidable when it comes to a list of romantic comedy, Korean drama, and it is a justified appearance. This is a story of fantasy and mythology intertwined with subtle romance, the romance between a Goblin (Dokkaebi) and his human bride.

Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo), a mighty general, is killed in a flare of jealousy by the young King. He returns back to immortal life as Goblin, which he soon realizes is a curse. Nine hundred years, he waited for salvation, for his human bride, Ji Eun- tak (played by Kim Go – eun), to pull out the sword piercing his chest and end his curse of immortality.

Little does he realize that as he found his human bride, the answer to ending almost a century of life, that he still wanted to live, to be with her.

The Goblin lives with the Grim Reaper, played by Lee Dong- wook and Yoo Deok- hwa (played by Yook Sung- jae), a rebellious youth belonging to a household that takes care of the Goblin. Little do they realize that their lives are intertwined in many ways, presenting to us a great series where their lives and love progress to unfurl before us most engagingly.


2. Welcome to Waikiki

IMDb:  8.3/10

Viki: 9.5/10

Released Date: February 5th, 2018 to April 17th, 2018

Number of Episodes: 20

When listing the top 5 romantic comedy Korean drama, Welcome to Waikiki is one of the first suggestions that pop up when you hear comedy and romance coupled together. It is a perfect blend of romance, comedy, love, and friendship, exploring the story of three friends with big dreams.

The protagonists are Kang Dong-gu (played by Kim Jung- hyun), a budding/ expectant film director, Lee Joon- ki (played by Lee Yi- kyung), an actor who is tired of playing trivial roles. Also, there is Bong Doo- sik (played by Son Seung- won), a scriptwriter also awaiting his big break with a film.

This dynamic trio takes on a run-down guest house named Waikiki, in hopes of earning money to finance their film and dreaming of making it big in the industry. Added to this mix are our three female protagonists, Min Soo-ah (played by Lee Joo- woo), Dong Goo’s high- maintenance ex-girlfriend, single mom Han Yoon- ah (played by Jung In- sun) and Dong Goo’s sister Kang Seo- jin (played by Ko Won-hee).

This exciting blend of drama is now available on, do give a watch and make sure you mention your feedback in the comments section!


3. I’m Not a Robot

IMDb:  8.3/10

Viki: 9.5/10

Released Date: December 6th, 2017 to January 25th, 2018

Number of Episodes: 32 episodes (30 minutes each) – Available on Viki

                                   16 episodes (62 minutes each) – Available on Netflix

romantic comedy korean drama
I’m Not a Robot

A story laced with science fiction, a tale of love between two humans, or between a human and a robot curates a single romantic comedy Korean drama. The story focuses on a wealthy man, Kim Min-kyu (played by Yoo Seung- ho), who has a severe allergy to human contact. He falls in love with a robot made by professor Hong Baek- kyun (played by Um Ki- joon). The professor had designed the robot to resemble his ex-girlfriend Jo Ji- ah, played by Chae Soo- bin.

The story unravels as Min- yu develops for what he knows to be just a robot, without realizing that it was Ji- ah impersonating the robot the whole time. Things take a sharp turn when the secret spills out, with Ji- ah leaving everything behind in an attempt to forget the feelings that had developed among the pair and Min- yu going into allergic complications.

This drama has got it all covered, a love story with a twist, misconceptions, an evil plot, and the technological developments. This romantic comedy Korean drama is a must-watch if you’re looking for a special flair of sci-fi!


4. Strong Girl Do Bong-soon

IMDb:  8.2/10

Viki: 9.8/10

Released Date: February 24th, 2017 to April 15th, 2017

Number of Episodes: 16 plus 1 special

This action/ romantic comedy Korean drama looks at the story of Do Bong-soon (played by Park Bo-young), a young girl with superhuman strength that is passed on from generations to the women in her family. She wishes to launch a videogame with herself as the lead character, at the same time experiencing a highly contrasting wish of being graceful and elegant to impress her crush.

With her extraordinary strength, she manages to get a job as a bodyguard for a rich heir and CEO of a gaming company, Ahn Min-hyuk (played by Park Hyung- sik).

The story proceeds to follow our strong woman’s life as she tries to track down cases, and her varying love interests, as she falls for a playful and eccentric guy, in contrast to her childhood crush Guk- doo (played by Ji Soo).

In short, this drama tells the story of a girl, strong-willed and strong fisted, as she navigates through her dreams and lives, spiced with a bit of action and romance.


5. Legend of the Blue Sea

IMDb:  8.1/10

Viki: 9.6/10

Released Date: November 16th, 2016 to January 25th 2017

Number of Episodes: 20 plus 1 special

romantic comedy korean drama
Legend of the Blue Sea

This romantic comedy Korean drama is put forward with a fantasy, inspired by long lost legends, bringing us the feel of tales spun in forgotten times, of mermaids and rebirth, of love and how it binds people through many lives.

The drama puts forward two love stories, taking place in two different generations. It puts forward a tale of fate and unfulfilled love, a tale that binds man with a mermaid, where history repeats itself.

A mermaid (played by Kal So- won) rescues the son of a nobleman Kim Dam- ryeong (played by Jeon Jin- seo). The children eventually fall in love. The actors Shin Eun-soo and Park Jin-young portrayed their teenage/adult lives.

Their love meets an end when Dam- reong’s marriage is fixed and unable to bear the pain, the mermaid Se- hwa leaves him forever. However, Dam- ryeong decides to pursue her and jumps into the ocean in search of Se- hwa, getting drowned in the process. Se- hwa rescues him once more, erasing any memory he had of her.

Eventually, the two of them face untimely and unfair deaths and are reincarnated in the modern world as Joon- jae (played by Lee Min- ho) and Shim- cheong (played by Jun Ji- hyun). A con artist who falls for a mermaid and a lovelorn girl who erases his memory so that he doesn’t remember the fact that she is a mermaid!

Their story is a recurrence of historical events; only this time, fate realizes that love cannot be bounded by time or death; it will find a way to fulfill itself.

A love story of two souls bound by death and fate, a repetition of the past events, and a love unfulfilled that meets its true deserving end! This is how I’d describe this romantic comedy Korean drama that has not failed to lure us into its world of fairy tales and legends.

Korean dramas have portrayed romance interlude with comedy, fantasy, and sci-fi, offering something for everyone. In short, their highly versatile content has made them a favorable contender among the youth, as opposed to other series which focus on longer seasons of generic content.

This quarantine season, binge on these popular, fan-favorite, handpicked romantic comedy Korean drama that has stolen hearts everywhere. Also, there are few bonus suggestions from my side.

You may watch the fascinating romantic comedies – My ID is Gangnam Beauty!, My Love From The Star (Kim soo-hyun looks so good in it!), Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, Suspicious Partner, Touch Your Heart, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? ( A great work has been done by Park Min-young in the drama). And oh yes, watch the love-triangle series ‘Kill me, Heal Me’ where Ji sung has 7 personalities and the twins’ chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum‘s!

Until then, stay tuned for another exclusive list of Korean dramas listed as per genre and popularity that is bound to keep you engaged!

When looking for a romantic comedy Korean drama, be it to watch with your significant other, to pair it with that tub of ice cream in the freezer, or simply to get rid of boredom, this list is what you need, what you never knew you were looking for! Do watch these few selected ones and drop your reviews, responses, and opinions in the comments!

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