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Facts about Human Body: 25 That Are Useless To Know

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The human body is one of fascinating creations of God. Facts about human body are always complex to understand and know. It is incredibly complex that baffles the doctors and researchers even after so many years of research and many medical advancements. So it’s really interesting to know that the body we carry for so long has got so many hidden and unexpected facts. Here are some facts about human body that maybe useless to know.


1.If you don’t move for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep.

2.If you block your nose while eating a mint, you can’t taste it

3.You weigh slightly less under a full moon.

4.The surface area of your lung is roughly 750 Sq. Feet or a nice sized apartment with a den and walk-in closet.

5.The hair of an average person can grow up to 590 miles if left uncut.

6.If an adult male skin is stretched out it can cover about 20 sq. feet.

7.Tiny little mites live on our eyelashes.


Some Facts about human body

8.According to an estimate, there are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our hole body.

9.When we sneeze all our body functions stops even our heartbeat.

10.Our finger tips are capable of regrowth.

11.The fastest muscle in our body is the muscle that blinks our eye. It allows us to blink five times a second.

12.Nail of your middle finger grows the fastest; it is based on the concept that the nail of the finger directly affects its growth.

13.Women’s heart beats faster than men as average female height is less than the male so female have less mass to pump blood to.

14.Women blink twice as much as men.


Some interesting facts about human body that are possibly useless to know about.


15.Women loose about 70 hair in a day, whereas, men loose about 40 hair in a day.

16.Femur bone is four times stronger than concrete.

17.It takes 3 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach.

18.The length of a penis is thrice the length of the thumb.

19.When we stand, we use 300 muscles just to balance our body.

20.Ear wax plays an important part in protecting the inner part of the ear from bacteria, fungus, and dirt. It also lubricates the ear canal.

21.Our cornea is the only part of our body which receives no blood supply.

22.The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

23.After death, the brain has 7 minutes of activity left when the mind playback the person’s life in a dream sequence.

24.Under normal circumstances, the information in our brain travel at about 268 miles per hour and is more active at night than during the day hours.

25.More than 100,000 chemical reactions go on in our brain every second. It is also a radio transmitter sending out measurable electric wave signals.

So next time when you think of a human body, does consider an about the wonderful and bizarre characters it possesses without even us being aware of it.

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